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Change log

This is an exhaustive list of all changes to the wiki. Major updates are posted to ED6 Twitter

22/09/28Added new icon art to Petramancer
22/09/25Added new icon art to Aeromancer and Hydromancer
Added new art to Maneuvers
22/09/24Added new icon art to Animancer
22/09/21Added new icon art to Air adept
22/09/19Added new icon art to Cleromancer for talents and hexagrams
22/09/18Added new icon art to Dreamwalker
22/09/17Added new icon art to Druid
22/09/16Added new icon art to Earth adept
22/09/14Added new icon art to Envoy
22/09/13Added new icon art to Floramancer, Fire adept
22/09/11Added new icon art to Mesmer
22/09/10Added new icon art to Mystic
22/09/08Added new icon art to Neamhni
22/09/06Added new icon art to Seer and Revenant
22/09/05Added new icon art to Trident
22/08/26Added new art to Combat
Added Icon art to the Water adept talent tree and talents
22/08/25Added new art to Feats, Skills, and Damage
Added class art to Advent feats, Class feats, and Skill feats
Made feat categories more noticeable
22/08/24Added new art to Getting started, Combat
22/08/23Added new art for Reithe, Mhor canyon, Agni, Mori, Ki spirits
22/08/22Added new art for Ceilidh and Yuanen
22/07/31Added new Roen and Dreamwalker art to the speceis and class pages
22/06/12Clarification text for Ki Aura
Added a level requirement to Elemental Mastery
Added game master notes for Elemental Mastery and Ki Aura
Changed Slam Attack, Whip (fire), Breath, and Whip (water) to work off of the base elemental blast parent
22/06/04Increased the cost of extending flow like water to 3 points per round
Reversed the ability check for Wall of Air to Strength vs Resolve
Removed natural constraint on Trackless step, clarified the reroll mechanic
Increased the maximum DC of Wave of Earth to 3
22/06/02Added animal life records through the Nahatl star system
22/05/28Added animal life records through the Khama star system
22/05/25Added animal life records through the Aquitane star system
22/05/24Added animal life records through to the Kalkera star system
22/05/17Added animal life through the Hilben star system
22/05/16Added animal life through the Po'nui star system
22/05/15Added animal life through the Amiskos star system
22/05/13Added animal life for 38 star systems
22/05/12Added animal life for 73 star systems
22/04/07Updated galactic events for Nott
Completed galactic drift and fungal/plant records for all Galactic Core star systems
22/04/06Added drift, fungal, and plant records for 30 stars in the galactic core
22/04/03Added clarification to Dreaming Well
Added the Abyss advent feat
Added fungal and plant records to 435 star's wiki pages
22/04/01Added talent tree shortcut mapping for Dreamwalker
22/03/31Added rules for Obsidian Dream and Crimson Dream
22/03/30Added rules for Dreaming Well, Silver Cord, Spectral Eye, Waking Dream, and Golden Cord
22/03/28Added rules for Stargazer, Dreamwalker, Weaver, Dreamtongue
Added the Leap of Faith and Star Strider advent feats
22/03/26Changed the browser text to replace ”[]” with ”- Elemental D6”
Renamed home page from “elementald6” to “home”
Added Astral Step rules
22/03/25Created the Dreamwalker advent class page and uploaded class talent tree
22/02/14Added rules for Shapeshift - Bear
Refactored rules for Shapeshift - Raven
22/02/08Added rules for Quake
22/02/06Added “if possible” clarification to chaos keystone ability
Reduced the number of rerolls for the chaos keystone ability
22/01/30Updated the druid talent tree and talent links
Revision pass on druid level requirements
Added options for floramancer talent requirements (druid talents)
22/01/29Removed Stag companion talent
Removed Shapeshift stag talent
Removed Magma talent
Removed Spirit Companion talent
Added Bear companion talent
Added Exigent talent
Added Fissure talent
Added Tree Step talent
Added Fey companion talent
Added Quake talent
Revised Restoration talent
Revised Natural Born Healer advent feat
Added Fey Friend advent feat
21/06/27Added Nahkon Envoy art
21/06/07Added the Rook advent feat
21/05/31Added Morokwe armada
21/05/30Augury of the Eternal Sun updated to reflect Cleromancer changes
21/04/21Added Ship classification page
21/03/26Added art to the Revenant, Advent Class, and Chakras pages
21/03/22Removed penalties from Effortless Action
Increased the maximum dice for Golden Augury
Lowered the requirement for Diamond Augury
21/03/21Added Apparition to Revenant, completing the class first draft
Added Conscription, Glitter, Undeath advent class feats for Revenant
21/03/20Added Endothermy, Leech, Vengeance, Astral Reservoir to the Revenant
Added Cold front to Advent feats
21/03/19Added Interference to the Revenant
21/03/18Added art for the animancer and vhela
Added Flicker, Phasing, Evanescent to the Revenant
21/03/11Added remaining chakra shock talents, Vocalize, Curse Touch, Phantom Touch, Fusion
21/03/08Changed the starting target for chakra shock rolls to 3 after running probabilities
21/03/06Added chara shock talents for heart and navel
21/03/04Fixed Revenant talent image
Revised revenant mechanic wording
Added chakra shock talent for throat
21/03/03Added Revenant chakra burn damage effects
Added Revenant chakra shock talents for lotus and crown
21/03/03Added Revenant logo and icons
21/02/28Added talent tree structure for the Revenant advent class
Added art and clarification to the character creation page
21/01/28Added the basic structure for the new Revenant advent class
21/01/25Added an expandable advent class list to the navigation bar
21/01/03Added talent and talent improvement information for all advent classes to the the toolbox database
21/01/01Revised Fascimile wording
20/12/26Added art to Nagari and Mesmer pages
20/12/15Revised the Druid Sun Wheel
20/10/22Increased the maximum dice of Breath
Switched Prison to capped hit formula
Set Prison's damage formula to a linear cost and put a cap on its damage
Fixed the Discovery rune links
Changed the Discovery rune selection rolls to allow the player to choose betweeen two runes when discovering a rune, with additional flexibilty to reroll the result when one or both of the options has already been obtained
Divide now can also halve the duration of any talent ability, instead of just rune effects
Added a physical separation use for Divide
Combined the effects of two Mend uses (heal, conditions)
Added a die result change to Mend
Increased the die roll manipulation effect of Fortune to two dice
Added an ability to Rest to stop all sound producing actions
Added two uses to Reveal (truth, hostility)
Extended the duration of rune effects from Shield to 1 week
Added a bonus action and move action to Tap
20/10/18Converted Singularity defensive formula to secondary type
Clarified bonus on Mesmer Performances
Changed advantage from Boon of Action to reroll-keep-better
Revised rule wording on Boon of Action and Boon of Reaction
Reduced the minimum cooldown of Rally
Added a talent improvement to add additional attack defenses to Rally
20/10/15Removed the minimum cooldown of Ki Strike
Increased the cooldown reduction of Combat Training to three talents
20/10/02Increased the base movement speed of stag to 60 feet
20/09/29Changed Bolt, Lightning, and Dragon's Breath to Strength based damage
20/09/22Added the Counterweight and Weaver Petramancer feats
20/09/21Added clarification to Abilities maximum score
20/08/22Added art to the Ileroi
20/08/11Reduced the reroll on Elusive to one reroll keep lowest
20/07/30Added cost formatting to the ed6 toolbox talent tray
20/07/19Added the ability to use Boon of Action and Boon of Reaction on another player's turn
20/07/17Lowered the maximum number of orbs of Deflection (Hydromancer)
Removed the talent improvement to increase the orbs for Deflection (Pyromancer)
Increased the cost of improving the number of orbs for Absorb (Desimancer)
Changed the Swift Defense feat to activate 2 orbs with a swift
Removed the Absorbent Desimancer advent class feat
20/07/16Added talent tree images to toolbox ui
20/07/12Added talent and talent improvement calls to the toolbox database
20/07/09Added talent requirement data for Floramancer and Incanter to the toolbox database
20/07/08Added talent requirement data for Animancer to the toolbox database
20/07/06Added talent improvement data for Floramancer to the toolbox database
20/07/05Added talent improvement data for Animancer and Incanter to the toolbox database
20/07/04Added talent data for Floramancer, Animancer rework, and Incanter to the toolbox database
20/06/29Fixed currency fade issue
Removed scroll bars from all currency trays
Rewrote character select resizing logic
Updated cover art with new title font
20/06/28Added fading to all appropriate currency windows
Added database calls to the skill focus tray
Added type specification to the skill focus tray
20/06/24Added currency requirement checks to remaining currency trays in the toolbox
20/06/23Added currency requirement checks to the feat and skill focus trays in the toolbox
20/06/22Deleted the Elemental D6 Facebook Page
Removed facebook login to Elemental D6 discourse forums
Updated Discourse logo
Added fade transitions to feat and talent improvement toolbox currency trays
20/06/21ED6 Currency Tray UI complete (alpha)
20/06/04Revised the skill tray of the ED6 Toolbox
20/05/27Added art to the Roen and Trident pages
Uploaded a new wiki header in Toolbox font
20/05/26Added clarification for how Trident bonds are controlled
Added object trapping for Ice Trap
Added the Silver Familiar feat
20/05/17Added clarification to Golden Augury
Added a crit mechanic to Golden Augury
Added clarification to Casting Lots, and Hexagrams
20/05/13Added a dodge to Close Quarters Diplomacy
20/04/30Fleshed out all class and advent class descriptive text
Reformatted class and species images to be more mobile browser friendly
20/04/28Added art for the Bheru and the Incanter
20/04/08Added 19 plant records to the master timeline
20/04/06Added 15 plant records to the master timeline
20/04/04Added 19 plant records to the master timeline
20/04/03Added 91 plant records to the master timeline
20/03/30Added rune art to the meta runes
20/03/29Added rune art to base and discovery runes
20/03/28Added the Unspoken, Unsigned, and Discrete Advent feats for the Incanter
20/03/26Added rune effects to Clarify, Reveal, Balance
20/03/25Added Incanter talents: Extend, Reduce
20/03/24Added Incanter talents: Shield, Tap, Tether, Unravel, Ward
20/03/23Added Incanter talents: Rest, Reveal
20/03/22Added Incanter talents: Erase, Fortune, Link, Mend, Quell
20/03/19Added Incanter talent: Divide
20/03/18Added Incanter talents: Amplify, Clarify, Cloud, Conceal
20/03/17Added base talents to Incanter, plus Balance and Burn
20/03/14Finished first pass on coding improvements
Added a limit to ki pool cooldown reductions
Increased the bonus from Deep Pool and removed stacking
20/03/03Broke ground on an Incanter class page
20/02/28Updated improvements in the toolbox database
20/02/27Updated character, feat, action, and cooldown toolbox database tables
20/02/09Added flyover to the galaxy map
Added a locator button to the galaxy map preview
Solved the text wrapping problem with images
20/01/29Added art to the Manitari and Floramancer pages
20/01/26Basic character creation added to the toolbox
20/01/25Added first draft location data for all star systems to the toolbox galaxy map
20/01/24Added a search bar to the toolbox galaxy map
20/01/20Added star selection to the toolbox galaxy map tool
20/01/18Added basic galaxy map functionality to the toolbox
20/01/14Added species attribute preview strings to the toolbox
20/01/12Converted all toolbox pages to use store variables
20/01/09Added slide transitions to character creation panes (toolbox)
20/01/06Added the hex icon and preview text/title to the attribute pane
20/01/05Added the hex information icon, updates to the toolbox
20/01/02Added the stepper to the toolbox, updated its functionality
20/01/01Added species and class preview tiles and updating to the toolbox
19/12/31Added the character creation summary page to the toolbox, sequentialized creation pages
19/12/29Improved the species, class, and attributes selection pages in the toolbox
19/12/28Reworked the character selection page in the toolbox
19/12/27Added store functionality to character creation pages in the toolbox
19/12/25Added the toolbar main menu to the toolbox
19/12/22Completed first draft of currency trays for the toolbox
19/12/15Added the Barrel Rider floramancer feat
19/12/04Added the Ambidextrous, Stinging Nettles, and Untamed advent feats
19/12/02Added the Stalker advent feat
19/12/01Added the remaining floramancer talents
Removed the Control Plants talent from Hydromancer
19/11/30Added the Nettle, Dream Spore, Motile, and Sundew floramancer talents
19/11/29Added the Nettle floramancer talent
19/11/28Added the Rolling Stone, Turgor, Hurling Throw, Rooted, Leaping Thicket talents to flormancer
19/11/26Added the Lash and Stalker talents to the floramancer
19/11/25Added the Lotus talent to the floramancer
19/11/24Added the Grasping Vine and Field Disruption talents to the floramancer
19/11/06Added the bauglin talents to the floramancer class
19/11/03Created a working page for the floramancer
Added the floramancer talent tree
19/10/31Added the Foci skill feat
19/10/30Added art to the Jadyari and Earth adept pages
19/10/28Removed the Elemental animancer class feat, added Dual Spirit and Aperature Control
19/10/27Added talent tree image map links to the animancer
19/10/26Finished the animancer talent rework
19/10/24Added the Molten Grip animancer talent
19/10/23Added Sky Dragon and Healing Rain animancer talents
19/10/20Added Lava Golem, Storm Spirit, and Cloud Spirit animancer talents
19/10/19Added Water and Clay animancer talents
