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Sailing is the primary means of travel on the planet of Terra, and the characters may wish to engage in sailing as a part of their adventures. There is a lot of reference material available on the details of sailing, Wikipedia's sailing page is a good start

For the purposes of this game, I have created some simplified mechanics for sailing to facilitate smooth gameplay

Knots (kts)

Knots can refer to wind speed or boat speed, and is usually used to indicate nautical miles per hour. For simplicity, nautical miles will be treated as if they were miles, despite the fact that they would not be the same on a planets of varying size

Wind speed

You can use the following table to generalize wind conditions

CategoryWind SpeedWave HeightSea ConditionsLand Conditions
Calm0-1 kts0 ftFlat, glassySmoke rises vertically
Light Breeze1-6 kts0-2 ftSmall waveletsSmoke drifts, leaves rustle, Wind vanes begin to move
Breeze6-15 kts2-6 ftSmall waves with breaking crestsFlags are extended, small branches move
Strong Breeze15-30 kts6-12 ftWave crests foam, airborne spray beginsTrees sway, Umbrella use difficult
High Winds30-40 kts12-25 ftFoam is blown into streaks, considerable airborne sprayWhole trees in motion, walking into the wind is seriously impeded
Gale40-50 kts25-30 ftDense foam and airborne spray reduce visibilityBranches break off trees, some small trees blow over
Storm50-60 kts30-50 ftHigh waves with overhanging crestsTrees broken or uprooted, widespread damage likely
Hurricane60+ kts50+ ftHuge waves, driving airborne spray, greatly reduced visibilityUnsecured objects hurled about, severe widespread damage

Sailing in difficult conditions

As the wind speed increases, the forces on the sails quadruples, requiring the reduction of the surface area of the sails exposed to the wind, which is called reefing. Additional strategies include the use of storm sails, dragging storm drogues (nets), dragging anchors, or working the rudder against the sails (heaving to). The exact strategies and amount of sail reduced varies from boat to boat; the table below generalizes the use of these strategies, as well as giving the difficulty check required to successfully sail in those conditions

Wind ConditionsSailing DCReefing Strategies
CalmTrivialFull Sail
Light BreezeEasyFull Sail
BreezeEasyFull Sail
Strong BreezeModerateFirst and Second Reef
High WindsModerateThird Reef, Storm sails
GaleHardHeave to
StormHardSea anchor or Storm Drogue deployed
HurricaneNear ImpossibleAll of the above
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