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For information on how much gear you can carry, please see: Carrying Capacity

The following tables list common gear, supplies, and services a character may acquire and use during the course of their adventures. This is not an exhaustive list of the gear availble throughout the galaxy, but is a fair representation of what can be found on Terra

Adventuring gear

Arrow5 sp1 lb20 arrows
Arrow - Fire1 gp1 lb10 arrows
Arrow - Grappling2 gp1/2 lb
Animal Feed5 cp9 lbsOne day's supply
Backpack2 gp2 lbsCapacity: 2 cubic feet, 40 hp
Barrel1 gp15 lbs40-80 hp
Basket4 sp1 lbCapacity: 2 cubic feet
Bedroll1 sp2 lbs
Bell7 sp-
Belt w/Pouches12 sp1 lbComes with 2 pouches, extra pouch is 2 sp
Book - Empty3 gp2 lbs
Bottle - Glass15 sp1 lb
Bucket - Wooden3 sp3/2 lbsCapacity: 1 cubic feet
Burlap Sack4 cp-Capacity 3 cubic feet
Camp Kit4 gp4 lbsContains items necessary to cook a simple meal
Camp chair - folding3 gp1 lb
Candle1 cp-Burns for 2 hours
Candle - Large4 cp-Burns for 3 hours
Canteen15 sp1 lbCapacity 1 liter, Full weight: 3 lbs
Canvas/Cloth2 sp1 lb1 square yard
Chain9 gp2 lbs10 feet in length, 40 hp
Chains5 gp4 lbsRestraints, 175 hp
Chalk2 cp-
Chalkboard2 gp1 lb
Chest - small2 gp15 lbs90 hp
Chest - medium5 gp25 lbs110 hp
Chest - large8 gp35 lbs140 hp
Clothing8 sp1 lbGeneric set Pants/Shirt/Shoes
Clothing17 sp3 lbCold Weather
Clothing3 sp1/2 lbTravel Cloak
Clothing4 sp1 lbHeavy Boots
Clothing12 cp-Hat
Compass15 gp1/4 lb
Cookpot1 gp1 lbCapacity 3/2 cubic feet
Dice1 sp-6 dice
Dice - Cheaters4 sp-3 dice
Ear Trumpet3 gp1 lb
Falconry Equipment3 gp3/2 lbs
False Bottom Chest12 gp-
Firewood2 cp20 lbsOne day supply
Fishhook1 sp-
Fishing kit7 sp3 lbs
Fishing net3 gp5 lbsDry Weight
Flask15 sp1/2 lb
Flint and Steel12 sp-
Fountain Pen3 sp-
Glider15 g1 lbsWith or without chair, 90 hp
Glider Staff15 g1 lbs60 hp
Glue4 sp1/2 lb-
Grappling Hook2 gp3 lbs
Gunpowder5 sp1/4 lb
Hammer7 sp2 lbs90 hp
Hammer - Large1 gp4 lbs110 hp
Hammock4 sp3 lbs
Hourglass15 gp-Timer is 1 minute
Hourglass25 gp1 lbTimer is 1 hour
Horn15 sp1 lbPlays single signal note
Ink4 gp-
Jug - Clay8 cp2 lbsCapacity 2 liters
Lantern2 gp1 lb
Lock and Key6 gp1 lbAverage quality
Lock and Key12 gp1 lbHigh quality
Map5 gp1 lb
Magnifying Glass15 gp-
Marbles - Glass3 sp1/2 lb
Mirror3 gp-Small handheld mirror
Mirror - Large15 gp-6 square feet in size
Net8 sp5 lbs9 square yards
Net - Butterfly3 gp3/2 lbsFine Silk, handmade
Net - Camouflage10 gp4 lbsReversible, +1 Stealth
Oil15 cp1 lb
Pack (Animal)4 gp8 lbs8 cubic feet capacity
Paper1 sp-10 sheets
Perfume3 gp-
Pickaxe45 sp5 lbs
Riding Gear - Medium15 gp10 lbsHarness, bit/bridle, Saddle, Pack
Rope12 sp5 lbs50 feet length
Saw7 cp1 lb
Sewing Kit8 sp1/2 lb
Sextant15 gp1 lb
Shaving Kit8 sp1/4 lb
Shovel15 sp2 lbs40 hp
Smoke Pellets35 sp-10 pellets
Smoking Pipe - Dragon Shaped14 sp-
Soap1 cp-1 bar
Spade1 gp1/2 lb
Surveying Tools10 gp2 lbs
Teapot2 cp1 lb
Telescope25 gp1 lb
Tent6 gp15 lbsSleeps 2 people
Tent - Large6 gp30 lbsSleeps 6 people
Tent - Nomad16 gp45 lbsSleeps up to 10 people
Torch1 cp1/2 lbSingle use
Torch2 gp3/2 lbMultiple use - requires oil
Twine3 cp-15 ft length
Umbrella25 sp4 lbs
Vial - Glass7 sp-Capacity 100 ml
Vial - Glass1 gp-Capacity 250 ml
Waterskin6 sp1/4 lbWeight empty, capacity is 1.5 liter. Full weight: 3.5 lbs
Waterskin - Large15 sp1/2 lbWeight empty, capacity is 2.5 liters. Full weight: 6 lbs
Wax (Seal)15 sp1/4 lb
Whistle2 sp-
Whistle - Animal2 sp-Keyed to a specific animal

