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skill (intelligence)

When you take your first rank in this skill, you must choose two types of performance from the list These chosen types are the only ones you may use when making a Perform check

You may use a performance to make money, to improve opinions of you, or to improve the mood of a group in general

A performance of 2 or higher grants advantage on Investigation checks made to gather information from those who were able to hear the performance, or on Diplomacy checks made to bluff, persuade, or negotiate with those able to hear the performance

Perform DCPerformance
1Routine performance
2Enjoyable performance, someone will buy you a drink. If busking, generates 1d6 gold per day
3Extraordinary performance, emotionally connects with everyone hearing it. If busking, generates 4d6 gold per day
4+Impossible performance, the audience is actually confused by your skill, your reputation spreads like wildfire


Oration deals with the ability to tell an enchanting tale or a gripping epic, or the ability to give an inspirational speech. It is also used for eloquence of speech in general. When a character with ranks in oration speaks, their words have a natural gravity and beauty

A check of 2 or higher grants advantage on Diplomacy checks, without a performance


Singing pertains to any song, be it a rousing tavern tune or a beautiful piece of opera. Song is a common way to influence an entire barroom positively in your favor. When choosing Song as one of your performance types, pick a type of song as your specialty. When singing this type of song, you receive advantage on your Perform check


Dancing relates to all kinds of dance, from freestyle to ballet. A character who has ranks in dance moves with natural grace and beauty. You may not select dance as one of your performance types if you have a dexterity score of 3 or lower. When selecting dance as one of your performance types, you may pick a type of dance as your specialty. When performing this type of dance, you receive advantage on your Perform check


Acting deals with the portrayal of a character, usually in a structured performance, but not always

A check of 2 or higher grants advantage on Stealth checks made to hide in crowded areas

Play instrument

Play Instrument refers to your skill in playing with a particular instrument or family of similar instruments. You may select Play Instrument as your performance type more than once, each time that you do this you pick a different instrument or instrument group

You have passing skill when playing other instruments and with a few hours practice can pick up crude skill with other instruments. All performances made with the instrument in which you specialize are made at advantage

Knowledge arts

You have knowledge of the arts, both now, and throughout history. Answering a question regarding the performing arts requires a check correlating to the difficulty of the question (Easy, Moderate, Hard, Near Impossible) You gain advantage on questions related to your chosen expertise


You may use your ranks in Perform to make a bluff check, but only if you have chosen Oration or Acting as one of your performance types

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