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There are several key words that describe the sizes of objects, creatures, bending moves, and distances. Sometimes these terms are used in normal speech, so whenever text on this wiki refers to official size categories, it should have a link to this page


Fine objects should small enough that distinguishing a single instance of the object would be difficult. A plethora of fine objects fits in one hex-grid
Projectiles: None
Creatures: Insects
Objects: Sand


Small and very tiny, usually smaller than normal for it's size. Many diminutive creatures can share the same hex grid
Projectiles: Pebbles, small pellets
Creatures: Dwarf Mouse, Butterfly, Minnow


Tiny objects are quite small, and should never be large enough so as not to be held easily in the hand
Projectiles: Small rocks, bullets, bolts
Creatures: Dragonfly, Sparrow, Mouse


Small objects must be held with two hands, and are anything larger than Tiny, up to anything the size of a beach ball. Roughly nine Small objects or creatures can occupy the same hex
Projectiles: Small boulder, Cannon Ball, Arrow
Creatures: Cat, Fox, Frog (bull)
Objects: A loaf of bread, a helmet, a wheel


Medium objects are roughly the size of a human being, and occupy one hex
Projectiles: Boulder, Crate of Cabbages, 50 Liters of water
Creatures: Human, Snow Leopard
Objects: A crate, a door, a bale of hay (shoulder high)


Large objects and creatures are significantly larger than a human being, and occupy two or three hexes depending on the size.
Projectiles: Large boulders
Creatures: Bear, Camel
Objects: A boat, a wagon


Huge objects and creatures are two to three times larger than a large creature, and occupy 7 hexes
Projectiles: None
Creatures: Behemoth Spider, Giant Boar
Objects: A ship, a house


Colossal objects and creatures are anything that is larger than a huge creature and the amount of hexes they occupy varies but can be several times larger than a Huge creature
Projectiles: None
Creatures: Great Tree

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