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Pronunciation: (BIR-naum)
Galactic Region: Perseus Arm
Galactic Branch: Sikhara Branch
Galactic Sector: N4
Star System: Sol
Planet: Terra
Continent: Saoirse
Nation: Saor
Related Geography: The Weisewald
Established: 15.8M BCE
Coordinates: 64° N, 54° E

A color map of Birnaum

Birnaum is one of the four sacred groves within Saor, land of the Baumeni. Birnaum was discovered at the same time as Birken, and the two groves are considered to be sister groves. The two groves are the first of the four, with Kirshl coming much later, and Feigel being planted only very recently. Birnaum consists primarily of large pear trees with darker bark, oversized roots, and white flowering blossoms. The pears come in greens, yellows, and pinks

The groves are an important cultural fixture in Baumeni society, serving as a destination for pilgrimage, a shelter in time of need. Many baumeni travel to the grove to meditate and commune with the ancient spirit within the grove. Visiting all four of the groves in order is a rite of passage for young baumeni once they are old enough to understand the visions experienced when communing with the great trees

The visions experienced when communing with the great tree in Birnaum involve the birth and early history of the Ulfar. They cover the development of the Ulfar from their initial savage state, up through the first contact with the baumeni, and the Ulfar's involvement with the outside world in the Iron Age. Young baumeni that experience these visions often leave feeling an ineffable bond with the ulfar

In addition to the sacred grove, Birnaum is also home to the largest Baumeni nursery in Saor. Baumeni sages have long studied why the conditions in the grove are so amenable to nurturing new Baumeni, yet have never conclusively determined the cause

A paper map of Birnaum

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