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wiki:species of the galaxy

Species of the galaxy

[galactic lore]


The Alyae is a prolific species of winged creatures with chitinous skin, insectine features, and two sets of diaphanous wings. The alyae as a species are obsessed with survival and frequently colonize new planets to spread their species across the galaxy. The Alyae have a reputation for having a hive mind, and though this is not true the bond between alya continues to perpetuate this myth

A thumbnail picture of a Baumeni


The Baumeni were the first inhabitants of the galaxy. This tree like species is graceful and wise. The Baumeni are genderless, springing out of the forest floor and living extraordinarily long lives, living longer than any other species in the galaxy

A Bheru Incanter


The Bheru are a nomadic species of interstellar traders; these canine humaniods are similar to the Ulfar but have hyena-like features. The Bheru are known for their savvy but cutthroat business practices, and strong loyalty to their family units and Bheru cousins

A Carragh


The Carragh are a rock-like species has a strong sense of nature. Carragh are larger than the average humanoid and significantly heavier. Carragh are genderless and are born when ki energy accumulates in the stone buried deep within the earth, usually underneath mountain ranges. Every Carragh can hear the Stone Song, which emanates out of the earth and stone itself, guiding the Carragh on their journey through life. As a result, there is a strong sense of unity among Carragh communities, even when separated by great distances. While the Carragh union has discrete borders, all Carragh are considered de facto members of this empire

A Crhubai druid


The Crhubai are a species of warriors, hunters, and explorers. This equine species has the torso of a human, and the body of an ungulate. There are two sub-species and six sub-types of Crhubai. The Aven are the smaller of the two sub-species, with three types which resemble antelopes, bison, or deer. The Udda are the larger of the sub-species, with three types which resemble camels, horses, or rhinocerouses. Aven Crhubai have horns or antlers, while the Udda Crhubai do not

A Dreki Pyromancer


The Dreki are a species that live solitary lives, either in small family units or in complete isolation. They have four scorpine legs which come to a single point, a bio-luminescent carapace, and a human torso, with an second set of arms which have large pincers instead of hands. Dreki do not typically traverse in civilized society, though most still know to give them a wide berth should they come across one. Dreki typically live in elaborate burrows created via petramancy

A Hanum Petramancer


The Hanum are a species of tricksters, travelers, and explorers that are a collection of incongruities. They are wise, but irreverant; live long lives but are full of youthful energy; friendly but abrasive; and they are physically strong but incredibly gentle. They have fur covered bodies, short legs, long and burly arms, a long tail, and simian facial features

A Human Pyromancer


Humans are as varied as they are numerous. They can be found in every variety of intelligence, strength, and creativity. Humans are populous enough to have multiple empires


Created by Belin who wanted an army of sentient servants, the Ignel are a large species with stone like bodies and molten metal flowing though their veins, some of which are on the surface of their bodies. They have a reputation for being aggressive and destructive, which is mostly rooted in their early history. Modern Ignel do not live up to their savage reputation, though they do still carry a flicker of Belin's spirit


The Ileroi are an ancient species with translucent skin, bioluminescence, and a natural aeromancy abilities which allow them to float gently just above the ground by moving air through their fronds. They have the ability to breathe underwater, and their physical grace is well known throughout the galaxy. On their homeworld, The Ileroi live primarily under the vast oceans, in tight-knit extended family groups called blooms.


Due to the Jadyari's lack of sophisticated language and reputation for animalistic behavior, some question whether or not the Jadyari should be counted among the rational species. The Jadyari are reclusive and territorial, leading to frequent conflict and misunderstandings between other species. The Jadyari have feline facial features, large fangs, thick fur, and crystaline ice protruding from their backs along the spinal column

A Karenu Mystic


The Karenu are a young species, and share a special bond with Kodhai, the architect of the rational species of Ardemare. They live extremely long lives and have even longer memories, inheriting memories from their parents. The Karenu have a small population relative to the other species, but are said to have the ear of Kodhai, travelling the galaxy, fulfilling the requests of their sura. Karenu have elaphantine features, four arms, and a natural hydromancy ability


