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 +====== Academy trials ======
 +===[aotea module]===
 +//This page contains spoilers for the AotEA module//
 +At the end of each year at the Academy, students must complete a trial in order to graduate to the next year. The trials take place in the [[class schedule|Winter Semester]] between each year academic year
 +==== Trial of the Houses ====
 +The students take place in a tournament that pitts the six houses against each other. The tournament has a unique hybrid structure that the students (and the players) will be unfamiliar with
 +==== Trial of the Elements ====
 +The students of each house are accompanied by the Masters to the underside of the academy, where the Masters summon an Elemental Behemoth, and stand by as the students attempt to destroy it, ready to step in if things go awry. If a student gains the [[conditions#​dying]] condition and is not immediately attended to, the Masters will intervene
 +==== Trial of the Masters ====
 +The students of each house will spar with the Masters. If the students can last 1 minute in the ring with the Masters, they will graduate the Academy
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