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Abilities are measurements of your ability in a particular area. Your score is used throughout the game, added to appropriate binding formulas, or capping the number of ranks you can purchase in a skill. They are also used for an ability checks, which measure your performance tied to the ability in question

Ability scores are determined at the beginning of the game and increase as you gain levels. The maximum score an ability can have is 18


Dexterity (Dex) is a measure of your physical skill and coordination. When leaping from the tips of rock spires, or balancing on a narrow path, your skill and balance allow you to navigate safely. When moving your hands through the motions of a binding, your coordination allows you to successfully direct the elements according to your desire

Dexterity relates to


Intelligence (Int) is a measure of many things. It is your ability to keep and recall information under pressure, your ability to intuitively connect information. It is your ability to determine which information your senses are sending you is important. It is your ability to learn quickly and effectively. It is your ability to predict outcomes and react quickly, to read body language, and to understand other's perspective

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Resolve (Res) is the measure of your will and the raw power of your ki energy. When you fail at a task, your Resolve allows you to try again. When you are binding a rock wall to stop an avalanche, your resolve plays a role in your ability to hold the rock against the sheer force of nature. Resolve also allows you to shrug off the negative effects of damage in combat

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Strength (Str) is your ability to exert physical force, and the volume of your ki flow. Whether pulling, pushing, lifting, jumping, running, swimming, climbing, or binding; your strength measures the intensity and the longevity of the exerted force

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Determining your ability scores

When you create a character, determine your scores using the following method:

  • Assign 6d6 to each ability
  • Take 30d6 and assign these dice to the four abilities however you wish
  • Roll the dice for each ability and count the number of “5”s and “6”s. This is your score for that ability
  • After determining your ability scores, reroll the dice for one of your abilities and take the higher result
  • If an ability score is higher than 9, reduce it to 9

Below is a rough guide for determining how to assign your ability dice, for more see the probabilities page

Dice RolledAverage Ability ScoreResulting Modifier

You assign the 30d6 as follows:

  • 9d6 to Str, 15d6 to Dex, 3d6 to Int, 3d6 to Res
  • With the 6d6 base, the total dice for each ability is now: Str: 15d6, Dex: 21d6, Int: 9d6, Res: 9d6
  • Determine Str: You roll 15d6 and get [1,6,4,6,2,4,4,3,1,2,2,4,1,2,5]. Your resulting Str score is 3
  • Determine Dex: You roll 21d6 and get [3,1,3,6,3,1,5,4,5,2,5,2,6,6,3,6,4,2,5,4,4]. Your resulting Dex score is 8
  • Determine Int: You roll 9d6 and get [5,6,1,4,4,1,6,5,2]. Your resulting Int score is 4
  • Determine Res: You roll 9d6 and get [1,4,3,4,3,1,6,3,4]. Your resulting Res score is 1
  • You decide to reroll Resolve and get [1,5,2,3,3,5,5,5,2], changing your Resolve score to 4
  • Your final scores are Strength - 5, Dexterity - 8, Intelligence - 5, Resolve - 4


Your ability score translates into a modifier which is then used throughout the game. The table below helps you to translate a score into a modifier. The maximum score is 18, the maximum modifier is 9. You cannot exceed this modifier by any means. Unless specifically stated that a rule uses your “ability score”, the modifier is used

Ability ScoreModifier

Ability checks

When you want to set two creature's raw ability scores against each other, you have them make an Ability Check. Some talents will call for an ability check

Ability checks are always described with the attacker's ability first, and the defender's ability second. For example, a check described as a “Strength vs Intelligence check” is a check where the attacker rolls Strength and the defender rolls Intelligence

To resolve an Ability Check, each opponent rolls their dice and counts the number of 5's and 6's shown. A tie goes to the attacker

Number of Dice Rolled: 4 + Abilty Modifier + Other Bonuses

If a measure of a characters raw ability is needed but there is no natural opponent, a skill check without ranks should be used

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