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The Talent Trees allow you to customize your character by choosing different abilities as your character advances

About talents

At level one you are allowed to choose two talents from the list found in your class description. As you level up, your class level table will award you with new talents periodically. You must meet all other requirements for that talent

At each level you gain a number of talent points, which can be found in your class level table. You may spend these talent points improving any talent which you already possess. Some talent point improvements have requirements or maximum values. You may spend points to improve any of the listed improvements, in any order. You may also refrain from spending talent points, saving them for a later time

The GM can consider giving players extra talent points as rewards for completing extraordinary tasks or excellent roleplay

Talent template

Talent name

Action: The action type required to execute this talent
Requires: List of level or talents required to put points into this talent
Description: A description of the talent, how to use it, and its effects
Range: The maximum distance from the character that this ability may be used. For effects that are centered on the character, this denotes the radius of the effect. For effects not centered on the character, this denotes the maximum distance the origin of the effect can be from the player
Effect: The effect of the talent, or the targets you may select
Element: The elemental requirements to use this talent
Offensive: The formula for your score while using this move offensively
Defensive: The formula for your score while using this move defensively
Damage: The formula for calculating your damage score, provided you have hit your target
Hit Points: If this talent creates a vulnerable object, this formula determines the durability of the object
Cooldown: After using an ability that has a cooldown, you must wait a certain number of rounds before using the ability again. The next round counts as the first round of the cooldown. Example: 1d6 rounds, roll a d6 and wait a number or rounds equal to the result before using the move again
Special: Any modifications to the talent or special requirements
Talent Improvement Points: This section outlines what benefits you get from putting additional talent points into this talent
□ This symbol represents an improvement that can be made by spending a talent point
□□ These symbols represent an improvement that can be made by spending two talent points

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