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Many creatures on Terra have the capacity to fly. Pyromancers can fly by expelling flames from their hands or feet, and Aeromancers can fly by guiding air currents and navigating them with a glider. There are rules governing movement while flying, which are outlined below

Flying and turning

When a creature is flying, they must spend a movement action each round, which keeps them in motion for the entire round. They must move a minimum of 2H, or enter Free Fall. Maximum speed is 4H, unless improved by talents or feats. When a creature takes off, they start at a speed of 4H. You can increase your speed by 1H per segment, up to your personal maximum flying speed. You can decrease your speed by up to 3H per segment

When flying, you have a discrete heading, which points from your current hex into one of the six surrounding hexes. You can only move into the three hexes “in front” of your character, as determined by your heading. No matter which hex you choose, your heading does not change. You can change your heading by 60°, which costs one hex of movement but does not reduce your speed. After moving straight forward at least one hex, you may change your heading again


Creatures with the ability to hover can choose to slow their flight and enter a hovering state. To do so they must move their current speed, after which their speed is reduced to zero and they are hovering in place. Maintaining a hover in subsequent rounds requires either a swift or a move action. A swift action maintains the hover in place. If a move action is used to maintain the hover, the creature may move 1H for three consecutive seconds in any direction, even up or down

Examples of possible movement options when flying

Climbing and diving

While flying you may climb straight up or at a 60° angle, or you may dive at a 60° angle. This increases or decreases your altitude 5 feet for each 5 feet you move forward or straight up. Entering a climb or dive is a free action, as is returning to level flight. Creatures can move at twice their normal speed when diving. Climbing speed is half the normal speed. This applies to creatures initially taking flight if their initial trajectory is vertical

Free fall

If a creature moves slower than their minimum speed in a segment, they immediately enter free fall and drop 20 feet. In free fall your speed increases according to the chart below:

Seconds of Free FallSpeed in feetSpeed in HexesTotal Distance Traveled
120 feet4H20 feet
240 feet8H60 feet
360 feet12H120 feet
480 feet16H200 feet
5100 feet20H300 feet
6100 feet20H400 feet
7100 feet20H500 feet
8100 feet20H600 feet

While in free fall a creature may use any action to attempt to regain control with a Dexterity Check of 20. Creatures can deliberately enter free fall if they wish, doing so gives them advantage on rolls to regain control

The following conditions immediately cause a creature to enter freefall:

A creature that is moving at normal speed when knocked into free fall retains their forward momentum while falling. In the first segment of free fall, their forward momentum is fully retained. In each following segment, their forward momentum is reduced by 1H


  • A creature flying at 4H becomes disoriented and enters free fall, immediately falling 20 feet, but retaining their forward momentum, also moving forward 4 hexes
  • In the next segment, the creature uses a move action to regain control but fails their check and falls an additional 40 feet down, while moving forward 3 hexes
  • In the next segment, the creature uses a swift action to regain control and makes their check, flying normally in that segment


If you collide with a small obstacle, you take 6d6 points of bludgeoning damage. For each size category larger than small, you take an additional 6d6 damage. If the obstacle would cut you, this damage is piercing or slashing as appropriate

If you pass through the same exact hex as another creature, at the same altitude, you collide with this creature, dealing damage to you according to the creature's size

All collisions alter your course by 60° or more, at GM discretion

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