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wiki:recall knowledge

Recall knowledge

skill (intelligence)

This skill represents a studious nature in the character who puts ranks into it. They have a broad range of knowledge on many topics, and sometimes they seem to know things they shouldn't be able to know. They also have subjects which interest them, for which their knowledge runs deep

When taking a rank in this skill, choose a knowledge area in which to specialize. You may make Knowledge checks in these areas of knowledge at advantage. Additionally, you may make knowledge checks in any other area of study you have not chosen, but at disadvantage

The following is a list of knowledge areas, which your GM may supplement at their discretion

Anatomy, Arts, Biology, Ki and Bindings, Finances, Geography, Herbs, History, Local, Medicine, Nature, Politics, Society, Spirits, Streetwise, Trading

Knowledge of a subject also grants knowledge on the history of that subject, if applicable

Recalling a piece of knowledge requires a check correlating to the obscurity of the knowledge (Easy, Moderate, Hard, Near Impossible)

Try Again: Usually no. A knowledge roll determines whether you know something or not. If you fail the check, it means you do not know the information in question. Unless something changes that would affect your knowledge on a subject


An Appraise check determines the value of an item. If your fail the check, you determine the price of that item incorrectly within 50% of the item's true value

Item obscurityAppraisal DC/Modifier
Item's value is disguisedDisadvantage

You can also use this check to determine the most valuable item visible in a group of items. You identify the most valuable item your check allows for

Action: Standard
Try Again: No

Ki and Bindings

Specializing in this knowledge area allows the character to determine which ability is being used by the body movements of their opponents by passing a DC 1. Once known, the character can recall the details of the ability including mechanics and effects

Opponents with ranks in Sleight of Hand can attempt to disguise their actions, making this a contested check

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