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 +====== Dearth'​Jhaa ======
 +===[historical kingdom]===
 +**Pronunciation**:​ (derth'​JHA)\\
 +**Continent**:​ [[Aimsir]]\\
 +**Present Day Nations**: [[Koraha]]\\
 +**Timeline**:​ 76M BCE - 50.2M BCE\\
 +**Coordinates**:​ 21° N to 2° S, 75° W to 15° E\\
 +Dearth'​Jhaa was a kingdom formed by the original inhabitants of the Korahan Coast. They were an adventurous people, among the first to develop boats, crossing the Aeye archipelago. They founded the first colony on [[Saoirse]],​ the first city on the continent outside [[Saor]]
 +The [[Ulfar]] on that continent received these visitors with a warm welcome at first. As the colony grew and other colonies began to pop up along the coast, the Ulfar were not pleased. They held the Tribunal of Akkaus, forming a loose federation of the then nomadic packs that were scattered across the land. They told the colonists to leave, eventually removing them by force. When new colonists arrived to plant new cities, hostilities only grew
 +The Ulfar would go on to develop ships with the intent of fighting Dearth'​Jhaa on its home soil. Dearth'​Jhaa was completely unprepared for the invasion and the ferocity of the Ulfar, and were quickly defeated
 +  * **76M BCE**: The kingdom of Dearth'​Jhaa forms in present day [[Koraha]]'​s northern coast
 +  * **58.6M BCE**: Dearth'​Jhaa founds its first colony on [[Saoirse]] in present day [[Teagh]]
 +  * **57.7M BCE**: Tribunal of Akkaus unites the majority of the [[Ulfar]] under one banner
 +  * **56.9M BCE**: [[Akkaus]] develops shipbuilding
 +  * **50.2M BCE**: Akkaus cripples Dearth'​Jhaa and occupies the remains of the kingdom
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