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wiki:timeline of the universe

Timeline of the universe

[galactic lore]

A timeline of the major events in the Universe Click on the image above to view the full size

  • 0B Years: The universe begins to fall out of perfect balance. As this happens, matter and energy come into existence as the Ki energy of the Great Spirit differentiates
  • 0 - 2.2B Years: The matter that is materializing is entirely gas. During this time, the universe is a dark, swirling soup of gasses that grows in density as time progresses
  • 2.2B Years: Birth of the Wind Spirits, the first sentient creatures in the universe
  • 2.2B - 3.5B Years: Liquid materializes
  • 3.2B Years: Birth of the Water Spirits
  • 3.5B - 4.5B Years: Solids materialize in the form of asteroids and small planetary bodies
  • 4.25B Years: Birth of the Earth Spirits
  • 4.3B - 5.1B Years: As the universe continues to fall further out of balance, the raw Ki energy in the universe increases. At this point, chemical reactions become possible, most important of which is fire
  • 4.8B Years: Birth of the Fire Spirits
  • 4.8B - 5.2B Years: Smaller planets materialize
  • 5.1B - 5.7B Years: Formation of the stars
  • 5.2B - 5.8B Years: Larger planets materialize
  • 5.9B Years: Ki Spirits awaken within the planetary bodies
  • 6.1B - 6.6B Years: Birth of plant life
  • 6.2B - 6.93B Years: Birth of animal life
  • 6.25B - 6.94B Years: Birth of humanoid life
  • 6.95B Years: The Awakening of stone
  • 6.98B Years: The beginning of recorded history (Terra)
  • 7.1B Years: Present day*

*This is the default start date of ED6 campaigns, unless the GM decides to start the campaign at another date. Wiki pages are all written with the information being accurate as of this date

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