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A creature may be affected by a condition, which has ramifications for how that creature behaves. If a creature is affected by multiple conditions, the effects stack


A bleeding creature has been cut and is losing blood due to the wound. The target continues to take damage each round until they receive healing or stanch the blood flow by some other means. The damage taken is equal to the number of damage dice that were rolled in the initial attack


A blinded character has completely, or nearly completely lost their ability to see. All actions that require sight are made at disadvantage. Spot checks automatically fail. Attacks made against blinded creatures are made at advantage

Creatures who remain blind for long periods can learn to overcome these penalties


Whenver a creature has less than one third of their total hit points, they have disadvantage on all rolls. This applies even if the damage is non-lethal, This condition is always visibly obvious


A burned creature has recently taken damage from fire or heat. If the creature moves more than 5 feet in a round, their wound is aggravated, incurring damage in the form of pain. The damage taken is equal to the number of damage dice that were rolled in the initial attack


A disoriented creature has lost their ability to think quickly, and can only take a move action or a standard action, but not both, in a single round. Swift and Free actions can still be used, Full actions cannot be used

If a creature is disoriented for more than one round, they may make a Intelligence Check (difficulty 3) to act normally at the beginning of each subsequent round


A deafened creature has lost or nearly lost their ability to hear. Listen checks automatically fail. Actions which significantly depend on hearing are made at disadvantage

Creatures who remain deaf for long periods can learn to overcome these penalties


A delirious character is mentally unable to consistently think clearly. Each round, roll 1d6 and use the table below to determine the character's actions

1Moment of rage, attack nearest creature
2-3Move in a random direction, then trip and fall Prone
4-5Lost in thought, do nothing at all
6Moment of clarity, act normally


A creature that is dying has taken enough lethal damage to bring their current hit point total below zero. Dying creatures can take no actions and will soon die. See Death for more information


Exhausted creature cannot run or fly, and move at half speed (round down). All actions are made at disadvantage. After two hours of rest a creature loses the exhausted condition

An exhausted creature may make a Strength Check (difficulty 3) to ignore the penalties of the condition for one round


Creatures which are unaware of an attacking opponent are flat-footed, causing all attacks against them to be made at advantage


Creatures which are grappled are unable to take full actions or move actions

ki blocked

Creatures whose ki is blocked are unable to bind their ki to an external source, and they are unable to manipulate their ki within their own body. Any action which relies on ki energy in any way is unusable


Creatures who are in good spirits have an abundance of energy and positive outlook which allows them to make a single roll at advantage. Circumstances which cause low morale remove the high morale condition. Using the bonus advantage also removes the condition, which should not affect roleplay


Creatures that are pinned may not make full, standard, or move actions unless that action attempts to break the pin. Swift actions are allowed if the pinned creature otherwise meets the requirements for the action


A prone creature is lying on the ground. Ranged attacks against a prone creature are made at disadvantage. Melee attacks made against prone creatures are made at advantage. Standing up from or dropping down to the prone position requires 5 feet of movement speed, or a swift action


A rooted creature is tethered to the ground by some means. This generally prevents all movement, but may allow movement within a radius of the tether point. Other actions are still possible. Depending on the means of the tether, some limbs may not be free to perform actions


A Staggered creature has taken damage such that their ability to move is hampered. All further movement in the segment is halted. In following segments, the creature moves at half speed (round down)


A stunned creature cannot take any actions, and drops any items they are holding


A creature that has activated truesight can see things as they truly are. Illusions can be seen through, invisible creatures are visible, and physical obstacles do not prevent observation if the user focuses on an area

Additionally, the creature can see ki energy. This allows them to see any active ki bindings. It also allows them to see the chakras of another creature, seeing if the chakra is blocked, open, or aligned to a keystone

Truesight penetrates up to 30 feet, regardless of the abilities of the creature using it


An unconscious creature cannot act in any way. Once per round, they may make a Resolve Check (difficulty 4) to regain consciousness

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