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Creating a character

Each player plays the role of a character in the game world. The player chooses the appearance, personality, motivations, attitudes, and even vices for the character. You can create a character sheet which has information about your character for reference. I have provided Character Sheets to record information about your character

You must also choose your character's stats, which will determine how your character interacts with the game rules for things like bending, combat, and movement

  • Determine your ability scores according to the method outlined on the ability page
  • Choose which species you want to play. (Species of the galaxy)
  • Determine your starting Hit Points, based on your species' hit dice (+6d6 at level 1)
  • Choose which class you want to start your adventure with: Aeromancer, Hydromancer, Petramancer, Pyromancer, Martial, or Desimancer
  • Spend your skill points (2 + Int modifier) and select your first skill focus
  • Select your first two talents from your class talent tree, limiting your selection to the talents listed as available to you at first level
  • Use talent points to improve the talents you have chosen. The class level table denotes how many talent points you receive at level one. Talent point improvements that increase the number of dice you roll become progressively more expensive each time you purchase them. Otherwise, the cost is denoted by the number of □'s associated with the improvement.
  • Choose a Trick from the list associated with your class
  • Purchase any items you wish with your starting money

You're all set. You are ready to begin adventuring!

See also: Leveling up a character, Guide to completeing the Character Sheet

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