19/10/12Added Air, Fire, Earth animancer talents
19/10/10Added a reworked version of the animancer tree
19/09/29Increased the cost of Levitate improvements
Added restrictions on movement while levitating
Added a double damage bonus to critical rolls
Added the Critical Failures modifier
Added read lips to the Diplomacy skill
Expanded the uses of Run and Gun
19/09/18Added Kolraka Water Adept art
19/08/19Added damage dice rerolling to critical rolls
19/08/16Completed basic UI elements for the Hit Point menu in the toolbox UI
19/08/15Completed basic UI elements for the Feat menu in the toolbox UI
19/08/14Completed basic UI elements for the Skill and Skill focus menu in the toolbox UI
19/08/11Completed basic UI elements for the Talent Improvement menu in the toolbox UI
19/08/08Added art for a corvid variant Qihuatl
19/08/06First Revision pass of the ED6 Toolbox database
19/07/22Added talent imagemap links for all remaining classes
19/07/21Added talent links to the Trident talent tree (image map)
19/07/18Normalized “uses per day” language for all talent improvements
19/07/17Added talent improvement requirements association table to the toolbox database
Added display talent text to the toolbox database
19/07/16Added talent improvements for Neamhni, Seer, Trident, Water Adept to the toolbox database
19/07/15Added talent improvements for Mesmer and Mystic to the toolbox database
19/07/14Added talent improvements for Cleromancer, Druid, Earth Adept, Envoy to the toolbox database
19/07/12Added talent improvements for Air Adept to the toolbox database
19/07/11Added talent improvements for the Desimancer class to the toolbox database
19/07/10Added talent improvements for Pyromancer and Martialist to the toolbox database
Increased weapon proficiency cost for Martial Attack - Ranged Weapon
Increased the jump bonus of Advanced Dueling and Natural Leaper by 1d6
Reorganized navigation page to reduce link number, created game rules
19/07/09Added talent improvements for Aeromancer, Hydromancer, and Petramancer
Made minor changes to ranges, speeds, etc in Aeromancer, Hydromancer, and Petramancer
19/07/07Added feat requirements to the toolbox database
19/07/06Added class level currencies and talent requirements to the toolbox database
19/07/03Added requirements for Character Level, Ability Score, BAB, BDB, Skill Ranks, Class Levels, and Feats to the toolbox database
19/06/30Added species, species improvements, species improvement associations, feat improvement associations, class talent associations to the toolbox database
19/06/29Added all remaining talent improvements to the toolbox database
19/06/26Added effect talent improvements to the Toolbox database
19/06/25Added art to the Morokwe page
Extended the range of Mistwalker by 5 feet
19/06/20Increased the jumping bonus of Feather
19/06/13Added range and speed talent improvements to the Toolbox database
19/06/12Normalized Talent Point Improvement section titling across all classes
19/06/11Added talent tree layout data to the Toolbox database for remaining classes
Redesigned improvement structure in the Toolbox database
Added base class talent\class associations
19/06/10Added talent tree layout data to the Toolbox database for Mystic, Neamhni, Seer
19/06/09Added talent tree layout data to the Toolbox database through the Mesmer class
19/06/04Added talent base detail for Trident and Water Adept to the Toolbox database
19/06/02Added talent base detail for Fire Adept and Mesmer to the Toolbox database
19/05/30Added talent base detail for Earth Adept and Envoy to the Toolbox database
19/05/29Added talent base detail for Cleromancer and Druid to the Toolbox database
19/05/28Added talent base detail for Martialist, Desimancer, Air Adept, and Animancer, to the Toolbox database
19/05/27Added talent base detail for four classes to the Toolbox database
19/05/25Removed the round restriction on Swift
Added all feats and clases to the Toolbox database
19/05/17Added Ignel art to the Ignel and Species pages
19/04/21Added 36 fungal/plant records to the master timeline
19/04/20Added 25 fungal/plant records to the master timeline
19/04/17Finished the Roen species page
19/04/08Began construction of the Roen species page
19/04/07Added 30 fungal/plant records to the master timeline
19/03/31Added 7 fungal/plant records to the master timeline
Added 2 records to star system pages
19/03/30Added 35 fungal/plant records to the master timeline
19/03/29Added and reworked 112 fungal/plant records to the master timeline
19/02/28Added 60 fungal/plant records to the master timeline
19/03/27Updated ocean records for 305 star system pages
19/03/26Uploaded new art for the Iron Labyrinth character, Fen
Added 163 ocean creation records to star system pages
19/03/25Added 373 ocean creation records to the master timeline
19/03/24Added 36 ocean creation records to the master timeline
19/03/23Updated 196 ocean creation records to the master timeline
Updated ocean records for 32 star system pages
19/03/21Updated all references to species
19/03/20Added all remaining planetary birth records to star system pages
19/03/19Added all remaining planetary birth records to the master timeline
Added planetary birth records to 104 star system pages
19/03/18Added 112 planetary birth records to the master timeline
19/03/17Added 335 planetary birth records to the master timeline
Added 272 planetary birth records to star system pages
19/03/15Added planetary birth records to 37 star system pages
19/03/14Added planetary birth records to the master timeline
Added planetary birth records to star system pages
19/03/13Added planetary birth records to the master timeline
19/03/12Finished star birth records for the master timeline
19/03/10Added star birth records to the master timeline
19/03/09Added star birth records to the master timeline
19/03/08Added star birth records to the master timeline
19/03/04Added timeline records for the birth of Kajen
19/03/03Added the bloodied condition
19/02/28Reformatted Aeromancer special text
19/02/27Reworded advent rules and added advent class titles
19/02/25Significant revisions made to Ability Checks
Replaced all references to opposed checks with Ability Checks
19/02/20Uploaded new art for the Desimancer and Ulfar and for the Iron Labyrinth
19/02/13Completed the Envoy advent class page
19/02/10Added the Ceasefire and Kismet advent feats for the Envoy
19/02/08Added content to Formidable Mind, Sixth Sense, Survival Instincts, Pacify
Added a page outlining how probabilities were calculated
19/02/07Added content to the Carragh union
Added content to Charmed Soul and Elusive
19/02/06Added content to Aegis and Calming Aura
19/02/05Added content to Close Quarters Diplomacy, Empath, Resilience
19/02/04Added content to Ambassador, Cultural Intelligence, Field Training, Keen Eye, Natural Empathy
19/02/03Added a damage exclusion to Luck
Added advantage to the list of benefits from critical rolls
Created the Envoy advent class page
19/01/23Added an offensive formula to Remedy
19/01/22Added probability data for hitting difficulty targets with ability checks
19/01/21Changed advantage to always be 3d6, allow it to affect any dice roll
Changed rules for ties when making opposed skill checks
Updated the language on the skills page
Updated the ability check mechanics
Updated feat bonuses to align with new ability check mechanics
Updated all ability check talent bonuses
Specific changes to Ice Trap, Remedy, Ki Pool, Structured Mind, Silver Planet, Iron Mind, Galactic Tongue
Updates to Disoriented, Exhausted, and Unconscious conditions
Updated the keystone attributes with ability check bonuses
Updated the character sheet
Uploaded a refactored Iron Labyrinth Sheet
19/01/18Added art to the Nahuali page
19/01/15Added keystones to the Iron Labyrinth packet
Changed the names of the Iron Labyrinth premades
19/01/07Added new art to the Samakoel Page
18/12/24Added an Ability check bonus to Silver Planet
Increased the cooldown of Cosmic Pulse to 12 rounds
Expanded the disadvantage and extended the maximum duration of Infinity
Renamed the Geas of Poverty to Geas of Freedom
Expanded the disadvantage and extended the maximum duration of Somatic Tether
Added the Bulwark advent feat
Added tattoo charging when attacking separately with Assimiliation
Changed the talent improvement points for meditation requirements on Silver Planet
Increased the skill bonus of Lodestar
18/12/20Added page numbers to the Iron Labyrinth supplement
18/12/18Created a new page outlining how to adapt the Iron Labyrinth to accomodate fewer players
18/12/16Uploaded the first draft of the Iron Labyrinth one-shot supplement
Added content to the The iron labyrinth page to guide the game master in preparing for and running the session
18/11/27Added premade character sheets for the The iron labyrinth
18/11/25Added content to the Heart Chakra Puzzle for the Iron Labyrinth
Updated the keystone rewards in the Iron Labyrinth module to reflect the keystone revisions
18/11/22Added art to the Alyae and Neamhni pages
18/11/18Added the ability to use Synergy between two triads
Updated the AotEA course catalog with all remaining advent courses, completing the catalog
18/11/17Added art to the Ulfar and Cleromancer pages
18/11/11Added a range improvement to Impetus
Added darkvision to the Nahuali feline form
Changed the Nahuali advantage to identify other Nahuali to a +1 bonus
Limited Lockdown to one per character
Added the Sleeper feat
18/11/07Added costs for Keystones by facet
Added the Waxing Moon, Waning Sun Cleromancer feat
18/11/06Added attribute and chakra information to all gems
18/11/05Added gem and chakra information to all keystone attributes
18/11/04Added the Unbridled, Raven's Eye, and Soulstone attributes
Removed the Depth attribute
18/10/30Added art to the Druid and Crhubai pages
18/10/28Added the Navel Chakra Puzzle to the Iron Labyrinth module
18/10/25Added clarification to Mind Vise
18/10/23Added the Matrix keystone attribute
18/10/21Renamed Ki Sight attribute to Truesight
Removed the talent requirement from the Truth attribute
Increased the facet cost of Reject Poison
Renamed Ki Transcendence to Transcendent Ki
Removed all of the weapon specific keystone attributes
Removed two of the armor specific keystone attributes and the category
Renamed the Thorns attribute to Obsidian Ki
Removed the Ki Resonance attribute and replaced it with Iron Chakra
Renamed Dexterity attribute to Dextrous and increased the facet cost
Renamed Great Resolve to Iron Will and increased the facet cost
Renamed Great Strength to Power Overwhelming and increased the facet cost
Increased the facet cost of Sharp Mind
Changed the benefit of Fierce Aura and increased the facet cost
Increased the facet cost of Darkvision
Renamed Ki Stealing to Ki Drain and changed the opposed check to Res v Res
Added the following attributes: Action, Greater, Coursing River, Dart, Death Ward, Flash, Mettle, Pocket Healer, Power Surge, Truesight, Greater, Unstable Ki, Warmth
18/10/17Added content to the Sacral Chakra Puzzle page in the Iron Labyrinth one-shot
18/10/16Added art to the Neridae, Aeromancer, and Air adept pages
Rearranged the damage quadrant of the Pyromancer talent tree
Expanded the scope of Control Flames
Created the Crown Chakra Puzzle for the Iron Labyrinth one-shot
18/10/15Added the Vent talent to the Aeromancer talent tree
Added a dice bonus to Fling
Merged Affect Flames into Breath
Added a full action option to Air Blast and changed the pushback options
Added Minimal Aperture as a new class feat
18/10/14Merged Slow Fall into High Jump
Moved Cloud of Dust to replace Slow Fall
Moved Quick Mind and Blurring Speed to replace Cloud of dust
Moved Blade under Powerful Ki
Renamed Fling object to Fling
Renamed Glider Flying to Glider
Added a level requirement to Blurring Speed
18/10/12Rearranged the chakra puzzles and added content to the Throat Chakra Puzzle
18/10/09Added a stub for the The iron labyrinth
Added content to the Throat Chakra Puzzle
18/10/07Changed Mind Vise to a capped dice cost
18/10/03Added a Wilderness survival bonus to Folding Ki
18/10/01Added commission art to the Dreki and Fire adept pages
18/09/30Revised Sphairoid wording and mechanics
Created combat mechanics for actions declared before initiative is determined
Added initiative rules for readying actions
Moved unused actions from basic actions to initiative and added a new type of initiative bonus
Reduced the damage of Death Grip
18/09/29Combined Cleave and greater cleave
Combined Run and Gun and the Swift feat
Created a new Swift feat
18/09/25Added Course Information for Water Adept
18/09/23Changed max skill ranks, skill rank costs, and ability modifiers for skills
Removed the Beast Link Skill Feat
Increased the bonuses on all Skill feats
Increased Ki Pool's skill bonuses to 3d6 amd removed the rank requirement
Increased the species swim bonuses of Ileroi and Samakoel
Reduced the healing bonus of Manitari's Reconstitution\\Added the Iron Strike skill feat
18/09/17Increased the base difficulty of jumping by 1
18/09/14Increased the base jumping bonus of High Jump
18/09/12Added Course Information for Trident
Reduced the number of Swift actions per round from infinite to two
18/09/11Added Course Information for Mystic, Neamhnni, and Seer
Increased the cooldown of Transcendent Ki
18/09/08Added Course Information for Mesmer
18/09/06Added Course Information for Earth Adept and Fire Adept
18/09/05Added Course Information for Cleromancer and Druid
18/09/04Added Course Information for Air Adept and Animancer
18/08/26Uploaded a new Course Worksheet and Course Catalog for the core classes
18/08/25Reduced the cost of improving Silver Step
18/08/22Changed the initiative bonus of Quick Mind, Lightning Reflexes, Intuition, Grand Seer and Quicksilver to match the new initiative rules
