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[ki spirit]

Pronunciation: (KEY-gen)
Type: Sura
Element: Earth
Domain: Sikhara Branch
Awakening: 4.25B
Humanoid Forms: Human
Animal Totem: Gorilla

Qijen is the eldest Sura of Earth, born after Iweiru the Deva of Earth, and before the other Suras of earth. As such Qijen is the strongest of the earth Suras. Qijen is the builder of planets and works hand in hand with Kajen the eldest Sura of fire to bring new planets into existence. Together this pair are known as the smiths of creation. In order to create a planet, Qijen searches the galaxy for special earth that is suitable for bringing out the proper character of the new planet, which Qijen considers an art form. Quijen and Kajen are often found searching together far outside the boundaries of their respective domains, travelling together to offset their diminished power while outside their own domain


Qijen's pure elemental form is an elongated octahedron. In humanoid elemental form, Qijen has a massive build, and is comprised of extremely dense stone. Qijen's animal form is a Gorilla

When dealing with humanoids, Qijen often appears in humanoid elemental form, unless direct communication is necessary. In this case, Quijen prefers to appear as an older male or female human with a muscular build, medium skin, green eyes, and long white hair drawn into at least one braid. Qijen typically appears with minimal and simple apparel made from rough cloth, and is often wielding a large blacksmith's hammer made of dark stone that looks similar to obsidian

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