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Characters may wish to obtain armor in order to protect themselves against attacks. Armors come in many styles but will fall into the general categories. The table lists the armors you can obtain and armor qualities are described below

Armor table

The following table describes the different combinations of armor available

ArmorCostWtHit PointsDefAtkAcrobaticsStealthAthletics
Woven Armor (Cloth)
Half Armor8 gp9 lbs40+1d6--1d6--1d6
Leather and Hide Armor
Half Armor5 gp9 lbs60+2d6-1d6-1d6--1d6
Full Armor10 gp15 lbs70+3d6-2d6-2d6--2d6
Chain Mail Armor
Half Armor15 gp25 lbs80+4d6-2d6-1d6-2d6-1d6
Full Armor20 gp35 lbs90+5d6-3d6-2d6-3d6-2d6
Steel Plate Armor
Half Armor15 gp20 lbs100+2-3d6-1d6-1d6-2d6
Full Armor25 gp45 lbs100+3-4d6-2d6-1d6-3d6
Wood/Leather5 gp10 lbs40+1-1d6-1d6--1d6
Steel/Stone10 gp15 lbs60+2d6-2d6-1d6--2d6
Buckler5 gp5 lbs30+1d6--1d6--

Armor categories

Half Armor: This armor covers the chest, stomach, and shoulders. It can also cover the waist section extending up to half of the thigh. It can provide cover to the neck area like an extended collar. In this case it may cover the lower portion of the face up to the nose

Full Armor: This complete suit of armor covers any part of the body including the head. Full armor must cover at least 75% of the body. If you are wearing Full Armor you may not also wear Half Armor

Helmet: Unlike the other armor categories, this is not an extension of another armor. A Helmet covers the head and face and must cover 75% of the head

Shield: You may wield a shield in addition to the body armors. A Shield may be of any size or shape. Wooden, leather, and steel shields require the use of one hand to carry them. Bucklers are smaller shields that are strapped to the arm and do not require a hand to carry them

Armor materials

Armor can be made out of the following materials:

Cloth: This tightly woven cloth armor is water proof unless made poorly. Attached to the cloth are small plates of wood or leather which face outward and serve as the primary protection

Leather: This armor type is comprised of the hide of any suitable animal. Various hides may yield special attributes to the armor

Mail: Comprised of small rings of metal linked together. This armor type takes a -1 penalty if hit with two consecutive full round fire attacks. The penalty is removed after the encounter ends

Steel Plate: This is the strongest protection you can acquire from an armor, and is made out of thick steel plates, as the name implies

Armor qualities

Armor Category: Described above. Bonuses from Breast Plates, Half Armor, and Full Armor cannot be combined. Take the bonuses and penalties from the type of armor that the GM assigns to the armor you are wearing

Armor Material: Described above

Defense Bonus: Armor grants a defense bonus which applies to any defensive formula used to defend yourself, and to your reaction formula. Moves which defend yourself but also block attacks against others do not apply the bonus with respect to any attack that is not affecting you

Attack Penalty: This penalty to your BAB applies to any offensive formula you use

Acrobatics Penalty: This penalty applies to all Acrobatics checks made while wearing the armor

Stealth Penalty: This penalty applies to all Stealth checks made while wearing or carrying the armor

Athletics Penalty: This penalty applies to all Athletics checks made while wearing or carrying the armor

Cost: The amount of credits an average vendor would charge for a normal set of the armor type

Shields: You may carry a shield in both hands if both hands are free, which will occupy each hand as described in the shield type. Dual wielding shields incurs an additional -2 penalty to Acrobatics and Athletics. Hands which are carrying shields may not also be used in bindings. Bucklers do not require the use of the hand

Rare Materials Armor can be made from rare metals or woods if preferred, and this will come with an increased cost depending on the material. This does not improve the defense bonus

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