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Multi-classing is the mixing of two classes together into one character. There are six core classes in Elemental D6, and you are able to blend these classes at your discretion

To multi-class, take an additional class when leveling up. When taking a level in another class, you take all the level bonuses according to the level in your new class, starting with the first level in that class. Your hit points and skill points continue to progress according to your total level

You have 4 levels in hydromancer and you level up to level 5. Instead of becoming a level 5 hydromancer, you put the level into the martial class. You gain the bonuses associated with the first level of the martial class, instead of the hydromancer class). You do not gain the hit points associated with level 1 characters of your species

Level Requirements
If a any talent, skill, or feat has an general level requirement, use your total character level for this requirement


  • Once you have gained 20 total levels in core classes, you no longer gain BAB\BDB or Ability Bonuses granted by taking levels in a core class
  • After completing all the levels in class, you may start over in the class, treating it as if it were a new and separate class. Talents and talent points earned in the new class cannot be spent in the completed class and vice versa

Non combat binding

Aside from the mechanics from leveling, characters can also manipulate the elements in smaller or creative ways, such as heating a cup of tea with flame, wafting the scent of a flower towards another creature, or freezing up some ice cubes for their beverage

When a character gains control over a new element from multiclassing, they do not have access to complete manipulation over the element. A fresh hydromancer cannot create ice until they take one of the ice related talents. A fresh aeromancer cannot control currents of air if their only talents are Powerful Ki and Quick Mind

In general, a blast grants general control over the elements. Beyond that GM discretion should be exercised and should err on the side of restriction of access to the new element

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