Changed Martial Attack - Unarmed Strike non lethal damage rules
Increased the maximum jumping bonus of High Jump, Natural Leaper, Advanced Dueling, and Feather
18/08/21Added Course Information for Pyromancer and Martialist
18/08/20Added Course Information for Petramancer and completed courses for Hydromancer
18/08/19Reworded Hit Point rules
Redesign of AotEA class schedule, course rules and mechanics
Added courses for Aeromancer, Desimancer, Hydromancer, and General Education
18/08/06Added the Grand Illusion feat
18/08/05Changed Illusion's opposed check to Intelligence vs Intelligence
Added an opposed check to Grand Rest
18/07/29Added the Agrippa, Alluring, Fascimilie, and Sensuous memser feats
18/07/28Added the Somatic Echo and Structured Mind talents
18/07/27Added a class description and peformance abilities to Mesmer
18/07/26Increased the offensive dice formulas for Alter Memory, Erase Memory, Mind Probe
Added the Captivate, Grace Note, and Grand Rest talents
18/07/25Added the Astral Projection talent
Added the Astral Traveler feat
Added the Perfect Projection feat
18/07/22Added the Brawler feat
Added bioluminescence to the Ileroi
Removed the level requirement from Sphairoid
18/07/11Reduced the movement of Nihil
Added base talent info for Adelai laurent
18/07/09Added 5 new NPC records to the The academy
Added an additional form to the Nahuali species
18/07/05Added 2 new NPC records to the The academy
18/07/03Added 2 new NPC records to the The academy
18/07/02Added 2 new NPC records to the The academy
18/07/01Added 3 new NPC records to the The academy
18/06/25Updated the Animal handling, Athletics, and Sleight of hand skill pages
18/06/14Added a course worksheet
18/06/13Added course content to the Class schedule
18/06/12Added course content to the Class schedule
Created a stub for the Academy
18/06/11Added 13 new NPC records to the The academy
Added a Class schedule and Academy trials to the Aotea module
18/06/10Added 13 new NPC records to the The academy
18/06/07Added graphics and art to the Getting started Page
18/06/06Added content to the Exquisite Performance and Radiant Performance talent
18/06/05Added art by John Latta to the Karenu and Mystic pages
18/06/03Completed the Getting started page
Added content to 2 additional Mesmer talents
18/06/02Removed an unecessary formula from Dancing Flames
Added the Firecracker class feat
Reworked the bonus of Lightning Reflexes to fit the new initiative system
Simplified tie-breaking when rolling Initiative
Changed the action economy to allow one additional swift action
Changed the Swift feat to align with the Swift change
Removed the Walk and Run movement actions
Updated the character sheet to reflect recent changes
18/05/31Made multiclassing rules much more permissive and simplified the explanation
Change the name of “base class” to “core class”
Changed the cooldown structure of Hawkeye
Reduced the maximum burrow speed and increased the cost of improving it
Increased the miss chance of Cloak of Fate
Added a level requirement to Kairos
18/05/30Created the The academy main page
18/05/23Reduced the formula for Deflection
18/05/22Added the Martial Savant feat
18/05/15Added speed and new talent improvements to Erase Tracks
Reduced the range when using Erase Tracks with a radius
18/05/11Added hydromancer talents to the character creator (unpublished)
18/05/09Revised the Fling Object talent
Added the Aeromancer talents to the character calculator (unpublished)
18/05/08Added all species to the character creator (unpublished)
18/05/06Increased the line of sight blocking of Foxhole by 5 feet
Added skill point spending to the calculator (unpublished)
18/05/05Removed the reroll on level one bonus hitpoints
18/05/03Added fixed skill focus spend button functionality to the calculator (unpublished)
18/05/02Added hit point spend button functionality to the calculator (unpublished)
18/04/30Hit point currency type added to the calculator (unpublished)
18/04/29Four currency type displays added to the character calculator (unpublished)
18/04/28Fixed a copy error in the character sheet
Decreased the damage-free movement allowance for burned creatures
18/04/26Reworked Hurricane changing its size, cooldown, and talent improvements
Added the Turbulent feat
18/04/24Reworded parts of Ice Trap and Icy Patch
Increased the cost for talent improvements to Slab
18/04/22Rewrote the section on Determining your Ability Scores, no rule changes
Removed the ability cap on skill ranks and added an ability bonus to skills
Changed Diplomacy to Int or Res, instead of Int and Res
18/04/18Added content to Fascimilie, Resonant, and Sensuous
Added a note regarding the stability of Fascimilie illusions
18/04/17Added a legendary skill moniker to the Legendary Skills section
Added a legendary skill requirement for detecting Suras that are attempting to pass as humanoid
Added the Giles vijero npc patron reward
Added description to Trift
Uploaded a cleaner picture for the Tyroi
Added a thumbnail for the Tyroi to the Species of the galaxy page
Added content to the Illusion talent
18/04/16Added a note regarding Druid's Perch
Added a note regarding Legendary Skill
Added information on daily cooldown resets
18/04/07Enlarged the Empire locator maps and added direct links
Uploaded a talent tree for the Mesmer class
18/04/06Added bold text to homeworld links
18/04/02Updated sector maps Sectors I-R with locator maps and empire info
Added tattoo information for Astral Root
18/04/01Updated sector maps Sectors A-H with locator maps and empire info
Uploaded new character art for the Tyroi and Seer class
18/03/31Updated pages in the Sikhara Branch with locator maps and empire information
Updated pages in the Nahbi Branch with locator maps and empire information
18/03/29Updated pages O-Z in the Ierou Branch with locator maps and empire information
Updated pages in the Kiritam Branch with locator maps and empire information
18/03/28Updated pages J-N in the Ierou Branch with locator maps and empire information
18/03/27Updated pages A-I in the Ierou Branch with locator maps and empire information
18/03/26Updated pages in the Sydan Branch with locator maps and empire information
18/03/25Updated the galactic map to include intragalactic currents
Updated the galactic map to reflect the new homeworld planets
Created the Empires of the galaxy page
Created pages for the galaxy's 21 empires
Updated pages in the Galactic Core with enhanced/updated locator maps and empire information
18/03/14Added a new template page for the Mesmer advent class
18/03/10Added the Feral Bond and Enduring Bond feats
18/03/09Added three new Advent feats, Counterbalance, Equilibrium, and Triforce
18/03/08Added first drafts for the remaining four Trident talents
18/03/07Added first drafts for five additional Trident talents
18/03/04Added a list of Ki spirits by element
Added a new advent feat for the Mystic class, Lifeline
18/02/21Added a list of Ki spirits by galactic branch
18/02/19Applied the benefits of Censer to the Transcend feat
Added content to Nephys
Added the Mercurial Mystic Advent Feat
Added a talent point improvement to Cosmic Pulse
Added the Manchuria Neamhni Advent Feat
Added a rule about the effect of keystone destruction
Added clarifications to Blur, Formless Void, Mist Walker regarding the concussive force created when shadow comes in contact with fire
Added the Shifter class feat
18/02/17Added new art to the Hanum and Petramancer pages
18/02/15Added captions to images for the Kiritam Branch, Nabhi Branch, Sikhara Branch, Kehle Branch, and all Sector Maps
18/02/14Added captions to images for the Sydan Branch and the Ierou Branch
18/02/13Added captions to images for Mystic, Galactic lore pages, and the Galactic Core planets
18/02/12Added captions to images for Terran rivers
18/02/11Added captions to images for Terran oceans
18/02/10Added captions to images for Terran Lakes, Mountain Ranges, and Peaks
Added the Deliberation mechanic to making skill checks
Decreased the range of Detect Lies and capped the maximum range
Removed Base Bonuses from the Ability Check formula, and included a table to outline the difficulties of ability checks
Added clarity to Feats that improve ability checks
Uploaded a new character sheet to reflect the changes to ability checks
18/02/06Added captions to images for Terran Grasslands and Islands
18/02/05Added captions to images for Terran Bays, Passages, Deserts, Canyons, and Forests
18/02/03Added captions to images for the remaining terran Cities of terra
18/01/31Added captions to images on pages through Dreolin
18/01/29Created new NPC pages for captain Ronja deniau and Captain Kirach winterwolf
18/01/28Uploaded an introduction video to the patreon page
18/01/18Created a new NPC page Ian McCready as a patron reward
18/01/17Uploaded Neridae Aeromancer character art
18/01/16Removed the Martialist talent Animal Companion
Created the Trident advent class page and added a talent skeleton and some flavor information
Added additional trident related information to Rudran
18/01/07Updated Critical Roll rules: Criticals always hit, added non lethal condition
Changed the Exhausted condition to half movement speed
Changed the Staggered condition to half speed round down
Simplification of the Delirious rolling table
Reduced the movement required for standing up from prone, added the same requirement to drop to prone
Removed the penalty for dealing non-lethal damage
Categorized ki Damage as non-lethal damage
Revised the Pressure Points feat to add non-lethal damage
Revised Impact, Impact, Greater, and Impact, Deadly to account for non-lethal damage changes
Added a Morale bonus to allies for legendary skill checks
Revamped the hit point mechanics
Increased the hit points for Baumeni and Ileroi
Updated species pages to reflect the new hit point language
Added a level requirement to Grit
Increased the jump bonus on the Feather keystone attribute
Increased the cost of the Tough Hide keystone attribute
Added the Zen keystone attribute
18/01/06Added three new NPC pages as patron rewards
17/12/30Adjusted the rules for Bherasque
Added clarifications to Living Archive
Added a new feat, Censer
17/12/27Adjusted the core class level tables to give 10 talents and 10 feats
Added new benefits to Grand Seer, removed the dice reroll
17/12/26Added the Navigator patron level
17/12/25Reorganized landing page to include patreon link and converted social links to image links
17/12/24Launched a Patreon page to fund art commissions
17/12/19Added a new cover image
17/12/12Added page stubs for Taiscen geography
17/12/11Added galactic locator entries to the planets and moons of the Sol system
Created pages for Taisce Nation, Continents, and Oceans, and 11 cities
17/12/07Added a new page outlining the Experience system
17/12/06Uploaded color locator maps to Cities
17/12/05Uploaded color locator maps to Rivers
17/12/04Uploaded color locator maps to Oceans and Rivers up through Tenohira river
17/12/03Uploaded new art to the Nahkoen and Desimancer pages
Uploaded color locator maps to Lakes and Mountains
Added galactic location information to Continents, Nations, Bays, Deserts, Canyons, Forests, Lakes, Mountains, Rivers, and Cities
17/12/02Uploaded new images for the Pheresata and added them to the Hydromancer
17/12/01Uploaded color locator maps to Grasslands and Islands
17/11/30Uploaded color locator maps to Deserts, Canyons, and Forests
17/11/29Reduced talent improvement costs for the following Water Adept talents: Pillars
Uploaded color locator maps to Continents, Nations, and Bays and Passages
17/11/28Reduced talent improvement costs for the following Seer talents: Grand Seer, Levitate, Steadfast Resolve
17/11/27Reduced talent improvement costs for the following Neamhni talents: Alter Memory, Erase Memory, Heart of Darkness, Iron Mind, Mist Walker, Shadow Blade, Shadow Bolt
17/11/26Reduced talent improvement costs for the following Mystic talents: Astral Root, Infinity, Lodestar, Lotus Eye, Primal Verse, Primal Vow, Sacred Geometry, Somatic Tether
17/11/25Reduced talent improvement costs for the following Fire Adept talents: Balance, Wreathing Fire
17/11/21Reduced talent improvement costs for the following Earth Adept talents: Detonate Earth, Stone Shield
17/11/20Reduced talent improvement costs for the following druid talents: Magma, Natural Healing, Oak Staff
17/11/19Reduced talent improvement costs for the following cleromancer talents: Foresight, Kairos
17/11/18Reduced talent improvement costs for the following animancer talents: Darting Flow, Rushing Winds, Sweeping Push, Fire Bomb, Deflect, Shatter, Shield, Disperse
17/11/16Reduced the talent improvement costs for Barrier, Drag, Shield, and increased the costs for Slice
17/11/14Moved Compact Earth in line with Slam Attack
17/11/08Created new playtester badges for the discourse forum
17/11/07Created a new discourse forum on a new server
17/11/05Changed the favicon from the earth pie to the full logo
17/11/01Added a map to the Siur planet page
17/10/27Created a Discord server for discussion
Added a new section in the navigation panel for social media
17/10/26Added a new Feat, Lockdown
Revised Base Attack and Base Defense requirements for Feats
17/10/25Uploaded a cleaner design for the Astral Root tattoo
17/10/24Removed rank requirements for all Skill feats
Added a once per day advantage to all Skill feats
Increased the bonus for the Leaper feat
Added a skill bonus to the Savant feat
Increased the bonus for the Light Sleeper feat
Increased the bonus on the Artisan feat
Uploaded a new icon for the Khanda tattoo
Normalized wording, text formatting, and talent improvements for talents with Opposed Checks
17/10/23Removed the rank requirement for cooperation on skill checks
17/10/22Added a destruction condition to Slab
