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wiki:wilderness survival

Wilderness survival

skill (intelligence)

You are skilled at surviving in the wild and at navigating in the wilderness. You also excel at following trails and tracks left by others

Special: If you are trained in Survival, you can automatically determine where true north lies in relation to yourself


To find tracks or to follow them for 1 mile requires a successful Survival check. You must make another Survival check every time the tracks become difficult to follow. Alternatively, you can use the Perception skill to find a footprint or similar sign of a creature's passage using the same DCs, but you can't use Perception to follow tracks, even if someone else has already found them

You move at half your normal speed while following tracks. The DC depends on the surface and the prevailing conditions, as given on the tables below

Survival DCSurfaceExamples
EasySoft groundFresh snow, thick dust, wet mud, sand
ModerateFirm groundFields, scree
Near ImpossibleHard groundBare stone
ConditionSurvival DC Modifier
You are moving at your normal speed while tracking+1
Tracking a group of 3 or more–1
Every 24 hours since the trail was made+1
It has rained since the trail was made+1
Fresh snow since the trail was made+1
Poor visibility (Overcast, lowlight)Disadvantage
Tracked party hides trail (and moves at half speed)Add quarry's skill roll to DC
Creature SizeModifier
Fine, Diminutive, TinyDisadvantage
Small, Medium, LargeNo change
Huge, Gargantuan, CollossalAdvantage

For a group of mixed sizes, apply only the modifier for the largest size category

Action: Varies. A single Survival check may represent activity over the course of hours or a full day. A Survival check made to find tracks is at least a Standard action
Try Again Only if circumstances have changed

Hiding tracks

As a trained tracker, you learn how to hide your tracks with great skill, and you can even hide the tracks of others in your group or even those of a complete stranger. If you wish to hide the tracks of another creature over distances, you must be able to follow their tracks

You roll your wilderness survival check taking into account the modifiers below. Your result is added to the DC of anyone trying to track you

When covering tracks you move at half speed, or you may move at full speed with disadvantage

Action: Always a part of a move action
Try Again: No

Foraging and hunting

This skill applies to general hunting and foraging to provide food and water in the wilderness for yourself and others. If you are making camp, this action requires 1-2 hours depending on how plentiful your surroundings are. If doing so while travelling long distances, you move at half your speed

You provide food and water for yourself for 1 day with a DC of 1. For each additional point, you find food and water for one additional person

Try Again: Yes


Trapping represents a more industrial approach to gathering food or capturing a target creature alive. You make and set traps in an area, and then return the next day to check the traps. For each hour you spend preparing and checking traps, make a check

The DC is 1. A successful check provides enough food for one person for one day, and one extra person for every point your check exceeds the DC

You may also make a trap intended for catching larger creatures, intelligent creatures, or a specific creature, provided you have the material and location required to do so. The DC of detecting or disabling the trap is equal to your Survival roll

Detecting traps

If your character suspects the presence of traps, they can make a search for traps, which takes 1 round for every ten foot square of area searched. This is a contested skill against the skill of the person creating the trap. A successful check means that you find the trap without springing it

Rope work

Ropes are quite useful for a wide range of tasks in the wilderness, including use for building shelters and setting snares. You can also use rope for climbing, binding creatures, securing items and many other tasks

DCRope use
EasySecuring an object with a favorable anchor, fastening a bundle on a cart, fastening a door shut, undoing a poorly tied knot
ModerateSecuring rope in unfavorable conditions, using a rope in a complex machine, tying specialty knots
HardUsing rope where tolerances are minimal, or skill is involved, such as lassoing a creature or distant object, or creating a makeshift trebuchet

You may also use rope to bind a creature as a contested skill. The creature must make an Escape Bindings check against your Use Rope roll. You gain advantage on your roll when using Rope Work in this way

Create shelter

You are able to create a makeshift shelter to keep the elements and wildlife at bay. This is necessary as characters will suffer poor morale if they sleep outdoors without cover during poor weather

ShelterDurationCreation TimeDC
Immediate2-3 days1 hourEasy
Temporary1-2 months4 hoursModerate
CabinSeveral years5 daysHard
Hasty constructionHalf durationHalf creation timeIncrease difficulty one level
Scarce materialsHalf duration-Disadvantage

A cozy fire and a good shelter on a night with bad weather grants high morale

Try Again: Yes


When using a Camouflage Net, or when attempting to hide yourself or an object, you may use wilderness survival instead of Stealth to conceal yourself or an object. Your terrain must lend itself to this task, and it requires that you have a few minutes to collect and arrange the natural scenery to obscure yourself

Knowledge nature

You have knowledge of the natural world and its workings. Answering a question regarding the natural world or its history requires a check correlating to the difficulty of the question (Easy, Moderate, Hard, Near Impossible)

Knowledge geography

You have knowledge of the shape of the world and can easily identify your location and are familiar with prominent cities and landmarks. Identifying your location requires a check correlating to the amount of information you have (Easy, Moderate, Hard, Near Impossible). Knowledge of a geographical formation depends on the obscurity of the formation

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