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Through your character's adventures, they will encounter members of various organizations. These citizens devote a portion of their lives to the operations, ends, ethos, and culture of one or more of these organizations. Player characters can join organizations if they desire, though organizations often have requirements for entry the players must meet in order to join.

Aletho armada

Reithe's anti-piracy military wing, led by the philosopher-general Jeladh Tehtra.

Artisan's guild

Crafters of all stripes affiliate them with this regulatory guild, in order to do business among the tightly controlled markets of Terra


More commonly known as the Black Dogs, the official name for this pirate armada is the Bargheists. Without a doubt, this death obsessed group of pirates are the most ruthless creatures on terra, let alone among other pirates.

Charter's guild

Intrepid explorers willing to align themselves with an organization flock to this loosely structured guild.


Nomads to the very end, this gang of roamers tend to pick up the outcasts of society and give them a place to belong.


A secretive and eclectic society whose operations are only slightly less mysterious than their goals.


Less an organization and more a collective of wandering mercenaries, the mona's skills in combat make them living legends. The exact date that this organization was established is unknown


The most organized and far-reaching criminal organization on terra, the Pentads are not known for the violence of other criminal groups, such as the Bargheists


Those thirsty for rare and obscure knowledge are destined to cross paths with, if not join, the seekers.

Society of the natural sciences

For those who wish to uncover the mysteries and explain the inner workings of Terra's ecology, the Society of Natural Sciences is a must

Society of engineers

This international society attempts to share information between the engineers of the various nations

The crimson spear

This elite military force is the most prestigious force in Reithe, and possibly on all of Terra


Watchers and protectors of Terra's natural beauty

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