The Kolraka are a solitary species with cephalapod features. They have four arms and four legs lending them agility and flexibility. Two of their arms have humanoid hands with long slender fingers, while the other two are tentacles lined on their underside with suction cups. The Kolraka are fiercely self-sufficient and solitary creatures. They are the most intelligent species in the galaxy, but rarely employ their talents for the benefit of others


The Manitari are a unique fungal species that recently acheived sentience and subsequently rationality of their own accord. This makes them one of the few species not created by a Sura. They have earthen bodies, stone skeletons, and a fungal nervous system which manipulates its earthen puppet. Their heads are formed from mushroom caps and as a result their faces are like stiff masks, lacking expression but compensated for by their complex eyes, which can convey deep emotion


The Morokwe are a species of builders. Best known for the master stonework and carpentry they implement in their shipbuilding, the Morokwe are also accomplished architects, bringing a unique style of artistry to buildings across the galaxy. The Morokwe's unique and elaborate style is impossible to miss, and they pride themselves on the impressive resilience of the structures they create. The Morokwe are stout and well built, and have the physical features of a turtle, including a large, round, protective shell


The Nagari are an industrious, ambitious, and shrewd species. They make excellent advisors, diplomats, and politicians, and have risen to positions of power throughout galactic organizations. Nagari homeworlds are advanced, organized, and cultured. The Nagari themselves have serpentine features, slender builds, scaly skin, sharp claws, short tails, and inverted shins. Some Nagari have narrower, taller faces closer to that of a raptor

A Nahkon Envoy


The Nahkoen are a proud species of galactic nomads, traveling the stars in small fleets organized around a tribal social structure. Tribes are comprised of families, mostly mothers and cubs. Fathers stay with their own tribes and mating occurs when tribes cross paths. Tribes drift through the stars searching for other Nahkon and forested planets to explore and mark. They have heavy builds, fur covered bodies, claws, and ursine facial features


The Nahuali are an enigmatic species of humanoids with the unique ability to change their appearance. They have lithe, fur-covered bodies with feline features, but can shift into a human form, changing their posture, skin, facial structure, and eyes. As such, they have a mostly unwarranted reputation as being thieves and sneaks

A Nereid Aeromancer


The Neridae are a species with a fierce connection to the natural world. Neridae often eschew life in cities, preferring to live in the wilderness, usually in small groups but occassionally in larger cities. Neridae have a small build, vinelike hair, and can have vividly colored skin and heterochromic eyes. Other than these distinct differences, they are similar to humans. The Neridae share many homeworlds with the Slyphen

A Pheresata Hydromancer


Pheresata are a species of winged creatures with feathered wings and human bodies capable of riding the interplanetary streams to travel between planets. They prize gracefulness of movement and personality


The Qihuatl are a winged species with avian features that tend to live a semi-nomadic lifestyle, preferring asteroid belts over planets. Instead of sailing the stars on proper ships, the Qihuatl use caravans of floating stones tethered together in long caravans. Logical to a fault, these friendly creatures have a reputation for being cold and calculated. In many cultures, it is considered bad luck to attack a caravan of Qihuatl


The Roen are a small, bi-pedal species of herbivores with furry bodies and several sub-species variants with rodent features. The Roen are found in star systems throughout the galaxy, exploring and settling in the wild corners of unaligned planets. The Roen rarely involve themselves in the affairs of other species, and remain fiercely neutral in galactic politics

An Ignel Samakoel Pyromancer


The Samakoel are an ambitious and populous species of amphbious humanoids that can be found throughout the galaxy. They are a hardworking, industrious species and have built up large corporations that produce a sizeable portion of all galactically traded goods. Generally regarded as trustworthy, the Samakoel are known for their love of strictly worded contracts. There are two variants of the Samakoel. Pruek Samakoel have frog facial features, stout bodies, and are excellent jumpers and climbers. The Pruek make up the majority of the population. The Ignel Samakoel are the minority variant, and have elongated bodies, salamander facial features, and scaly skin that is fire resistant

A Sylph Hydromancer


The Sylphen are a small species of winged humanoid creatures, that are unable to bind their ki to earth as with petramancy or convert their ki energy as in pyromancy. Sylphen are similar to the Neridae in their preference for living in the wilderness and share many homeworlds. Sylphen are seen even less often in cities or settlements than the Neridae.