Where not noted, item hit points range from 10-30 hp


Pets and Companions
Blue Jay3 sp-
Cat3 cp8 lbs
Dog1 sp50-100 lbs
Dwarf Squid2 sp1/2 lbs
Ferret5 sp3 lbs
Flying Lemur22 gp3 lbs
Fox5 gp25 lbs, Rare
Parrot6 sp4 lbs
Squirrel2 sp15 lbs
Turtle Duck8 cp3 lbs
Trained animals
Dog, Guard10 gp100-150 lbs
Eagle18 gp2 lbs
Hawk15 gp2 lbs
Raven17 gp2 lbs
Pack Animals
Buffalo30 gp1,500 lbs
Camel28 gp1,900 lbs
Bear45 gp1,100 lbs
Bison34 gp4,000 lbs, Size: Huge, Rare
Elk140 gp600 lbs
Horse20 gp
Komodo16 gp2,200 lbs
Yak36 gp1,500 lbs

Animal gear

Large Animalsx2 Modifier*
Armorx2 Modifier*
Animal Harness2 gp2 lbs
Bit and Bridle2 gp1 lb
Falconry Glove3 gp1 lb
Feed (Per Day)5 cp5-10 lbs
Saddle - Pack10 gp15 lbs
Saddle - Riding8 gp25 lbs
Saddle - Travel6 gp20 lbs
Stabling (Per Day3 sp-

* Large animals double the price of anything purchased for that animal
* Armor made for animals costs twice as much as the same armor for a human. Armor for Large creatures is 4 times the normal price for a human.


Ale4 cpMug
Bread2 cp1/2 lb
Cheese1 sp1/2 lb
Fruit6 cp1/2 lb
Honey8 sp1/2 lb
Meals1 sp-Poor, Per Day
Meals3 sp-Common, Per Day
Meals5 sp-Good, Per Day
Meat6 sp1 lbButchered, normal quality
Milk3 spGallon
Street Meat2 cp
Tea2 cp1 cup
Tea Leaves3 sp1/2 lb
Trail Food8 sp3/2 lbOne days food, good quality, Keeps 2 days
Trail Rations3 sp1 lbOne days food. Keeps for 2-3 months
Wine2 spGlassCommon Quality
Wine1 gpGlassFine Quality
Wine5 gpBottleFine Quality


Bath5 cp(Hot)
Bath2 sp - 1 gpPublic Bathhouse
Blacksmith5 spPer hour, general repairs
Cartography10 gpDraw up a specific map
Companion5 sp - 10 gp
Ferry1 spPer Mile
Guide4 gpPer Day, more for dangerous areas
Healing1 gpFirst Aid
Healing15 spElemental Healing
Healing25 spLong Term Care - Per day
Inn5 spCommon
Inn15 gpAbove average
Inn8 gpSuite
Inn15 gpLuxury
Labor - Unskilled1 gpPer Day - Minimum
Labor - Skilled3 gpPer Day
Labor - Mercenary4 gpPer Day
Stables3 spPer day
Toll3 cp

Repairing gear

Gear can come under attack or be subjected to damage from the environment. Each item, whether it is a weapon, armor, a keystone, or your adventuring gear, has a hit point value. This number represents the total number of damage the item can take before it breaks

If the final blow to an item was a critical hit, the item shatters. Items that are damaged can be repaired by their respective crafting profession or skill, as shown below. Repairing an item requires 1 to 2 hours of work

If not specifically noted, an item's hp ranges from 10-30 depending on its qualities

ItemRelated Profession or Skill
Adventuring gear - ClothArmorsmith, Sailor
Adventuring gear - LeatherArmorsmith, Sailor, Wilderness Survival
Adventuring gear - GlassJeweler
Adventuring gear - RopeSailor, Wilderness Survival
Adventuring gear - ToolsArmorsmith, Sailor, Weaponsmith
Adventuring gear - WoodSailor, Wilderness Survival

The difficulty check to repair damage depends on the amount of damage done to the item, as shown below

Total DamageRepair DC
Up to 1/3 HP missing1
Up to 2/3 HP missing2
More than 2/3 HP missing3

Wilderness Survival
This skill may be used to repair simple wooden weapons, such as a quarterstaff, or a shillelagh

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