Added a level requirement for fixed cost dice improvments, such as Cloud of Dust
17/10/19Adjusted improvement costs and durations for hard cc, including Tornado, Spout, Light, Glory, and Deathgrip
Updated the Truth keystone attribute to the new skill system
17/10/18Reduced talent improvement costs for the core classes
Removed the increasing cost and imposed a maximum dice bonus on the following non-damage talents: Hurricane, Sphairoid, Ice Trap, Rushing Flood, Sphere, Vaporize, Dust Cloud, Quicksand, Shift Earth, Slab, Absorb Energy, Control Flames, Repel
Removed the defensive formula for Stone Armor
Increased the base dice on Mind Vice
17/10/17Normalized costs and ranges for moves which can jump from target to target
Added movement action section to the character sheet
Added an action field to the talents page of the character sheet
Normalized improvements for wall talents
Expanded the Chakras page
Added a duration and duration improvements to Spatial Bridge
Normalized action reduction improvements for Neamhni, Seer, and Water adept
17/10/16Normalized action reduction improvements for the core classes, Air adept, Animancer, Cleromancer, Druid, Earth adept, Fire adept, and Mystic
17/10/15Updated the version to ED6 a3.8
Reduced Base Attack Bonus and Base Defense Bonus curves
Increased core class talent point allotments
Added an additional bonus feat at level 20
Increased advent class talent point allotments
Reduced the cost of speed improvements for talents
Reduced the costs for improving hit and damage dice bonuses
Reduced miscellaneous talent improvements across all classes
Increased the base dice of Nova, added Path of Peace requirement
17/10/14Added an applied condition to Fire Blast
Added the ability to use a swift action to stand up from Prone
Moved Freeze and changed its function
Uploaded new icons to the Druid talent tree
Reworked the function of Elemental Mastery and boosted its stats
Added a requirement for Eruption and clarified its function
Converted Erase Tracks to a skill bonus
17/10/13Tweaked some of the Bherasque rules
Increased the bonus damage for Shadow Blade when hitting non living matter
Normalization pass on the talent ranges of remaining advent classes
Added range clarifications to Talents
17/10/12Increased the defensive bonus of Boon of Reaction
Changed the costs for improving Cleave
Added clarification to Counter
Increased the dice bonus of Phoenix
Reduced the cost of improving the charge effect of Photosynthesis
Increased the dice bonus of Purify
Normalization pass on talent ranges for Air adept, Animancer, Cleromancer, Druid, Earth adept, and Fire adept
17/10/11Increased the maximum number of hexes moved by Shift Earth
Imposed a damage penalty for remaining in Prison for more than two segments
Increased the Impact cap of Mind Vice
Normalization pass on talent ranges for the core classes
17/10/10Moved the content of Cooldowns to Combat
Removed increasing costs for cooldown reduction
Normalized all cooldowns and minimum cooldowns
17/10/06New advent class, Mystic
17/10/03Added the Epiphanous and Fortunate Soul advent feats
Added mechanics for reducing the required action of a talent
17/10/01Reduced the Perception penalty for being asleep
Reduced the range on Trancend and added a bonus to Perception and Investigation checks in place of automatic success on both
Added a restriction limiting Slow Time to only apply to skill checks made in combat
Added clarification to Control Heat regarding how fast the temperature can change
Reduced the radius of talent improvements for Control Heat
17/09/29Added art to the Zeol and Human pages
Added art to the Pyromancer and Hydromancer pages
Updated the Species of the galaxy page with thumbnails for the five species with art
Added an additional mechanics rule to Bherasque
17/09/26Added art to the Carragh page
17/09/25Added art to the Sylphen page
17/09/24Normalization pass on species' physical characteristics, changes listed below:
Alyae: Increased wingspan
Bheru: Increased minimum and maximum height
Carragh: Decrease maximum height, increase mininmum and maximum weight
Crhubai (Aven): Decreased minimum and maximum height
Dreki: Decreased maximum height
Ileroi: Decreased maximum height
Kolraka: Decreased maximum height
Manitari: Increased minimum and maximum weight
Pheresata: Decreased mininmum and maximum weight, increased min and max wingspan
Qihuatl: Decreased maximum height, increased wingspan
Sylphen: Increased wingspan
Vhela: Increased maximum height
17/09/23Normalization pass on species trait bonuses, changes listed below:
Added a grapple bonus for Large and Medium creatures
Reduced all darkvision abilities to 30 feet
Baumeni: Increased strength, intelligence, burrow speed, forestwalk speed
Carragh: Increased dexterity, burrow speed, rolling stone speed
Crhubai (Udda): Increased resolve, reduced swim speed
Crhubai (Aven): Increased swim speed
Human: Increased distributable ability bonus, burrow speed
Ulfar: Increased intelligence, burrow speed
Nagari: Increased swim speed
Neridae: “Reduced” perception bonus
Samakoel: Increased dexterity, movespeed, swim and jump bonuses
Sylphen: Changed perception bonus to advantage
17/09/17Revised rules, added content and graphics to Bherasque
Added a render of the Bherasque ball
17/09/16Added a page for the sport of Bherasque and basic rules
17/09/15Added additional physical description details to several of the species
17/09/12Added description to Toghmall, Ueneg, Weifeng, Yeoh, and Zhen, completing the geography expansion of Terran Cities of terra
17/09/11Added four new Desimancer Tricks
Reduced the maximum number of summons created by the Animancer
Added description to Tenohira
17/09/10Revisions made to the Character Sheet
Changes to determining ability scores in character creation
17/09/07Added content to Aruna and Nirriti
17/09/05Added content to Iravani
17/09/04Added content to Indrani, Gedi
17/09/03Added velocity rules and a line of sight requirement to Void Step
Added content to Hine, Atea
17/09/02Added a new type of keystone, Binding Stones
Reduced the time keystone benefits last, and the time required to replace a keystone
Added the Astral Knot keystone attribute
Added instinctive knowledge of keystone's function once it is aligned to you
Changed the uses per day of Transcend to charges
Changed the effects of taking Transcend a second time
Added an additional category of Legendary Skill
17/09/01Added content to Ebisa
17/08/31Added content to Rheua, Bhumi
17/08/30Added content to Neogah, Raki
17/08/29Added content to Nephys, Sujen
17/08/28Added content to Fujen, Delbae, Kajen
17/08/27Added content to Andal
17/08/25Added content to Aine
Created the Galactic NPC Catalog
17/08/24Added birthdays of the Ki spirits to the Master timeline
17/08/20Added a new species, the Nagari
Removed the Variant Rules page
17/08/19Updated the navigation bar, removing and reorganizing links
Created Terran lore and Galactic lore
Uploaded a new version of the character sheet to reflect initiative changes
17/08/18Revised surprise mechanics for the first round of combat
Lowered the initial DC for Exhaustion due to sustained binding, increased the growth of the DC
Removed disadvantage to Exhaustion checks made beyond 8 hours, simplified the DC reset
Removed examples and clarified explanations for Concealment
Added a page for the probability of Initiative checks
17/08/17Overhaul to the rolling mechanics of Initiative
Removed the alternative round resolution rules
Removed the Round Resolution page, updating the content and moving it to Combat
Increased the Initiative bonus for the Quicksilver feat
Lowered the cost of the Quicken keystone attribute
17/08/16Added a new species, the Vhela
17/08/14Added a new species, the Ileroi
17/08/13Added a new species, the Kolraka
17/08/10Added content to Kujen
17/08/08Added content to Aryan
17/08/07Added content to Idaten
17/08/02Added a new species, the Manitari
17/08/01Added a new species, the Ignel
17/07/31Added a new species, the Jadyari
17/07/26Added a new species, the Morokwe
17/07/23Added a new species, the Dreki
17/07/20Added a new species, the Karenu
17/07/19Added a new species, the Hanum
17/07/18Added two new species, the Alyae and the Nahuali
17/07/17Added a new species, the Qihuatl
Changed the stealth bonus for small creatures to 1d6
17/07/16Added a new species, the Nahkoen
17/07/13Added content to Ikate
17/07/12Added content to Rudran and Kanze
17/07/11Added content to Khnue and Qijen
17/07/10Added content to Belin
17/07/09Added content to Enli
17/07/08Added content to Agni, Namu, and Kodhai
Minor addition to the Character Sheet adding a reminder for the base dice on skills
17/07/03Added content to Taon
17/06/29Added content to the pages for the Devas Mori and Wodnes
17/06/28Added content to the pages for the Devas Dhanu and Iweiru
17/06/27Added description to Tann
17/06/26Added page stubs for Deva and Sura Ki spirits
17/06/21Added ability descriptions to Ki spirits
17/06/20Added description to fire and water ki spirits
17/06/19Created a new page outlining the characteristics of Ki spirits
17/06/18Added a duration to the effect of Ki Aura
Changed the required action of Slow Time from free to swift
Added clarification on the cooldown and added a defensive improvement to Jet
17/06/09Added description to Syala
17/06/08Added description to Strond hja sol
17/06/07Added description to Soledad and Soro
Created a page for the Sole'tal bridge
17/06/06Added description to Sleta
17/05/15Added description to Sionnach
17/05/07Added rules for escaping a Grapple
17/05/02Added a direct hit point formula to Restoration
17/04/26Added description to Scoilt
17/04/21Added description to Sclata
17/04/18Added description to Samira
17/04/16Added description to Salann
17/04/14Updated probabilities of opposed ability checks with a higher simulation count
17/04/12Added a page for the probabilities of opposed ability checks
17/04/11Added description to Rottan, Ruscach, Saboten
17/04/10Added description to Riasc, Rohen
17/04/09Added a page outlining the probabilities of Aiki
17/04/07Removed the Divination and Golden Augury cooldown resets on Open Mind
17/04/06Revisions made to several hexagram verses
17/04/05Added the verse for hexagram 21. Centering ☷☰
17/04/04Added the verse for hexagram 20. Permeating ☳☷
17/04/03Added the verse for hexagram 19. Sojourning ☳☳
17/04/02Added the verse for hexagrams 15-18
17/04/01Added actions and verses for hexagrams 11-14
17/03/30Added a look up table to the Cleromancer Hexagrams section
Added actions and verses for hexagrams 1-10
17/03/29Removed the application of the bonus to allies for Divination
Reworded the interpretation requirements of Divination
Added an interpretation requirement to Golden Augury
Added the names and trigrams for the Hexagrams
17/03/27Increased the skill bonus granted by the Sailor profession
17/03/26Heavy revisions to the Armorsmith, Astronomer, Jeweler, Surveyor, and Weaponsmith professions to accommodate the skill system changes
17/03/23Uploaded an overhauled version of the Character Sheet
Added a missing damage formula to Aiki
17/03/21Updated the game version to ED6 a3.7
Updated the Bolas to work with an opposed check, reduced the maneuver bonus
Updated the Conditions with ability check language
Increased the DC of recovering from Disorientation, changed the check to Intelligence
Removed the decreasing difficulty for regaining consciousness
Removed the ability to get critical skill and ability check rolls
Revamped the Swim skill to conform to new skill/check rules
Revised the rules for ability checks to stave off Exhaustion
Revised the following talents to use ability checks: Hurricane, Sphairoid, Wall of Air, Control Plants, Ice Trap, Remedy, Light, Animal Companion, Ki Aura, Shockwave, Rampant Growth, Dancing Flames, Alter Memory, Anguish, Doubt, Erase Memory, Heart of Madness, Iron Mind, Mind Probe, Misery, Numb Senses, Petrify, Empath, and Galactic Tongue
Changed the cooldowns of Heal Wounds and Remedy
17/03/20Renamed Saving throws to Ability Checks, and added Opposed Checks
Revised feats Ironsides, Lightning Reflexes, Luck, Natural Flyer, Unflinching Resolve, and Wit
Revised the Temporal Overload advent feat
Revised the following keystone attributes: Chaos, Defiance, Luck, Reject Poison, Blinding Strike, Confusing Strike, Deafening Strike, Exhausting Strike, Ki Stealing, Potent Strikes, Staggering Strike, Stunning Strike
Updated the Combat, Flying, Glossary, and Poisons pages with the new ability check language
17/03/17Uploaded a planet map for Taisce
17/03/16Added description to Refir
17/03/12Added description to Pragat
17/03/11Added description to Piscin
17/03/10Added description to Pakohu
17/03/09Added description to Neantog
17/03/08Heavy revisions to all Skill feats
Added description to Nead
Change to talent improvements for Control Plants
17/03/07Added description to Nagusam
17/03/06Updated the Seer and Water adept class talent tree to the new simpler style
17/03/05Updated the Neamhni class talent tree to the new simpler style
17/03/03Updated the Fire adept class talent tree to the new simpler style
17/03/02Updated the Earth adept class talent tree to the new simpler style
17/02/28Added two general feats, Diehard and Undying
17/02/27Updated the Druid class talent tree to the simpler style
Added description to Mi, Miol, and Nari
17/02/26Updated the Animancer class talent tree to the new simpler style
Added description to Maol and Meannan
17/02/25Updated the Air adept class talent tree to the new simpler style
17/02/24Updated the Martialist class talent tree to the new simpler style
Added description to Manach and Marmair
17/02/23Added new class feats, Dancing Strikes, Savage Strikes, and Swiftshot
Updated the Pyromancer class talent tree to the new simpler style
