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wiki:alcion bay

Alcion bay

[body of water]

Pronunciation: (AL-see-on)
Galactic Region: Perseus Arm
Galactic Branch: Sikhara Branch
Galactic Sector: N4
Star System: Sol
Planet: Terra
Related Seas: Eilc Sea
Related Continents: Aimsir
Related Nations: Koraha, Reithe, Gerth
Related Geography: Eilc Sea, Eorna Plains, Gerth Channel, Kanawehi Desert, River Faa, River Laidir, Solsikke River
Related Cities: Ceilidh, Lus Liath, Grafan, Meannan, Rohen, Taon
Surface Area: 445,000 square miles
Length: 720 miles east to west
Maximum Depth: 687 feet
Average Depth: 237 feet
Coordinates: 5° N, 15° E

A color map of Alcion Bay

Large and central bay and home to several cities, this bay is pivotal in connecting trade and culture among some of Terra's largest and most influential nations

The distance from Ceilidh to Taon or Grafan is 695 miles as the crow flies

Flora and fauna

  • Duck - Migratory bird that lives on the shores of the bay
  • Sea Slug - Found along the floor of the bay in vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows
  • Sea Sponge - Found along the floor of the bay in vibrant reds, oranges, and greens
  • Bluebells - Found along the shoreline of the bay

A paper map of Alcion Bay

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