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[ki spirit]

Pronunciation: (ROO-dren)
Type: Sura
Element: Air
Domain: Sikhara Branch
Awakening: 2.3B
Humanoid Forms: Pheresata
Animal Totem: Falcon

Rudran is an ancient sura of air, born after Wodnes the Deva of Air, Fujen, the eldest Sura of Air, and Enli. Rudran is the sura of the storm and fierce winds. Any sailor who braves the galactic ocean knows of Rudran the “Roaring Sura”. Rudran is a free spirit, rushing across the galaxy far from the saftey of his domain, the Sikhara branch. He rarely takes interest in humanoid affairs, though he does unintentionally cause great turbulence wherever he travels. The exception to his disinterest is when humanoids pollute the galactic stream, to which his reaction has been quite violent

The path of Rudran

Rudran does not actively foster a humanoid following, but has many admirers nonetheless. Foremost among these are the Tridents, powerful ki users that emulate Rudran's wild ways. They believe the Rudran watches over them and lends them strength. This is true in part at least, as the Tridents follow Rudran's philosophy which seamlessly balances running wild with following the grain of the universe


Rudran's pure elemental form is an elongated tetrahedron. His humanoid elemental form has a slender, medium build. Rudran's animal form is a falcon, which he uses exclusively when appearing as an animal

When dealing with humanoids, Rudran manifests exclusively as a middle aged male pheresata with dark brown salt and pepper hair, medium skin, grey eyes, and wings of mixed white, black and brown. In this form, his hands are often elongated with long sharp talons. He wears his hair in long, curling locks, sometimes pulled back and bound losely behind his head. He wears minimal clothing made of simple cloth in greys, browns and whites, though he is known for his distinctive, deep red scarf which stands out against the muted colors of his clothing. In his hand, he weilds an ancient three-tipped spear ravaged over the eons by the salt-ridden gales of ocean storms

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