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Pronunciation: (TARE-ah)
Star system: Sol
Distance to Sol: 197,000 miles
Radius: 1,093 miles
Surface Area: 15M square miles
Volume: 5.5B cubic miles
Circumference: 6,867 miles
Moons: Ceol, Eala

Terra is the second planet in orbit around Sol, though it shares this distinction with Siur. Terra is home to four species of humanoids comprising several nations. It is the default starting point for standard campaigns of Elemental D6

Terran perspective

From the perspective of sentient terran humanoids, Terra is their home, and the only planet known to have sentient life. They believe that plant life may exist on other planets within their star system, but have no evidence of this. There is no public record of any terran leaving Terra, nor is there any known way of doing so, as Terran's believe that space is inhospitable due to very low temperatures and oxygen levels

Species of terra

Terra is home to four distinct humanoid species which have a high degree of interaction and are, to varying degrees, scattered across Terra's continents

  • Baumeni - Plant-like humaniod which live long lives and have a deep connection to nature
  • Carragh - Mountain dwelling rock-like humanoids which have highly structured societies
  • Humans - The most populous humanoids on Terra, humans traits vary wildly
  • Ulfar - This canine humanoid species is primarily nomadic and has a virulent warrior culture

Continents of terra

The inhabitants of Terra categorize the planet's land masses into six distinct continents:

Nations of terra

The inhabitants of Terra organize themselves into geopolitical groups. These nations have poorly defined borders in most cases

History of terra

Map of terra

Click on the maps for a larger version

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