17/02/22Added new class feats, Cosmic Power, Dragon's Breath, Earthen Eyes, Heat Sink, Purify, Quick Sphere, and Wrought Stone
Revised Earthen Sigil, increasing costs and damage bonuses
Increased the cost of adding weight to Shift Earth
Increased the skill bonus for Child of the Earth
Reduced the range extention talent point improvement for Stone Armor
Reduced the maximum duration of the blindness caused by Light
17/02/21Added new class feats, Ancient Remedies, Frenzied Blur, Leaf on the Wind, Swift Defense and Wall of Dust
Changed talent improvements for Blurring Speed and Cloud of Dust
17/02/20Added two new advent feats, Augury of the Eternal Sun and Divine Eye
Added a new page for Class feats
Added the Absorbent, Electrostatic, and Steadfast Rampart feats
Increased the healing bonus for Healing Surge
17/02/19Added the Desimancer class
17/02/18Added a (dodge) movement speed increase to Mobility
Updated the Petramancer talent tree to the new style
Added a new keystone attribute, Chaos
Revised the rules for pinning a target while using the Grapple maneuver
Added a range to the Anchor talent
17/02/16Updated Hydromancer and Aeromancer talent trees to new simpler style
17/02/15Added the Cleromancer advent class
17/02/14Removed the cap on rerolling dice with the Luck feat
17/02/13Converted species skill bonuses for Baumeni and Carragh to grant a Skill Focus
Added a restriction to Jack of All Trades when picking predetermined skill foci
17/02/05Added a page for the probabilities of advantage
17/02/04Reorganized the Probability Data page
Added a page for the probabilities of Skill checks and Skill focuses
Added a page for the probabilities of Retrocognition and Clairvoyance
Increased the minumum requirements when rolling Recognition
17/02/03Added a potential penalty when attempting to cooperate with another player on a skill check
Made further revisions to Psychometry
Added a table for Psychometry to the Probabilites page
17/02/02Revised the following Seer talents: Clairvoyance, Grand Seer, Retrocognition, Psychometry, Slow Time, Truth
17/02/01Updated the Armor skill penalties to fit the new skill mechanics
Added a mechanic to Recall knowledge to determine what ability an opponent is using
Revised HP for Gear items
17/01/31Updated the various skills pages to fit the new mechanics, made small changes to various skills
Revised High Jump, Hurricane, Leap Attack, Detect Lies, Wave of Earth, Advanced Dueling, Acrobat, Animal Companion, Bear's Strength, Bounty Hunter, Call of the Wild, Empath, Hawkeye, Ki Pool, Natural Leaper, Panther Step, Eye of the Wind, Spirit Companion, Trackless Step, Living Archive, and Speak with Animals regarding skill bonuses
Uploaded a new character sheet with a revised skill section
17/01/30Updated the version number to ED6a 3.6
Overhauled the skill system, changing rolling and DC mechanics
Updated advantage mechanics to account for the overhaul
Removed the BAB penalty when using a mount as cover
17/01/29Overhauled the ability score system and the method for determining your initial scores
Revised site pages to reflect new ability score system
17/01/28Added three new tables to the Dice Probabilities page regarding character creation
17/01/25Removed the knowledge area cap on Recall knowledge
17/01/23Added rules for Death and the Dying condition
17/01/21Changed the Combat round to three segments
Updated Initiative to reflect the new round structure
Removed the Block action
Updated the Movement Actions and Movement Speed sections of the combat page
Revised speeds and speed improvement for all classes and advent classes
Changed Whip to separate attacks by segment
Changed the Offensive formula of Light to Resolve based
Increased the damage formula of Prison
Added improvments to Wall to increase the duration
Changed the cooldown initialization for Natural Healing
Increased the hit points granted by talent improvements for Cudgel
Increased the cost of using Ki Pool to reset a cooldown
Revised segment based mechanics for talents from all classes and advent classes
17/01/20Removed the Trading skill, folding it into Diplomacy and Recall knowledge
Removed the Haggler feat
17/01/19Added description to Lorb, Madra rua
17/01/14Added description to Kohanga, Lomari
17/01/10Added description to Kital, Kitsune
17/01/08Added description to Keife, Khandahara
17/01/04Added a new keystone attribute, Astral Energy
17/01/03Added a new species, the Samakoel
Added description to Kastan, Kaze
16/12/31Added new advent feats: Botanic Affinity, Combat Training, Crusher, Elemental, Hummingbird, Natural Born Healer, One-Two, Parthenon, Preservation, Sonic Boom, Windwalker
Added a new feat: Grit
Removed the Run and Gun feat from Shapeshift - Raven and Shapeshift - Stag
Added description to Kamisuri, Kanter
16/12/30Added a new advent class, Water adept
Increased the bonus talent points for Advent classes
Replaced final talent for Advent Classes with additional talent points
Added description to Kahch, Kairu
16/12/29Changed bonus jumping for Leap Attack and made it applicable to defending
16/12/28Added a new advent class, Fire adept
Updated the difficulty class for Sailing conditions
Added a maximum bonus to Galactic Tongue
Reorganized the wiki structure with the following changes:
Combined the Gear, Animals, Supplies and Services, and Item Durability pages
Combined Damage, Hit Points, and Healing pages
Moved Armor, Poisons, and Weapons to the Rules category
Moved Species to the Terran World Information Category
Combined the Abilities and Saving Throws page. Reworked the entire page
Removed Carrying Capacity from the Rules category
Renamed Species of the Universe to Species of the galaxy
Renamed Items to Keystones
Crawled the site to update links to reflect the site clean up changes
16/12/24Added a new advent class, Earth adept
16/12/23Added new maximums and other changes to Shift Earth's talent point improvements
Restricted Shift Earth's movement to horizontal
Decreased the number of Lightning's jumps, added a maximum cap to its range, and set the jump range to a discrete distance
16/12/22Description added to Iora
16/12/21Added clarification and a maximum dice value to Erase Tracks
16/12/20Description added to Iontaise
16/12/19Description added to Inari
16/12/17Added a new advent class, Air adept
16/12/14Updated the version to ED6a 3.5
Uploaded a new character sheet to remove deprecated items
Added a new graphic to illustrate Flying rules
Added clarifications and new rules for conservation of momentum to Flying
Updated Jet and Glider Flying to conform to new flying rules
16/12/13Complete revision of the Flying rules
Changed the Hover and Natural Flyer feats
Removed the Natural Flyer, Greater feat
16/12/12Added description to Ilwyn
16/12/11Renamed Run and Gun to Swift and created a new feat for Run and Gun
Removed the challenge formula for dispersing Mistwalker with air currents
16/12/07Added description to Ialus
16/12/06Added a new rule to Reposition maneuvers for using it at range
Added formulas and explanations to Alter Memory, Erase Memory, and Mind Probe
Added description to Heiwa and Heiyaoshi
Updated the header logo and home page
16/12/05Added description to Hauma and Havat
16/12/03Added a page for the Pheresata and Sylphen species
Added description to Gioh, Grafan, and Guhai tnua
Increased the stat bonus for the Carragh
16/12/01Added description to Huang
16/11/30Added description to Gaineamh and Ghail
16/11/29Added description to Gafr
16/11/26Added a page for the Crhubai species
Added descriptions to Feile and Fornye
16/11/23Adjustments made to random generation formulas for skin color to include additional shades
Added descriptions to Espe and Fainle
16/11/18Added Truesight to the conditions page
Added a page for the Neridae species
16/11/17Added a summary chart to and revised the formatting of Galactic Species page
16/11/16Added a page for the Tyroi species
Added descriptions to Ean, Eibhir, Erenga
16/11/15Added a page for the Bheru species
Added descriptions to Deirfiur and Dreolin
16/11/13Increased the hit points of Keystones
Added a provision for improvements to the hit points of a Keystone via crafting
Added background information for Deilf
16/11/08Uploaded a new version of the Character Sheet with chakra slots on the inventory sheet
16/11/06Added the Neamhni advent class symbol
Introduced new nomenclature for Keystones
Increased the required facets for the Truth attribute
Increased the number of attacks affected by the Dodge feat
16/11/05Revised the Beast Link skill feat
Revised skill detail pages to align with new skill difficulty scale
16/10/31Reduced the maximum distance of Mist Walker
Revised Void Step to align with current movement rules
Added text to Neamhni abilities that affect the mind, clarifying the extent of the target creature's knowledge of the event
16/10/25Updated Fauna stats to fall in line with stat changes
16/10/18Revised the skill check difficulties and legendary skill requirements
Increased the attack penalties for wearing Armor
16/10/15Updated the icons in the talent trees
16/10/10Added the Animancer advent class
16/09/26Increased the level requirement of Animal Companion
Increased the cost of improving Anchor and Galactic Tongue
Changed the declaration based option in Slow Time to grant an additional bonus action
Added a dodge option to Slow Time
Reworked the talent improvments of Steadfast Resolve
16/09/25Changed the destruction rules for Druid's Perch to expel the contents of the perch
Added accents to Shapeshift - Raven and Shapeshift - Stag
Increased the cost of extending the effects of Alter Memory and the cooldown on failure
Increased the cost of extending the effects of Erase Memory and the cooldown on failure
Added a duration to, and increased the cooldown of, Heart of Madness
Increased the cost of improving Iron Mind
Extended the cooldown of failing Mind Probe
Removed the duration extention of Misery
Reduced the duration and duration improvements of Mist Walker and Nihilo
Increased the cost of improving Void Step
16/09/18Added a full round escape mechanism to Ice Trap
Added rules for Pushback
Extended the time Control Weather takes to materialize
Increased the cost of expanding the Druid's Perch
16/09/16Removed the talent improvements for adding uses per day for Critical Distance, Crane Stance, and Tiger Stance
Increased the cost of improving the dice bonus of Critical Distance
Reworded Empath and added a limit on the uses per day
Increased the costs for improving Hawkeye
Brought Ki Pool in line with round changes
Added a maximum uses per day to Natural Leaper
16/09/14Added a speed reduction to Lift Earth
Changed the escape mechanics for Quicksand
16/09/08Changed the duration of Ice Trap and put a limit on its maximum duration
Increased the maximum distance a target is moved by Rushing Flood
16/09/07Rewrote the combat round page to bring it in line with the new combat system
16/09/04Re-sorted the talent point improvements for the remaining classes
Added a maximum range to Light and Whip
16/09/02Changed Slam Attack and Martial Attack - Ranged Weapon to require the attacks to occur in separate segments
Re-sorted Aeromancer talent point improvements
16/09/01Reduced the range extension talent improvement for Ki Sense
Reworked the Blur talent improvements
Changed the timing of Clairvoyance, Retrocognition, and Psychometry
16/08/31Revised the action uses for Extract
Normalized Vaporize
Extended the duration when using Wave defensively
Removed the dodge action from Jet and normalized the speed
16/08/30Revised the Absorb Energy talent
Added the option to boost Resolve with Wild Aggression
Reworked the Spout and Tornado talents
Reduced the action needed for Blurring Speed and reworded the mechanics
Changed the movement speed reduction of Hurricane to half speed
Added a duration to Wall of Air
16/08/29Added a passive movement ability to Blinding Speed
Reworked the movement ability of Rockslide, Dash and Dash
Removed talent improvement option to boost the base leap of Leap Attack
Removed segment resolution tags from all talents
Changed the Dodge feat wording
Increased the movement bonus of Mobility
Revised Run and Gun to fit into the new combat resolution framework
Revised the Consistent Performer feat
Increased the benefit of the Mind Palace feat
Added a restriction to the Action item attribute
Changed the activation of the Ki sight item attribute
16/08/28Created a new page called Cooldowns
Revised talent cooldowns for Aeromancer talents
Changed the penalty of Hurricane to disadvantage
Changed the duration and terms of channelling Hurricane
Revised the push back mechanic and reduced the range of Knock Back
Reduced the distance you can move an ally with Cloudwalk
Revised talent cooldowns for Hydromancer talents
Removed the action cost of Freeze
Removed the cooldown and added an option to reduce the cost of Ice Stance
Revised talent cooldowns for Petramancer talents
Removed the option to reduce the action cost of Sand blast
Revised talent cooldowns for Pyromancer and Martialist talents
16/08/24Increased the minimum cooldown and removed the duration extention for Bear's Strength, Powerful Ki, Spirit of the Earth, Surge, and Wild Aggression
16/08/23Increased the range of Breath and Healing Light
Revised the speeds of the Pyromancer, Martialist, Druid, Neamhni, and Seer talents and costs
Removed disadvantage from the concealment rules
Revised the language of Cover
16/08/20Reduced the range and distance a target is moved by Rushing Flood
Revised the speeds of the Hydromancer talents and their costs
Reduced the range of Sand Blast
Removed the reflex check from Shift Earth
Revised the speeds of the Petramancer talents
16/08/18Revised the speeds of the Aeromancer talents and their costs
Added maximum speeds to Aeromancer talents
Increased the minimum cooldown of Knock back
