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[planetary star]

Pronunciation: (sole)
Location: Perseus Arm, Sikhara Branch, Sector N4
Empire: None
Radius: 4,520 miles
Surface Area: 257M square miles
Volume: 387B cubic miles
Circumference: 28,385 miles

A paper map of the region surrounding the Sol star system

This star and its planetary bodies comprise the Sol star system, and is home to Terra, which is the default starting location for Elemental D6 campaigns



Sol exploded into existence roughly 5.05 billion years after the beginning of the universe. At this point the system was very dimly lit by starlight and smaller fire spirits, and Aisling was a planetoid collecting up gasses out of the swirling soup of the galaxy. The introduction of the star created a storm which lasted over 10,000 years

Timeline of the Sol Star System


  • 5,025,083,442: Sol is forged by Kajen, the astral smith
  • 5,207,463,410: The planets of the Sol star system are formed by Qijen, the planetary smith
  • 5,207,494,278: Planetary oceans in the Sol star system are formed by Namu, Sura of the seas
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