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In addition to the standard actions you make take in combat, you may also attempt a combat maneuver. Combat maneuvers represent an attempt to accomplish something with your attack other than damaging your opponent

To initiate a combat maneuver, select an attack that is capable of selective targeting such as a melee attack, or an Air blast, and declare that you will attempt a combat maneuver with this attack, during the declare phase of a round. The attack is then resolved as if it were a normal attack, rolling your attack formula against the defense formula chosen by the defender. If your score exceeds the defender's score, the maneuver is successful

When a maneuver is successful, excess dice represent points that you may spend on any of the maneuvers below, in any combination, provided you meet any requirements


In this maneuver, you are attempting to move your opponent to a desired target location, either by grabbing and moving them, or by pushing or kicking them, or by using their own balance to direct them to the location without even touching them

When using Reposition as a ranged maneuver, your options for moving your opponent are generally limited to moving them away from you. You may reposition a target up to one hex closer to you, provided that you only spend 1 maneuver point on Reposition, and also include a Trip as a part of your maneuver

This maneuver costs 1 point for each hex you wish to move your opponent

hydromancer grapples with a martialist in a pool of water


This maneuver requires physical interaction with the target. You to be adjacent to the target and must have at least one free arm with which to grab your target. Ranged attacks can be used to make the grapple maneuver provided that you are adjacent to your target

Grabbing your Opponent: Costs 1 point. This immediately gives the target the Grappled condition

Maintaining the Grapple: Costs 1 point. At the beginning of each turn, you must maintain the grapple with an additional maneuver check, or the grapple ends

Moving your Opponent: Costs 1 point for each hex you wish to move your opponent. Moving without using this mechanic breaks the grapple

Pin your Opponent: Costs 3 points, requires the target be Grappled for 1 round. Gives the target the Pinned condition. A pin must be maintained by a move action in subsequent rounds. You cannot move a pinned opponent

Escaping a Grapple: Costs 1 point. A grappled or pinned target can break a grapple with a successful maneuver. Alternatively, a grappled or pinned target may spend a movement action to initiate an opposed ability check (Strength vs Strength) to escape


You attempt to trip your opponent, causing them to lose their balance and fall prone onto the ground. This ends any movement action the opponent was currently undertaking. Costs 1 point


You attempt to make your opponent drop any single item they hold in their hand(s)

Knock Down: Costs 2 points. The item falls to the ground at your opponent's feet

Knock Away: Costs 2 points plus 1 point for each hex you wish to move the target item

Grab Item: Costs 3 points. Requires that you be adjacent to the target and that you have a free hand. The opponent releases the target item and you catch it in your hand

a sword of fire strikes the ground and sends fire in all directions


This maneuver targets a held item instead of the opponent. If the total damage dealt to an item exceeds the weapon's total hit points, the item breaks

Sunder: Spend all your maneuver points (Minimum 3). Roll the damage formula of the attack against the item's hit points

Items that are damaged can be repaired by their respective crafting Profession

Ranged pin

You use a ranged attack to pin your opponent to an object

  • Requires a nearby surface that they can be pinned to, and in most cases the ground will not qualify
  • Your attack must consist of a solid material, such as ice, stone, or an arrowhead

Costs 3 points. Immediately gives the target the rooted condition. The target may free themselves using a standard action

Deadly maneuvers

After spending at least one maneuver point to execute a maneuver, additional points may be spent to add damage to the maneuver

Impact: Costs 1 point. You deal 1d6 damage. The attack used to perform the maneuver determines the type of this damage. You may spend up to 6 points on Impact to deal 6d6 damage

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