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captain Ronja deniau


A picture of Ronja Deniau, the Baumeni Captain of the Venture Pronunciation: (RONE-jah den-NYAO)
Home Planet: Siur
Species: Baumeni
Sex: N/A
Gender: Agender
Age: 458
Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 6' 1”
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Grey with orange moss
Hair Color: Green with lilac flowers
Class: Hydromancer, Seer

Organizations: Captain of the Venture

The Venture has a reputation across the galaxy. With its captain Ronja Deniau at the helm, it roams the galaxy on a mission of exploration, peace, and good will. The Venture is known for brokering disputes between empires, rescuing ships in distress, and charting several sectors of the galaxy

Captain Ronja is an enigmatic leader, affable in conversation but ultimately reserved when it comes to personal matters. Ronja is an archeologist, historian, and student of philosophy, who will often directly participate in the exploration of a planet or the excavation on a dig site. The crew of the Venture are known for their loyalty to the ship and their love of its captain. Ronja commands respect with a subtle, undeniable charisma

The ship is large, especially for a science and exploration vessel. It has often been compared to a flying space station instead of a ship. The ship is primarily constructed of stone, and has several decks. Due to the ship's size and engine configuration, it cannot easily enter a planet's gravity well. It is equipped with a landing bay capable of launching 3 smaller ships, including a mobile science station for planetary exploration. The ship is also equipped with an aboretum and hydroponics bay which are capable of producing food for the ships crew of 340. The arboretum has species of plants from over 75 planets, including 3 endangered species, as well as a seed library from well over 100 planets. While the ship is relatively quite slow, it is able to manipulate its shape to gain considerable speed in the galactic streams

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