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to do list

Rules and general

  • add an interpretation guide for the cleromancer
  • Remove control plants and split off into an advent class
  • add ship weapon and armor creation to the respective professions
  • archeologist profession?
  • make a how to play guide?
  • Add notes about celestial bridge explaining functions of absorption, mechanics behind the scenes, and the experience of the afterlife
  • make a pass clarifying the difference between range and the extent of an ability
  • game master character quick reference sheet
  • review the trident class
  • split cooldown and uses per day into separate elements - all talents
  • review and revise unecessary range/speed/element entries in all talents
  • redo the chakra hexagram on chakras to organize chakras properly and show their network with color
  • review cleromancer flow and consider boon of action 3, 2, and 1 round cooldown
  • hydromancer wave defensive rework
  • sphere rework including quick sphere class feat
  • hover rules are three seconds, review and revise
  • review ki strike for martialist, consider removing 1 rd cooldown
  • create a diagram that spatially shows each chakra and the associated gem
  • create a roll20 charactersheet
  • add more art to the IL one shot supplement and page
  • rework the map page graphic, add a page describing the physical arena
  • figure out what to do about desimancer's stat distribution
  • Drop speed for melee abilities
  • special list breakout pass on all classes
  • update the method used to calculate advantage rolls
  • move manuevers to combat?
  • consilidate navigation bar
  • add an empathic special to close quarters diplomacy
  • consider Combat training extending to all fire adept abilities
  • Change stag and raven forms to simply add stats to normal forms?
  • Talent improvement type review is on 9500
  • Fix neamhni mistwalker range, wiki/toolbox


  • fix sol's creation records and all the timelines?
  • Normalize terra's timelines by putting them on the star and planet pages, and normalize the dates
  • Update terra's timelines in the master timelines
  • ensure ascendant ki spirits align with species births
  • awakening of stone needs moving
  • roll natural spreading at yllfane inwards
  • roll natural spreading in the core in a widening spiral


Other Tools

  • Research best merchandise shop and create products
  • Create how-to-play youtube video
  • Create character sheet fill video, character creation video

Geography Pages

  • travel times for galactic map
  • upload a snap of the galaxy map and add a link to the full res version

World and Galaxy

  • Write a GM article on how the void functions
  • Work on some beasts and monster species for the galaxy
  • Add a spherical map of Terra page
  • paragraph explaining light levels in system and interplanetary space
  • add paragraph explanations for how the universe works
  • Break out organizations into separate pages, move to game master information?
  • start fleshing out the other planets
  • implement a GM page for arena combat rules, structure, and flavor. teams?
  • add adventuring crews, add profiles for their members
  • ships and information about them, categories, characteristics
  • historical events, notable locations?, notable inhabitants, flora and fauna
  • items carried to the planet by the currents? how would people of the planet explain such items? determine how the air would behave and whether or not things could drift in due to gravity
  • Create pages for atua spirits as they are created
  • seer temple galaxy maps, prayer/forehead touching greeting
  • created an empires of the galaxy timeline and ancient extinct empires, similar to the terran timeline. Create explicit paralells in terran and galactic history
  • Fix the carragh page to separate specific terran references from the galaxy at large


  • Add a page for the crhubai code
  • Add embellishment detail to physical features for newer races
  • Add section for Maturation process/timing and sexual reproduction
  • Add more or a new section on temperment
  • Adde a link to their empire page once created
  • create a new glires

Advent Classes

  • Wizard 1 - use of spell incantations and keystones bound to chakras, Word based ki enhancement system, should use the throat chakra. consider this an oath maker class, can give others oaths, boons, curses, restrictions
  • Wizard 2 - bindings between objects that require use of your chakras, not sure about this one
  • Blade, arrow, unarmed specialist three separate advent classes
  • Healer advent class
  • Elemental shapeshifting class, broken into four sub categories. should require levels in same element
  • Permanent elemental transformation class requiring high level, shapeshift class possibly, adept levels, path to deity
  • Outlaw (stealth, assassin, thief) bundle brawling grappler below and poison alchemy in as well
  • Strength based grappler - dislocation manuever (making limbs unusable for binding)
  • advent class based item bonuses
  • Floramancer - replacement of removal from hydromancy, 1/3 function, 1/3 flavor, 1/3 utility
  • shaman - totems, deities?, respect for the earth, ancestors, stories (name?)

Gaming materials

  • change the character sheet guide to include images, visually walking you through filling out a sheet
  • rework character creation page to lay out the process more explicitly
  • create a visual guide to completing the character sheet, once it is stable
  • rework the guide to leveling up a character

Social media

  • punch up twitch account a bit - not until im ready to stream session


Game Master Guide

  • A guide to the RP of damage and healing

Art Ideas

  • A workbench with tools and adventuring gear from the supplies page, for the supplies page
  • Characters engaging in the Skills, such as sleight of hand
  • x-carve, dice with class logos and site logo

Archived Material


Design and world building hours: 3,965
Research hours: 506.5
Project M: 30
Project T: 1100
Playtest person-hours: 2,124

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