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Skills govern your ability to perform tasks as you go about your adventures. Below you will find the rules to guide you through improving your character's skills

Skill checks

When your character attempts to use a skill to achieve a goal, they make a skill check to determine the result. To make a skill check, roll 4d6 and count the number of “6”s. If the result is greater than or equal to the difficulty of the check, then the check is successful. The difficulty of a check represents the intensity of the challenge and is chosen by the game master

Difficulty Target Score
Easy 0
Moderate 1
Hard 2
Near Impossible 3+

Examples of common tasks and their difficulties are given on each individual skill page. Unless otherwise stated, in combat or other time controlled events, a skill check requires a Standard action

Contested skill checks
If two players or a player and an non-player character pit their skills against each other, this is a constested skill check. Each player rolls their dice and the player with the higher result wins. In the case of a tie, both players reroll

human blacksmith working in a shop

Improving your skills

You can improve a skill by purchasing ranks in that skill. Each rank adds one d6 to your skill roll. Ranks are purchased with skill points. You receive (2 + Int Modifier) Skill Points at level one and each time you level up. The cost of purchasing a skill rank starts at 1 skill point and increases as you purchase additional ranks. The table below has the cost increases

Additionally, you gain bonus dice in each skill equal to your ability modifier for that skill. If your ability modifier increases during gameplay, you gain an additional bonus die to related skills

Skill focus

At character creation you may choose one skill on which you wish to focus. Choose a focus from the options below. You gain an additional skill focus at higher levels, based on your class level table

You have a knack for coming through when it really matters
Select a skill. Once per day when making a check with this skill, you may upgrade a “5” to a “6”, increasing the result by one point

Your dedication and motivation to improving your skill shows
Select a skill. Whenever you make a check with this skill, you may reroll any dice that comes up as a “1”

Jack of all Trades
Is there anything you can't do?
You have 4d6 which you may assign to any skill check. You must assign the dice to the check before the check is rolled. You may assign the dice on separate checks or on a single check, in whatever configuration you wish. At the beginning of each day, any dice you have spent are replenished. You may only take this skill focus once, and you may not select this focus if granted a focus with a pre-determined skill

You always to find a way to put the odds in your favor
Select a skill. You may ignore disadvantage on all checks made for this skill. Additionally, once per day you may make a check with this skill at advantage. You may choose to roll at advantage after the results of a check are known

Skill list

Skill Name Key AbilitySubskills
AcrobaticsDexBalance, Escape Bindings, Jump (Precision), Tumble
Animal handlingResDomesticate, Handle, Ride, Sense Motive, Soothe, Train, Knowledge Biology
AthleticsStrClimb, Jump (Distance, Height), Lift, Swim, Run, Push, Pull
DiplomacyInt or ResBluff, Impersonation, Persuade, Read Lips, Sense Motive, Negotiate, Knowledge Society, Knowledge Politics
InvestigationIntSearch, Gather Information, Investigation, Deduction
MedicineIntDiagnose, Cure Disease, Neutralize poison, Long term care, Knowledge Anatomy, Knowledge Medicine
PerceptionIntListen, Spot, Other Senses
PerformIntOration, Singing, Dance, Act, Play Instrument, Bluff, Knowledge Arts
ProfessionVariesArmorsmith, Astronomer, Jeweler, Sailor, Surveyor, Weaponsmith
Recall KnowledgeIntAppraisal, Knowledge Areas: Anatomy, Arts, Biology, Finances, Geography, Herbs, History, Ki and Bindings, Local, Medicine, Nature, Politics, Society, Streetwise, Trading
Sleight of handDexLock Picking, Pick Pocket, Illusions, Misdirection
StealthDexMove Silently, Hide, Trackless Step, Spying
Wilderness survivalIntTracking, Hide Tracks, Trapping, Foraging, Hunting, Detecting Traps, Rope-work, Create Shelter, Knowledge Nature, Knowledge Geography

Cooperation and deliberation

If you are cooperating with another player, you can coordinate your efforts which will help you succeed

You may attempt to assist another player attempting a check with the same skill, subject to GM approval. If you make a check of difficulty 1, you grant advantage to the player you are assisting. If you fail the check, your actions impose disadvantage on the other player

If you have the time and the willingness to delilberately perform an action, you may gain advantage on the related skill check. The additional time required is determined by the GM, though deliberate action usually requires at least two or three times the normal amount of time

Legendary skill

Characters that can consistently pass difficulty 3 skill checks will become well known for their prowess in the given skill. When characters score a 4 or above on a skill, word will spread quickly and people will include descriptions of their actions performed for the check in the stories they tell of them. These stories will eventually become legends

Scoring a 4 or higher on a skill check inspires nearby allies, granting them high morale

Scoring a 5 on a skill check will catch the attention of Sura ki spirit in your region of the galaxy, while scoring a 6 will catch the attention of a Deva

Skill checks that have a legendary difficulty require a score of 4, and in some special cases 5 or 6

Skill rank cost

As you purchase additional ranks with your skill points, the cost for further improvement increases, following the table below:

Skill RankCostTotal Cost

*You cannot take more than 8 ranks in a skill

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