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Advent classes


Human Revenant

As your party explores other planets in the solar system and beyond, it will encounter other peoples which will use ki in ways that you have never seen before. As you explore the galaxy, part of your adventure will be to learn these new ways of manipulating your ki and your environment. You must find teachers willing to guide you as you learn

In order to take a level in an Advent Class, you must have at least 10 levels in one or more of the six core classes. When you take a level in an Advent Class, your level in that class is equal to the total number of levels you have taken in that class. Use this level for meeting level requirements for talents in the class

Advent class list

  • Air adept - Master the element of air
  • Animancer - Create and control elementals and elemental golems
  • Cleromancer - Use hexagrams to divine the mind of the galaxy, determining the best course of action
  • Dreamwalker - Step into the dreams of others and receive prophetic visions
  • Druid - Preserve nature and protect your allies
  • Earth adept - Master the element of earth
  • Envoy - Highly trained empathic masters of diplomacy
  • Fire adept - Master the element of fire
  • Floramancer - An extension of druidry focused on plant control
  • Incanter - Invokes primal words of power
  • Mesmer - Weaves artistic performance into illusory effects
  • Mystic - Uses ritual tatoos and meditation to gain the powers of a Ki Spirit
  • Neamhni - Masters of the mind and shadow
  • Revenant - Burns chakras for great power which eventually kills the player. Return as a spirit and rebuild the skills you had in life, as well as new spectral abilities
  • Seer - Sages that guard the secrets of the universe, reaching through time and space
  • Trident - Tridents tame or summon two creatures to form a triad bond between three poles of ki energy
  • Water adept - Master the element of water

Qihuatl Aeromancer

Advent Class Feats
There are a special class of Feats that have requirements that can only be fulfilled by taking levels in a particular Advent Class, called Advent feats

Repeating an Advent Class
Players may wish to take more than ten levels in an advent class. Once a player takes ten levels in an advent class, they may retake the same advent class again, as though it were a different advent class. The following rules apply:

  • The player starts at 1 level in this “new” class
  • Talents and talent points earned in the “new” class must be spent within the “new” advent class
  • Talents that have prerequisites may be met by either advent class
  • A talent may only be taken once
  • An advent class may be retaken twice. You may not have more than 30 total levels in an advent class

Art by John Latta

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