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wiki:richard neeley

Richard neeley


Pronunciation: (RIH-chard knee-lee)
Home Planet: Terra, Sol, Sikhara Branch
Species: Carragh
Gender: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Weight: 430 lbs
Height: 6'6”
Eye Color: Green
Moss Color: Orange
Skin Color: Obsidian
Class: Martialist

Richard Neeley is the Senior Member on the Foreign Affairs Council in the Reithen Parliament, on the planet Terra, in the Sol star system. Minister Neeley was born under the Sliabh Mountains near Athair and is the first Carragh to serve on a Parliament Council. Neeley has proved an indispensible diplomat, strengthening the ties between Sliabh and Reithe. Under Neeley's leadership, the Foreign Affairs Council has passed several trade agreements between the two countries, reinstating the old trade routes and reducing border disputes over mineral rights

Neeley's rise to power was facilitated by approval of their candidacy by the Aletho Armada. Neeley formed a strong political alliance with several of the Armada's key officers, including a strong personal friendship with Faegan Brahn, Commander of the Armada

Neeley lives in the capital city of Ceilidh along with a contingent of fellow Carragh ex-pats, and during Parliamentary recesses, splits time between visiting Athair and making trips to the various cities of the Eorna Plains

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