16/08/14Increased Carragh base movement speed to 30 feet
Added a movement speed table to Movement Speed
Minor additions to Movement Actions
16/08/13Changed Ki Projection to be available at level 1
16/08/12Added a section on Movement Speed on the combat page
16/08/10Revised combat round structure, which includes the following changes:
Revised the description of the combat round
Revised Initiative and removed the surprise round
Removed the Defensive Binding action
Renamed the Basic Attack and gave it a range
Added an additional blocked attack when using Block as a full action
Removed Dodge as a basic action
Removed the ability to use Reaction as a swift action
Revised the Unused Actions mechanic
Revised the Run movement action
Added the Walk movement action
Added the Dash movement action
Added the Dodge movement action
Revised the wording of Interrupting Actions
16/08/06Changed cover bonus to disadvantage for the attacker
16/07/28Added descriptions and history to Dheas and Dearthair and related pages
16/07/23Reduced the benefits of cover and partial cover
16/07/21Added descriptions to Cnis and Coinin
16/07/19Added descriptions to Caonagh, Cead, and Ciaro
16/07/17Added a new species, the Zeol
16/07/16Added skill bonuses and rank requirements to professions
Increased the healing formula of Heal Wounds
16/07/13Added descriptions to Bri and Broigheall
16/07/11Revised requirements for Skill feats
16/07/08Added description and history to Bhiain, Brahamanda, and Ia
16/07/04Added a new feat, Blindfight
16/07/03Reduced round duration, reduced maximum round duration, and added sensory cues for Powerful Ki, Surge, Spirit of the Earth, Wild Agression, and Bear's Strength
Revised the dice reroll mechanic of the feat and item Luck
Added restrictions to prevent benefitting from both the feat Luck and the item Luck
Increased the attribute cost of Luck
16/07/02Loosened restrictions on using Stone Armor on an ally
Increased the cost of reducing Stone Armor to a Standard action
Added class level requirements to Powerful Ki, Surge, Spirit of the Earth, Wild Agression, and Bear's Strength
16/07/01Made a small change to the Elemental font
16/06/30Increased the cost of temporal dice for Clairvoyance, Psychometry, and Retrocognition
Revised Control Plants, adding Rampant Growth and additional talent point improvments
Added an ability bonus to Bear's Strength
Added a multiclassing restriction on Elemental Weapons
16/06/29Added location maps for Sectors M-R
Increased the cost of improving the skill bonus for Acrobat, Bear's Strength, Bounty Hunter, Call of the Wild, Hawkeye, and Panther Step
Changed the improvement of the jumping bonus for Advanced Dueling to Pips
Removed the restriction on the jumping bonus for Natural Leaper
Removed the restriction for actively tracking from Bounty Hunter
Increased the cost of granting your bonus to another creature for Call of the Wild
Increased the cost and requirements of removing penalties due to darkness from Hawkeye
Revised the cooldown system for Acrobat, Bear's Strength, Bounty Hunter, Call of the Wild, Hawkeye, and Panther Step
16/06/28Added location maps for Sectors I-L
16/06/27Added location maps for Sectors D-H
16/06/25Reduced the maximum stat bonus increase for Wild Aggression
16/06/23Increased the cost of improving the maneuver bonus from Ice Stance, Strength of the Earth, and Advanced Dueling
Added a rule that aligned keystones may not be affected by ki bindings
16/06/22Updated the version to Ed6 a3.4
Reduced BAB/BDB values for the core classes
Increased the talent points received
Decreased the number of feats received
Reduced the base dice bonus for the Druid and Neamhni Advent classes
Uploaded a new galaxy map with corrected alignment for the dwarf and orphan stars
16/06/21Revised the increasing costs of purchasing improvements to a Dice bonus
Revised the mechanics of Critical Rolls
Revised the rules for Ki Damage
Added a rule restricting the stacking of attributes from multiple Keystones
Reduced the disarm bonus of Defiance
Reduced the BDB bonus of Ki Resonance
Reduced the attribute cost of Ki Trancendence
Reduced the dice bonus of Striking
Increased the dice bonus of Repulsion
Limited the Agile Defender feat so that it does not stack with itself
Changed the dice bonus of Impact to a static bonus
Added a new feat called Impact, Greater
Reduced the dice bonus of Deft Maneuvers
Increase the movement speed bonus of Fleet, Greater
Removed the BAB requirement for Longshot, Master
Added Strength requirements to the Impact feat chain
Revised the stacking qualities of all Feats
16/06/14Changed the hit dice for the species
Changed the calculations for Hit Points at level one
Added bonus hit points based on your Resolve modifier
Removed the damage reduction granted by Resolve
Changed the damage for the Bleeding condition
16/06/13Added a one-to-one Intelligence requirement for purchasing ranks in Skills
16/06/12Added restrictions to the Multi-classing page
16/06/09Lowered the minimum dice requirements for the standard ability score assignment method
Moved the alternative ability score assignment methods to a new page for Variant Rules
Added a cap on ability scores
16/06/05Increased the base movement speed of the Ulfar
Reduced the flexible stat bonus for Humans
Reduced the skill and sundry bonuses granted by your species
Reduced the number of Skill Points per level
Increased the cost of leveling Skills
Removed the bonus Strength modifier on Martial Attack - Melee Weapon,
Added an additional d6 to the damage formula of Martial Attack - Melee Weapon
16/06/02Added stubs for Sector Maps P-R
16/06/01Added stubs for Sector Maps N-O
16/05/31Added stubs for Sector Maps M
16/05/30Added locator maps for the stubs of the Sikhara Branch and Kehle Branch
Added stubs for Sector Maps J-L
16/05/29Added locator maps for the stubs of the Nahbi Branch
Added stubs for Sector Maps H-I
16/05/28Added locator maps for the stubs of the Ierou Branch
16/05/26Added locator maps for the stubs of the Kiritam Branch
16/05/24Added locator maps for the stubs of the Sydan Branch and Galactic Core
Added stubs for the 74 planetary star systems of the Sikhara Branch
16/05/23Added stubs for the 98 planetary star systems of the Nahbi Branch
Uploaded a new Galactic Map with corrections
16/05/20Added stubs for the 95 planetary star systems of the Galactic Core
16/05/19Added stubs for Sector Maps F-G
16/05/18Added stubs for Sector Maps E
16/05/16Added stubs for the 37 planetary star systems of the Kehle Branch
16/05/15Added stubs for the 122 planetary star systems of the Ierou Branch
Finished adding stubs for the 44 planetary star systems of the Sydan Branch
Added stubs for Sector Maps C-D
16/05/13Added stubs for the 37 planetary star systems and Sector Maps of the Kiritam Branch
16/05/12Changes made to the Diplomacy skill
16/05/10Uploaded a new Galaxy Map with star system names
16/05/04Added location information to the Wolf and Yak, completing the Fauna page
16/04/24Created the Chakras page
16/04/23Created the Galactic geography page
Uploaded a preliminary map of the galaxy
Created the Game master notes page
16/04/22Expanded the description for Aolchloch and Bheacan
Added location information for the Turtle and Walrus
16/04/19Added location information for the Sparrow and Striped Buzzard
16/04/13Added location information for the Snow Leopard and Squirrel
16/04/07Revised Petramancer, making changes to Boulder Shot, Burrow, Compact Earth, Earthen Sigil, Lift Earth, Quicksand, Shift Earth, Slab, Slam Attack, and Wave of Earth
16/04/06Reformatted and updated information for the Abilities page
16/04/03Made changes to Stone Armor and Compact Earth
16/03/29Completed a sweep check for all geography pages
Added map callouts for 9 pages that had been missed
16/03/27Changed wording of Multi-classing page
16/03/25Expanded descriptions for Abhain, Aekasa, Ainmhi, Akarn, Amiha, Anigian, Aois, and Aolchloch
Corrections for callout maps made for Feile, Coinin, Miol, and Iontaise
Reformatted callouts for Isle of manach and 8 related pages
16/03/24Reformatted callouts for Teagh, Yuanen, and 80 related pages
Added map callouts for Sliabh and 17 related pages
16/03/23Reformatted callouts for Saor and 30 related pages
Added location information for the Manai Lily
16/03/22Added map callouts for Naer and Reithe and 40 related pages
Added location information for the Snake
16/03/21Added location information for the Shark and Sheep
16/03/20Added map callouts for Kilig and 14 related pages
Reformatted the callouts for Fjall, Gael, Gerth, Koraha, Liath and 120 related pages
16/03/19Reformatted the callouts for Aeye and 18 related pages, to improve display on mobile devices
Reformatted the callouts for Fiadh and 26 related pages
Added map callouts to Koraha and 14 related pages
Changed the capitol “C” in the Elemental font
16/03/17Changed requirements for Speak with Animals, Psychometry
Added stat information to the cities of Teagh
Added map callouts to the cities of Teagh, Alcion bay, and Dwer lake
Added location information for the Sea Slug, Sea Sponge, and Serpent
Added map callouts for Saor and 21 related pages
Updated square mileage for Honehe forest, Itekoa forest, and Wachigan forest
16/03/16Added a new Advent Class, Seer
Added a new page for Advent feats, with three new feats
16/03/15Added new rules for taking more than 10 levels in an Advent Class
16/03/13Added clarifications and cooldowns to Mind Probe, Alter Memory, and Erase Memory
Removed the ablitiy to make Alter Memory permanent
Added larger map images to Liath and Gael
Added map callouts to Teagh and 25 related pages
16/03/12Increased the cost of extending the duration for Blur
16/03/11Added links to the requirements for the Druid Advent Class
Added a level requirement to Spirit Companion
16/03/09Created a new Advent Class, Neamhni
16/03/08Revised Cloud of Dust, Dust Cloud, Vaporize, Heart of Darkness, and Mist Walker
16/03/07Added rules for taking more than 10 levels in an Advent Class
Added location information for the Scorpion
16/03/05Added map callouts to Aeye and 22 related pages
16/03/02Reduced the benefit of Pressure Points
Changed Path of Peace, moving the ki damage type to a talent point improvement
Added map callouts to Yuanen and 42 related pages
Added rules for rolling when working multiple hours on professions
Reworked the Sailor profession according to the Units of Work concept, and tuned down DCs
16/03/01Created a new page outlining the Ahle'ala religion of Liath
Added map callouts to Naer and 21 related pages
16/02/29Added cultural information to the Liath page
16/02/26Added cultural information to the Yuanen page
16/02/25Added map callouts to Fiadh and 24 related pages
16/02/24Added map callouts to Fjall and 16 related pages
Finished gaming table and acquired final furniture pieces for instructional videos
Cultural information added to Naer
16/02/23Added map callouts and descriptive information to Gerth and 30 related pages
16/02/22Added map callouts and descriptive information to Inis and Gael and 70 related pages
16/02/21Added map callouts and description information to the Isle of manach and 7 related pages
16/02/18Added cultural information to Teagh
Added location information for the River Ferret
16/02/17Added rules for Exhaustion when using bindings over extended periods
Added location information for the Rhinoceros Beetle
16/02/16Changed the way reactions work in Combat, dividing using it as a free action or a swift action
Added return links to the terran Flora and Fauna pages
Added location information for the Rhinoceros
16/02/12Added cultural information to the Reithe page
Added location information for the Rabbit
16/02/11Added location information for the Porcupine
16/02/10Converted Ice Stance, Strength of the Earth, and Advanced Dueling to fighting stances
Added an explosive effect to Magma as a talent improvement
Added location information for the Penguin, Polar Bear, and Polar Hound
16/02/09Revised costs for improving maneuvers via Ice Stance, Strength of the Earth, Advanced Dueling, Critical Distance, Crane Stance, Tiger Stance
Revised Earthen Sigil's size categories and added a damage bonus
16/02/08Added location information for the Pelican
16/02/04Added location information for the Otter and Piranha
16/02/03Uploaded a redesigned Character Sheet, version 3.3
16/02/02Changed Control Flames talent improvement options, consolidating improvements for offense and defense into one improvement option
16/02/01Added a new feat: Retraining
Normalized Aeromancer and Pyromancer Flying speeds
Changed free fall rules, granting advantage to recover when intentionally entering free fall
Set Hover minimum and maximum flying speeds according to changed flying speeds
Increased the damage taken from collision when flying
Swapped Hover and Hover, Perfect regarding requirements
Cleaned up the Sizes page
Normalized Powerful Ki, Surge, Spirit of the Earth, and Wild Aggression
Reduced the stat bonuses for Baumeni and Carragh
Goverment, Laws, and Cultural information added to Koraha
16/01/31Changed Deadly Manuevers to cap at 6d6 damage
16/01/30Changed Elemental Weapons to apply to melee and short ranged weapons
Split Ranged Weapons into long range and short ranged weapons
Removed Range Increments from short ranged weapons
Reduced the trip bonus on bolas from 3d6 to 2d6
Increased the range on Chakram and Throwing Knives
Added manipulation of fog to the Faces of Water trick
Added clarification to the Feats regarding application to Maneuvers
16/01/29Added a jumping mechanism to Lightning
16/01/27Added location information for the Ostrich
16/01/26Added a new feat, Agile Defender
Added historical and description information to the Birken, Birnaum, and Feigel grove pages
16/01/25Added location information for the Northern Raven
