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Captain "pops" qlato


Pronunciation: (klah-toh)
Home Planet: Asteroid belt in the Aine star system
Species: Qihuatl
Sub-type: Falcon
Sex: Male
Gender: Cis
Age: 10
Weight: 50 lbs
Height: 5'
Eye Color: Grey
Feather Color: Grey and White
Skin Color: N/A
Class: Martialist

Organizations: Captain of the “Seraph Star”

Qlato grew up with his family in an asteroid belt within the Aine sytem. True to the traditions of the Qihuatl, Qlato lived the nomadic lifestyle of his people, travelling from belt to belt in a long caravan of floating rocks tethered together by ropes. As Qlato grew into adulthood, he started to feel a pull towards adventure out among the stars. When an opportunity arose for members of his star system to attend the elemental academy in the Enska system, he was happy to volunteer

His experiences at the academy broadened his horizons further than he had imagined possible, and the friends he made there became the legendary members of his crew. The academy forged him into a master Martialist, and a first rate Bherasque player to boot. Currently the captain of the “Seraph Star”, Qlato and his crew sail the winds of the Galactic Core in search of trading opportunities, adventure, and more than a little trouble. Qlato's keen eye is known throughout five sectors; it is said that he can spot a nautical ship from orbit

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