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Tricks are small things that you add to your character which are intended to be flavor only, and not substantial choices that will affect combat or other mechanics. Players can choose 1 or more flavor options (at DM discretion) based on the element they can bind

Aeromancer tricks

Spinning Marbles
This trick allows the aeromancer to spin marbles or other small objects in a circle (or other simple shape) between their hands, using air currents

Flying Companion
Selecting this trick allows you to find and befriend a flying creature, of size Tiny to Small. The creature follows you around, eats your food, and sometimes annoys you. Asking it to do any task beyond coming/going, no matter how simple has a 1/36 chance of success (2d6, success on an 12)

Howl of the Wind
You learn how to make the wind “howl” as with strong wind in a storm through a small opening. without any body movements. You can also add the howling effect to most of your bindings. You can generally control the pitch of the howling but lack precise control over the exact tone

Air Elemental Pet
You can create a small air elemental which resembles a tiny tornado with air funnels for arms. It can manage only the most basic of movements, except that it is a swirling vortex of air. Creating the elemental requires a modicum of concentration and cannot be done during battle

Petramancer tricks

Earth Castles
Make elaborate castles or cityscapes out of rock or sand with the wave of your hand and a stomp of your foot. Other shapes are possible. Any shape you wish to summon that requires complexity must be practiced in advance

You call up Earth in the shape of someone you are familiar with. The detail on the features is good enough that you can make rough emotions appear on the statue. Subtler emotions are difficult for you but possible. The statue is in no way lifelike, but can of any size up to twice-lifesize, at your discretion

Stone Prosthetic
You lost a leg earlier in life but as an petramancer it didn't slow you down for long. You have a plate affixed to the end of your existing leg and to that you can attach stone and control it as you would your own leg. This is one of the few tricks that has serious consequences in game. The stone could be used in a difficult situation where no earth or stone is available, but at the price of not having the leg while doing so. Additionally, if taken prisoner, your captors may not be keen to let you keep the stone. You may also opt for a prosthetic arm and hand. The prosthetic limb itself can be used to fulfill a requirement for a binding

Earth Elemental Pet
You can manipulate a small amount of earth to resemble an earth elemental. It's land speed is 10ft and it may perform crude actions. The appearance of the elemental will resemble the earth you created it from. You may determine the general appearance of the elemental but once determined it does not change. Creating the elemental requires a modicum of concentration and cannot be done during battle

Pyromancer tricks

Fire Dragonling Pet
Through a meditation ritual that takes an entire day, you are able to create a seemingly sentient being made entirely out of flame. It can take the form of a small dragon, or if you prefer, some other animal or shape. Though it burns and is made entirely of fire, it gives off no heat and causes no destruction. It is a representation of your ki energy. It can have different “attitudes”, which manifest as different colors based on your ki

Cold Fire
The fire from your bindings is always blue in color, an effect nicknamed “cold fire”. Despite the nickname, your fire is just as hot and deadly as the next pyromancer

Run hot
Your body temperature is always significantly warmer than an average humans, and anyone would notice given any contact with you, even through clothing. You suffer no health effects, though you do tend to be hungrier than the average bear

Ring of fire
You are able to create a ring 3 feet in diameter which you hold in your hand, which you learned from a pyromancer doubling as a circus performer. The trick can be used in a performance or in combat, but it grants no bonuses or additional effects of any kind

Hydromancer tricks

Mug of Ice
You are able to create, from a small amount of water, an exquisitely detailed, tall mug made of ice, with a decorative design on the outside. Different decorations and styles of beverage holder may be used, but must be practiced in advance

Faces of water
You may suspend a roughly headshaped sphere of water or fog, onto which you may manipulate the features of a nondescript face into any emotion you wish

Keep your cool
Your average body temperature is always lower than average, and your skin is cool to the touch, and your hair is frosty in all but the hottest environments

You create a small snow man with the crudest detail. You must have water and the snow man will melt quickly in warmer temperatures. You may also create the snowman around your own body

Create Snow Globe
You have the ability to create a 'snow globe' out of ice and water, depicting any scene which does not require anything more than simple moving parts. The globe may be small enough to fit in the hand, or larger up to 2 feet in diameter. Scenes must be practiced in advance

Water Elemental Pet
You can manipulate a small amount of water to resemble a water elemental. It's land speed is 10ft and it may perform crude actions. Creating the elemental requires a modicum of concentration and cannot be done during battle

Martial tricks

Circus Tricks
You are able to perform five circus tricks of your choosing, subject to GM approval. Examples include acrobatic stunts, juggling, sword eating, fire-spitting, etc. Tricks that require intense training count as two tricks. Tricks selected should be aimed at impressing or entertaining, rather than for practical use, though appropriate practical use is acceptable

Hawk Messenger
You tame and care for a hawk messenger. The hawk can be trained to return to any place you mark in advance, as well as one other “home” location which cannot change frequently. The hawk will attempt to go to that location and then return to you once given a new message, and usually a treat

Ki focus
A martial arts master focuses their ki energy on their own body instead of the elements. Choose a trick from the following list which you can perform

  • Once per day you can focus your ki energy to make your eyes glow with a brilliant white light for 30 seconds
  • Your focused mind can free your body from its earthly tether. Meditating for 15 minutes causes you to levitate 6 inches off the ground. Breaking the meditation ends the effect
  • Once per day, a quick surge of ki to your hands allows you to make a fast movement so quick it is only visible as a blur to observers. This effect lasts three seconds. Making contact with any solid object during this movement causes injury

Desimancer tricks

Eyes of the Deep
When using your Desimancer abilities, your eyeballs turn a deep black, radiating inky blackness from the iris past the pupil until the entire eyeball is covered, which takes between 1 and 2 seconds, remaining for 12 seconds after you cease using Desimancy

Living Reactor
At will, you can surge your ki, causing small arcs of electricity to dance along your skin. You can localize this effect, but maintaining it for more than a few minutes a day becomes exhausting

Gravity Elemental
You can summon and maintain a small singularity which floats above the ground. It's land speed is 10ft and it may peform crude actions that mostly limited to attracting or repelling small objects to itself and bringing them to you or moving them to a desired location. Creating the elemental requires a modicum of concentration and cannot be done during battle

You can lift your body up to three inches off the ground, and your clothing becomes light and gently floats. Moving more than a 5 foot step while doing this is prohibitively difficult

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