Added information and art to the Arutal, Kiyume, and Sakuran city pages
16/01/24Added clarification to advantage regarding damage rolls
Added links on the Profession page to the items the professions create
Added cultural information to the Saor page
16/01/22Added a new option for spending Maneuver points
Added new art to the Baumeni and species pages
Added information and art to the Kirshl grove page
16/01/21Added the Druid as new Advent Class
Added government and culture information to the Gerth page
Changed the effect of Control Plants - Entangling Vines from Snared to Rooted
16/01/20Complete revision of the Profession system and all professions
Revised Sunder rules
Revision of the cost of keystones
Updated the Armor page to current rules
Added the defense bonus of Armor to the Reaction formula
Changed the costs for Special Weapons
Added location information for the Lion, and the Marmoset
16/01/18Revised the items description section for increased clarity
Added location information for the Iguana, Ivory Tusked Gorilla, Komodo, Lemur, and Llama
16/01/17Removed location based hit effects
Revised the Luck feat and item attribute
Added a new feat, Quicksilver
Added location entries for the Hyena
Added a speed to Leap Attack and removed the round use restriction
Increased the base speed of Rushing Flood from 30 to 40 feet
Added a speed formula to Rockslide, Dash (Pyromancer), and Dash (Martialist)
Removed the Snared, Winged, and Winded Conditions
16/01/12Added location entries for the Hippopotamus
16/01/11Added a page for rules regarding Advent classes
Added location entries for the Giant Fly and the Hawk
16/01/10Changed High Jump so that it no longer requires ki
Added clarity to Experience regarding hit formulas, and added use for skill checks
Increased the cost of the talent improvement for Surge, activating flow like water and surge
Increased the speed bonus of Blurred Bindings to 10
Increased the resolve bonus of Defiance to 1d6
Increased the bonus of Reject Poison to 2d6
Increased the bonus of Truth from 2 to 3 pips
Decreased the cost of Longshot from 2 to 1
Normalized Luck and Luck, and increased the cost of the item attribute
Added a speed to Standard Attacks and Melee Attacks in the Martialist class
Reduced the cost of Glider Flying without a glider
Overhauled the speed of all talents and talent improvement points
16/01/08Cultural information added to Gael and linked pages
16/01/07Version updated to ED6 a3.3
Added a cap on hit points at level 20
Added location entries for the mimic, Gaelen Blue Jay
16/01/06Added location entries for the toxic bullfrog
Revised wording on class level tables
16/01/05Removed the level restriction on leveling up Skills
Set a new overall cap on skill ranks
Added a new table for suggested skill distributions
Increased the talent improvement for Ki Aura's range to 10 feet
Decreased the talent improvement for Ki Sense 's range to 20 feet
Changed the increasing cost of Dice bonus for both hit and damage
Revised the talents, talent points, and feats for the class level tables
Added clarification regarding the increasing cost of the Dice bonus on the class pages
16/01/03Added location information entries to the Fauna page and corresponding Terran geography pages
16/01/01Added location information entries to the Fauna page and corresponding Terran geography pages
15/12/31Added location information entries to the Fauna page and corresponding Terran geography pages
15/12/30Added location information entries to the Fauna page and corresponding Terran geography pages
15/12/29Completed the description, life expectancy, and size entries for the Fauna page for Terra
15/12/28Added description, life expectancy, and size entries to the Fauna page for Terra
15/12/27Cultural information added to Aeye, government information added to Gael
Added clarification to the Items page
The [Bestiary] page was renamed to Fauna and reformatted
15/12/23Filled out the Flora page, added links in appropriate Terran geography pages
Added additional entries into the Flora page with corresponding links
15/12/22Added sections for the Carragh species subtypes
History, Society and Culture added to Fjall
15/12/21Added History, Government, Society and Culture information to Sliabh
15/12/20Added clarification to the Striking item attribute
15/12/15Added History information to Yuanen, Gael, and Gerth
15/12/13Added Related Geography and Timeline information to Terran nation pages
15/12/12Added a distinction between melee and ranged attacks versus Prone targets
15/12/11Updated Kilig and its cities with culture, governance, and historical information
Changed all header fonts to Elemental and revised syntax on all pages accordingly
15/12/06Added a stealth bonus when using a Camoflauge Net
Added the Camouflage use to the wilderness survival skill
Added a talent improvement to the Path of Peace talent
Added clarification to Absorb Energy regarding an ally triggering the talent
Increased the base speed of Nova, and increased the damage formula
Removed the range penalty when bouncing Nova off of a surface
Added the Healing Surge feat
Added a talent improvement to Deflection and Defensive Stance to increase the speed
Added a level requirement to Pressure Points
15/11/29Events added for the the Age of Balance, Master timeline updated
15/11/26History section added to the Sehti and Kalmar historical kingdom pages
15/11/25New Pages: Gherth'Jhaa, Nae'eri, historical kingdoms on Terra
History section added to the folllowing pages: Akkaus, Shak'tar
15/11/24New Pages: Jhua'nen, Kal'tael, historical kingdoms on Terra
15/11/22Increased the cost of Ice Stance's talent improvements
Normalized the Tiger Stance and Crane Stance talents
Clarified text for the Deft Maneuvers and Reserves feats
Increased the damage reduction of the item attribute Tough Hide
Changed Repulsion's bonus to Grapple to a defensive bonus
15/11/18New page: Reshk'tar - Terran historical kingdom
15/11/17Created new pages for the Terran historical kingdoms of: Tael'Reshk, Sehti'Ahkha'tar, Jhan'Ahkha'tar, Khan'laheeri, Akkaus, and Cnahk'tah
15/11/16Created a new page for the kingdom of Aru'taal, the predecessor to the nation of Liath
Created new pages for Hito, Sehti, and Dearth'Jhaa
Added links to the timeline pages
15/11/15Created new pages specific to each species
Added timeline information for Terra's Iron Age, Age of Honor, and Age of Blood
15/11/12Added timeline information for Terra's Stone Age
15/11/11Created a Master timeline which contains all events from all timelines
15/11/10Normalized Tornado and Spout
Reworked Stone Armor, revising hit point formulas and talent improvements
15/11/06Added links to required talents for all classes
Reduced the duration of Wild Aggression
Revised the talent point improvements of Wild Aggression
Revised the structure of Ki Pool
Added a cooldown to Knockback
Added a talent improvement to Powerful Ki to increase the duration by one round
Powerful Ki can now be used to enhance offense or defense
Increased the cost of talent improvements for Quick Mind
Revised Ice Stance to allow it to be used as a reaction
Normalized Flow like Water, Surge, Wild Aggression, Spirit of the Earth
Added information on non-combat use of the elements when Multi-classing
Updated Tornado with additional effects and talent improvements
Updated the Natural Flyer feat to require a mode of flight
Added a new feat, Child of the Earth
15/11/05Reduced the cooldown on Glory (Pyromancer)
Added an effect to Glory, preventing affected creatures from attacking the user
Revised level requirements for class talents for the sake of clarity
15/11/04Added a timeline for Terra's pre-history
15/11/03Removed the Multi-classing restriction between elements
Revised the costs for Dice bonus improvement and added total costs to the table
15/10/26Updated Skills to include increasing cost of improving skills
Work has begun on a character creation calculator
15/10/19Changed Siur's orbit to be directly opposite from Terra's
15/10/16Added a Timeline of sol system page with events and a graphical timeline
15/10/14Added a Timeline of the universe page with events and a graphical timeline
15/10/12Added spatial measurements to the planet and moon pages
15/10/11Page stubs for the planets and moons of the sol system created
15/10/07Changed the DCs for Sense Chakra Alignment in the Jeweler profession
Added rules for creating trenches or deconstructing walls with a wall ability
Reworded Wave's special rules for offense and defensive uses
Added table of contents and tags to the class pages
Updated Natural Leaper bonuses and talent improvement points
15/10/06Changed Absorb Energy to include fire attacks and cap at 2 rounds. Clarified language
Changed High Jump to affect Acrobatics, added reduced difficulties on vertical jumps
Renamed Ki Blade to Blade
15/10/01Revision of all skill pages
Normalized skill difficulties, simplified skill mechanics, updated skill descriptions
Added new skill categories
Updated the character sheet to reflect skill changes
15/09/30Created the Morale condition
15/09/21Version updated to ED6 a3.2
Updated elemental Weapons talent to reflect current mechanics
Updated Damage Locations penalties to last until the end of the next round
Changed Damage Types penalties to be triggered only on critical hits
Changed Damage Types penalties to persist until the target receives healing
Changed the requirements and benefits of Critical Rolls
Changed the penalty associated with dealing Non-Lethal Damage
Changed the Pressure Points feat to fall in line with changes to non-lethal damage
Changed the penalties associated with Conditions to be based off advantage
Changed the base damage and hit formulas for Martial Strike
Reduced the cooldown and increased the base damage of Lightning
15/09/16Added Latitude and Longitude entries for all Terran geography pages
15/09/08Revised Concealment rules to make them easier to remember
Added rules for advantage and disadvantage
15/09/05Updated all Terran geography pages with spatial measurement entries
15/08/30Updated the aermoancer Tricks
Reduced the Transcend feat's required action time to 6 seconds, and added provisions for taking the feat a second time
Clarified the wording of the Deadly Impact feat
Updated the penalties and bonuses for the Prone and Snared conditions
Updated Pips to reflect their reduced usage in ED6 a3.1
Created a page for Sailing information
15/08/29Increased the maneuver cost for Disarm to two maneuver points
Uploaded new character sheet version ED6 a3.2
New character sheet removes maneuver boxes, rearranges remaining content
15/08/25Added a level requirement to Hurricane
Removed Knock Back from the list of talents an Aeromancer may take at level 1
15/08/18Page stubs completed for grasslands
15/08/16Added a stone shield to Armor types
Changed or clarified Martialist, Hydromancer, and Pyromancer talents that grant two attacks
Changed Dash (Martialist) to minimum of 10 feet
Revised the skill check formula to remove untrained skill checks
Added tags to the skill pages to identify them
Cleaned up syntax on the Weapons page
Clarified maximum range for the Ki Projection talent
Revised wall cooldowns and cooldown reduction costs for all classes
Added the Beast Link (skill) feat
Revised Crane/Tiger stances to account for maneuver changes
Added rules for interrupting actions
Added rules clarifying how round based penalties occur
Added clarification to Ki Projection regarding its damage type
Revised the rules and difficulty checks for Jump (Distance,Height)
Changed the Surprise Round to a full round and clarified when it begins
Added clarifications to the concealment rules
Revised rules for spherical bindings
Changed the DC for resisting the effects of attacks to the head
Revised rules for recovering from the Unconscious condition
15/08/15Added page type tags to all Terran geography pages
15/08/14Name pronunciation information added to all Terran geography pages
City pages updated with related geography entries
15/08/10Page stubs completed for islands
15/08/07Page stubs completed for deserts and canyons
15/08/06Page stubs completed for forests
15/07/31Page stubs completed for mountain and peaks
15/07/29Page stubs completed for river and lakes
15/07/25Page stubs completed for oceans, seas, bays, and passages
15/07/24Page stubs completed for continents, nations, and Cities of terra
15/07/22Changed the effect for dealing bludgeoning damage to staggered
Changed the effect for dealing electricity damage to disoriented
Changed the amount of damage done by burned and piercing and slashing to dice rolled
Martial attack can now be used as a Full action to make two attacks
15/07/21Revised rules for Leap attack, special conditions and talent improvements
Changed damage modifier for Wall (fire) to Resolve
Revised Deflection and Defensive Stance, changing the actions required, adding a duration, and capping the range
Revised Wall (water), changing the special conditions
Revised Sphere (fire), changing the base damage modifier to Resolve
Revised Rushing Flood and Wave, changing special conditions
Changed the required feat for Run and Gun
Added talent improvement points to the Dodge feat
Added links to the requirements for Feats
Reworded the speed maximum for Boulder Shot
Revised the penalties for the Deafened condition
15/07/12Rearranged the Dice bonus page
Removed the dex bonus from Reaction
Revised the bonus to defense when moving
Allowed a five foot step to be used with another action, even if not declared
Adjusted the base speed of Carragh and Ulfar
Increased the movement penalty for suffering a wound in the leg, reduced the duration of leg and arm locations
Revised Combat round to be declared by segment
Revised the Dodge feat
Revised all of the Basic Actions
15/07/04Version updated to ED6 a3.1