A Tyroi Seer


The Tyroi are a rare species seldom seen among the stars. These hircine humanoids are known for their efforvesent personality and fierce intelligence. They are typically well regarded throughout the galaxy, but are viewed by some as unreliable. The Tyroi often serve as strategical and tactical advisors, and their capabilities well known despite their relatively small numbers. Many Tyroi have a great musical aptitude


The Ulfar are a small, canine species that descends from nomadic warriors and thrives when travelling as a part of a pack, even if that pack is not fellow Ulfar. Ulfar have canine are physically built similarly to their Zeol cousins, but with a much smaller build. There are three distinct variants of the Ulfar, which have wolf, fox, and racoon-like features. The Ulfar are known for their courage and tenacity, having a reputation for an indomitable spirit

A Vhela Animancer


The Vhela are a large species whose stature can be physically intimidating. They have humanoid bodies with aquatic physical features similar to sharks and orcas. Their physique and natural abilities give them an aptitude for work as mercenaries and bounty hunters. They have developed a galactic reputation for their abilities, and are feared for their relentlessness

A Zeol Martialist


The Zeol are primary inhabitants of Siur, within the Sol system. These feline humanoids have lionesque features and solid builds. They are a proud and honorable species, living in structured socieities with clan based family units

Species trait chart

Alyae +2-1+2S2d6+225FlightSonarPerc SF
Baumeni+2 +2 M3d6+230DarkvisForestwalkWS SF
Bheru+1+1+2 M3d635Diplo SFFeint
Carragh(+3)+1 (+3)M3d6+130+5 MSDip SFAthl SF
Crhubai U+3 -1+2L3d6+230QuadVariant
Crhubai A +2+1+1M3d635QuadVariantPerc SF
Dreki+1+1+1+1M3d635QuadWS SFDarkvisBleed
Hanum+1+2 +1M3d630Acro advAth SFSoH SF
Human(+2)(+2)+2(+2)M3d630Skill focusTalentAttribute
Ignel+2 -1+3L4d625Ath SFBurning
Ileroi-2+2+1+1S2d6+235SwimDodgeMobilityPerf SF
Jadyari+2+1 +1M3d6+130WS SFAth SFNat Wpn
Karenu +1+2+1M3d6+130CloudDiplo SF+Swift
Kolraka +1+4+1M3d630QuadAth SFSkill focus
Manitari+1 +2+2M3d630RecnstAH SF
Morokwe +2+3S4d625RK SFProf SFDmg Red
Nagari +2+2+1M3d635ImmunityDiplo SF
Nahkon+2 +2M3d6+235WS SFNat Wpn
Nahuali+1+2+1 M3d630Spirit StpStealth SFFelineNahuali
Neridae-2+2 +3S2d6+240WS SF+1 PercDarkvisTruesight
Pheresata +2+1 M2d6+230FlightDarkvisAcro SF
Qihuatl+1+2+1 S2d6+225FlightPerc SFDarkvis
Roen E +1 +4S2d6+235Perc SFStealth SFVariantUltraviolet
Roen M-1+2 +4S2d6+140Perc SFStealth SFVariantUltraviolet
Samakoel +2+2 S3d635AmphibAthleticsFiresoul
Sylphen+1+1 +2S2d6+230FlightDarkvisWS SFPerc Adv
Tyroi-2+2+3 M3d635ClimberQuick WitGifted
Ulfar +2+1+2S3d635Perc SFDarkvis
Vhela+2 +1+2M3d6+130Perc SFWS SFDarkvisBloodhunt
Zeol+1+1 +2M3d6+130WS SFStealth SFDarkvisNat Wpn

Sz = Creature Size
Sp = Base movement speed
Abilities in parentheses are the options a player can choose from when creating a character of this species

For art credits, see individual species pages

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