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wiki:rules compendium

elemental d6 rules

All the rules for Elemental D6 and gaming materials

Rules PageTopic List
AbilitiesAbility scores, character creation, ability checks
Advent ClassesClass list, class feats, repeating advent classes
ArmorArmor list, categories, materials, qualities
ConditionsList of conditions that affect characters
CombatCombat actions, initiative, movement, range, cover, concealment, advantage
DamageDamage, healing, critical rolls, non-lethality, death
ExperienceEncounter experience, level pacing
FeatsGeneral feats, advent feats, class feats, skill feats
FlyingFlying, hovering, ascent/descent, free fall, collision
GearGear, animals, supplies, services, repair
Hex GridAttack types, area types
KeystonesKeystone rules, keystone list
ManeuversManuever types, rules
Multi-classingMulticlassing rules, power limits
SailingSailing speeds, conditions, difficulty checks
SkillsSkill checks, skill list, cooperation, deliberation, legendary skill
TalentsTalent legend
TricksClass trick lists
WeaponsWeapon rules, types, special weapons
GlossaryAll terms

Character sheet


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