Updated the probabilities page with stats that match the new rules, plus a new table
15/07/01Revision of speed rules for Aeromancer and Hydromancer talents
Revision of wall rules for Aeromancer, Hydromancer, and Petramancer talents
Added a page outlining rules for solid Walls
15/06/30Revised the Luck and Precision feats
15/06/29Revised Pyromancer and Martialist talent trees according to new rules
Mountain Stance revised and renamed as Critical Distance
15/06/28Created a page explaining dice bonuses and the cost of improving them
Created a new feat, Diamond Ki
Revised Aeromancer, Hydromancer, and Petramancer talents, accounting for hp and damage changes
15/06/27Uploaded Character Sheet with new logo and hit points box
New icon uploaded
Talent trees updated with new logos
Removed logos from class headers and made them smaller because they looked stupid
Revised the Animal Companion talent
Revision of Darkvision rules, removed the lowlight item enhancement
Complete revision of Armor rules
Revised Item Durability rules
Revised Weapon bonuses and hit points
Revised BAB, BDB, and number of talent points per level for all classes
15/06/25New design for the logo uploaded
Items (keystones) Changed:
Defiance, Ki Resonance, Ki Transcendence, Luck, Reaction, Reserves, Stanching, Striking, Tough Hide, Truth, Ward : All the Strikes, Protection, Greater Repulsion
Feats Changed or Removed:
Cleave, Great Cleave, Deft Maneuvers, Greater Feint, Greater Haymaker, Impact, Greater Impact, Longshot, Master Longshot, Luck, Precision, Greater Precision, Pressure Points, Transcend
Added the Deadly Impact feat
Revised Cover rules
15/06/23Added descriptions and effect for the damage types
Added rules for critical hits and the permanent damage they incur
Added “Ki blocked”, “Burned”, “Grappled”, and “Pinned” to the Conditions page
Revised the language and some of the mechanics on the Conditions page
Revised species traits and added hit dice to the species
Created a page explaining Hit Points
Updated the Creating a new character and the Leveling Up pages
15/06/22Revised Damage rules as a start of overhauling rules for alpha version 3.1
15/06/16Added a table for the probability of rolling a 5 or a 6 to the Probabilities for Six-sided Dice page
15/06/13Changed the range on Ki Sense
15/06/11Revised the rules for Stone Armor, using item durability points
Revised Pyromancer offensive talents
15/06/08Revised Damage severity impacts
Revised Pyromancer talents, adding clarifications where necessary
Revised Talents: Fire Blast, Prison, Wall, Lightning, and Whip
Created stubs for the cities of Kilig
15/06/07Clarified Ki Strike's damage types
Created a new font, “Elemental”, changed the logo, class headers, flying and hex graphics
15/06/03Changed Fire Wall talent improvement points
Changed rules for Reposition to allow for repositions beyond 1 hex
15/05/29Revised Animals, removing entries
Revised Bestiary, removing entries
15/05/28Revised rules for finding traps and secret doors
Added a new feat which allows movement and standard actions to occur in the same segment
Added rules for the Electricity damage type
Restructured geography page to only include summaries, all content specific pages are behind the “GM wall”
15/05/27Added rules for the Sunder and Ranged Sunder maneuvers
Added an Item Durability page and rules for repairing items
Revised the Elemental Weapon talent
Revised the Weapons page adding item durability points to weapons
Added bonuses to item durability points for Special Weapons
Added item durability points to Armor items
Added rules regarding item durability points and Keystones
Added item durability points to the Gear page
15/05/26Added the Game Master Information page for sensitive information
Added a list of Non Player Characters and created character pages
15/05/21Added the Ki damage type with rules governing location and severity
Revised durations for weapon based item enhancements
Revised Ki Strike, extending the cooldown, and changing the damage type
Added the Ki Resonance item attribute
Expanded the effects of the Luck item attribute
Added the Luck feat
Added a stub for the Pentad criminal organization
15/05/19Changed the requirements for Tiger Stance
Changed the duration of Stunning Strike to 1 round
15/05/18Added a page for Organizations with stubs
15/05/17Added the Tough Hide item attribute, which reduces damage
Added the Reject Poison item attribute, improves saves against poison
Added rules for Concealment
Revised the character sheet to better fit the new talent system, made space for tracking wounds
Added the Deft Maneuver, Hover, Hover, Perfect, Natural Flyer, and Natural Flyer, Greater feats
15/05/16Added rules for Cover
15/05/15Added a graphic for Flying maneuvers
15/05/14Added rules for Flying
15/05/13Added an explanation of the clockwerk mechanism underlying Ceilidh
15/05/12Added a stub for the city of Ceilidh
15/05/11Added a list of nations to the Terran geography page and created stubs for each nation
15/05/10Added the Surveyor profession and surveying tools to the Gear page
Added the Defiance item attribute
15/05/09Added randomization formulas for height and reorganized the section on the species page
Added content to Astronomy
15/05/07Added the Stanching item attribute
Added a Terran geography page and continent stubs
Added an Astronomy page and a Astronomer profession
15/05/05Added the Light item attribute
15/05/04Added the Weaponsmith and Sailor professions
15/05/03Added the Armorsmith profession
15/05/02Added a list of gems with links to related attributes and chakras
Added the Luck, Protection, Reserves, Repulsion, Repulsion, Greater, Thorns, Ward attribute bonuses
Added the Pearl gem
15/05/01Changed martialist attack's talent improvement points
Renamed Power Attack to Haymaker
Added new feats: Feint, Feint, Greater, Haymaker, Greater
15/04/29Added gem links to the attribute list and chakra table on the items page
15/04/28Added additional rules and descriptions for Keystones
Added weapon enhancing keystone attribute bonuses
15/04/26Added a new feat, Leaper
Changed the rules for hiding tracks
Added rules for the item system for ki enhancing stones
15/04/25Added a new page outlining dice probabilities
15/04/24Added rules for critical rolls to the Damage page
Added new feats and created a new page for feats that improve skills
15/04/23Added missing damage types to aeromancer, hydromancer, and petramancer talents
Moved poisons to a new page
Added a mechanic to Medicine to neutralize poisons
Revised healing to match the new damage mechanics
Revised all class level tables, adding in feats, moving skill focus, reducing total talents
Revised the Multi-classing page to reflect the new talent trees
Added a new page for Feats
15/04/22Updated poisons to reflect conditions and reflavored names and descriptions
Added rules for non-lethal Damage
Slight revision to damage rules regarding hit locations
Added two new uses of the Martialist's ki pool to stop wounds from bleeding
Changed Ki Strike to block all ki use, shortened the maximum duration
Renamed Condense Earth to Compact Earth
Created a page describing the volumes and weights of Units
15/04/21Rearranged the weapons page and added Singing and Mist weapons
15/04/20Revised the weapons list and descriptions
15/04/19Updated the Armor page to reflect the separation of hit and damage rolls
Removed Sleight of hand penalties when wearing armor
Revised the rules for hit and damage resolution, types, and locations
15/04/18Changed the speed of Glider Flying and added a maximum speed
Added a cooldown to Ki Blade with corresponding talent improvement points
Changed talent improvement points for Ki Blade, separating offensive and defensive formulas
Updated Pyromancer logo in class header and talent tree
Updated all class level tables with talent improvement points
15/04/08Complete revision of the Pyromancer talent tree
Revised basic actions to match the talent revisions
A 5 foot step now requires a swift action
Defensive maneuvers are now based off Resolve and Dexterity
New character sheet is uploaded reflecting recent changes
Created a new page to explain pips and their caps
Added a talent improvement point to boost the initiative bonus of Blurring Speed
15/04/06Renamed Determination as Resolve
Changed the base ability of Animal Handling to Resolve
Uploaded a new character sheet with Resolve changes
Added Ki Projection description to the Martialist talent tree
Uploaded new Pyromancer talent tree
15/04/05Added clarification to the Round Resolution page regarding object speeds
15/04/03Renamed Martial Fighter, as “Martialist”
Complete revision of the Martialist talent tree
Changed weapons to affect the damage formula
15/04/02Complete revision of the Aeromancer talent tree
Clean up of the Hydromancer talent tree, speeds, and creating Control Plants
Clean up of the Petramancer talent tree
Trying out a new logo
15/03/31Added Rooted to the conditions page.
Complete revision of the Hydromancer talent tree
15/03/29Updated the Talents page to reflect the new method for obtaining talents and talent points
Complete revision of the Petramancer talent tree
15/03/28Updated various skill pages to remove determination references
Added the 5 foot step to combat
15/03/25Updated the Abilities page to reflect new roles for the abilities
15/03/24Removed the det modifier to Skills
Clean up on the Stealth (Dex) and Perception skill pages
Removed the level 15 skill focus for the Martial Fighter
Added skin color to the physical characteristics table and random generation section
15/03/12Added methods for randomly generating a character's physical characteristics, species
15/03/11Added a new page describing the Conditions
Updated the Glossary with the new condition terms
15/03/10Added Soothe to the Animal Handling skill page
15/03/08Updated the Character Sheet to include a field for species
Added entries to the physical characteristics table
Added a difficulty table to Networking skill
15/03/07Moved site to
Updated Hydromancer talents
15/03/05Added a characteristics table to the species page
15/03/04Added the Ulfar and Humans to the species page
Changed the base movement speed, it is now attributed to speciesinstead of class
Added bonuses to the Aeromancer and Martial class level tables
15/03/03Added a new species page, added the Baumeni and Carragh species descriptions
15/02/28Created a new Ranged Maneuver, Ranged Pin
Updated Unarmed Strike and Ki Strike
15/02/26Updated Tricks to include two new Martial tricks
Removed dodging as a swift or a move action. Combat
Added the Ranged Maneuver mechanic
15/02/24Updated the Pyromancer talent tree art
Updated the Martial talent tree art
Updated all class level tables with Skill Focus levels
15/02/22Updated the Petramancer talent tree art
15/02/21Changed Skill Focus so that you gain additional Skill Focus at level 5 and 10
15/02/16Updated the Hydromancer talent tree art
15/02/15Updated the Aeromancer talent tree and title heading art
15/02/12Updated the Bestiary, removed bad locations, changed a few animal names
Added a third skill focus. Now received at four and eight
15/02/11Updated the Weapons page, added, removed, and renamed entries
Changed Way of the Bow range to be based off weapon range
Created the concept of Range Increments
15/02/10Changed the additional talent points for the Martial talents that improve skills
Changed Skill Focus to be a 1d6 bonus.
Reduced the number of focus skills to one.
Changed “trained” skills to require 5 skill points
15/02/08Updated the wiki logo
Added header graphics to the four elementalist class pages
15/02/03Updated the ranges for Way of the Bow - Martial Fighter
15/02/01Removed several intermediary level requirements from the Petramancer class
Removed several intermediary level requirements from the Pyromancer class
Removed several intermediary level requirements from the Hyrdomancer class
Removed several intermediary level requirements from the Martial Fighter class
Renamed the elemental classes and updated the site accordingly
15/01/31Removed several intermediary level requirements from the Aeromancer class
15/01/15Changed Shifting Sands, adding new talent options.
Changed melee Martial paths to include a 5 ft bonus to base movement speed
Removed last talent option in Fleet-footed
Added a rule that awards an initiative bonus for unused defensive actions
15/01/13Completed the Sizes page
Changed the cost of master quality armor, included a note about special materials.
Added icons to the abilities page.
Lowered the penalty of Air Blast vs. Earth to -1
Updated the Round Resolution page with more accurate speed considerations.
15/01/12Removed normal weapon damage and added a section for special weapons.
Removed penalties for all weapons and added other penalties and bonuses.
Changed base movement speed for the martial class to 35 feet.
15/01/11Changed initiative bonus for the Martial class to dice based bonus in higher levels.
15/01/10Recent changes to the wiki include:
Added a martial tree talent graphic for Martial Fighter page
Updated character sheet uploaded here: Gaming Materials
Added a guide to completing the character sheet here: Character Sheet Completion Guide
Added a page for Services and Supplies
Added a page for Animals and Related Gear
Separated out the Carrying Capacity Page
Completed Section one of the Bestiary Page
Updated the Canteen, Waterskin, and Large Waterskin items, included weight when filled.
15/01/10Change Log created. Game is currently in alpha
14/10/11Weekly play testing begins
14/06/01Game is named Elemental D6
Complete overhaul of class design and rules
Early Declare-and-resolve system implemented
13/02/06First wiki created on local server
Classes and basic rules posted
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