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wiki:diercha islands

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Diercha islands


Pronunciation: (DEER-cha)
Galactic Region: Perseus Arm
Galactic Branch: Sikhara Branch
Galactic Sector: N4
Star System: Sol
Planet: Terra
Continent: Inis
Country: Liath
Related Cities: None
Related Geography: Mothira Island
Land Area: 36,000 square miles
Coordinates: 20° S, 140° E

Group of islands off the southern coast of Mothira Island, consists of four islands and is home to the razor sharp rocks of legend. The island chain is littered with ships unfortunate enough to be driven into the treacherous waters between the islands. The islands themselves are also covered in razor-sharp spikes of stone. It is rumored that priates use the islands as a base of operations, having discovered a safe path through the rocks

Flora and fauna

  • Falcon - Nest among the sharp rocks of the islands
  • Komodo - Found in caves in the crags of the islands
  • Piranha - Found throughout the shallow waters of the islands

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