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The Hex grid


Elemental D6 is designed to be played on a hexagonal grid, where each tile is a regular hexagon. Each tile represents a 5 foot “area” which uses 5 feet of the players movement speed to traverse. Tiny, Small, and Medium Creatures take up one square

Below are references for each of the different kinds of attacks and where they fall on the grid

Blast, line attack

A blast moves from the player to the target square, passing through each hex on its way to the target. Lines are a blast that emanates from the player, eventually occupying every hex between the player and the target. To pick the path, draw a line from the center of your hex to the center of your target hex and draw the path between. If there are two hexes which are close to the line, you may pick either hex. Below are examples for all targets 30 feet away from the player
Examples of the paths a blast may take to travel in a straight line. Examples demonstrate nine possible angles between zero and ninety degrees

Radius, sphere, cylinder

A binding that includes a radius or a around the player follows the rule below for radius. Moves that include a diameter are not centered on a player and follow the examples below for Diameter. Spheres and Cylinders follow whichever rule matches their measurement type, and whether or not they are centered on a player or not
Five examples of a target area with a radius between 5 and 25 feet Six examples of target areas with a diameter between 10 and 35 feet


A circle with a radius of 5 feet is also called a bloom or a flower

Cone, wave, whip

A binding that starts at the caster and spreads out into a cone shape, it can be a sustained move or it can move out in a wave or a whip fashion Eight different configurations of cones with a width of thirty degrees Five different configurations of cones with a width of sixty degrees Four different configurations of cones with a width of ninety degrees

There are many commercially available gaming mats and boards designed for use with standard minis. The following grid template files can be used to create maps on which your battles will take place, and will accommodate standard gaming minis that would fit on a 1 inch square grid, if printed at their natural size

Alpha Hex Map A4.png
Alpha Hex Map 4096.png

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