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skill (intelligence)

Perception has to do with your physical senses and how alert you are at all times

The following modifiers apply to any perception check

ConditionDC Modifier
Unfavorable ConditionsDisadvantage
Favorable ConditionsAdvantage
Perceiver is asleep+1
Target is invisible+1, and Disadvantage
Far distance to the targetIncreases difficulty level per GM discretion


Listen can be used to check if a player hears a certain sound they are listening for, such as discussion on which they are eavesdropping. It can also be used to see if they are paying attention to what they are listening to, such as whether or not they hear the sound of a swarm of bees approaching. It is also against a creature using stealth in the players presence

Hear the sound of fightingEasy
Hear the details of a conversationEasy
Hear the sound of a creature walkingEasy
Hear the details of a whispered conversationModerate
Hear the sound of a key being turned in a lockHard
Hear a bow being drawnHard
Hear a owl glidingNear Impossible
Hear a creature using StealthOpposed by Stealth
Hear a creature attempting to bind air or water quietlyOpposed by Stealth, Disadvantage
Hear a creature attempting to bind fire or earth quietlyOpposed by Stealth, Advantage

The following modifiers apply to listening:

Condition DC Modifier
Through a closed doorDisadvantage
Through a wall+1

Action: Reactive Listen checks are not part of an action. Actively listening is a swift action
Try Again: Yes, but only if the volume or nature of the sound changes


This deals with your ability to notice details or a creature using stealth in your vicinity. It measures your general awareness but also your visual acuity

Task Perception Difficulty
Notice a visible creature in plain sightEasy
Notice an obvious detailEasy
Notice that something has changedModerate
Notice a subtle or hidden detailHard
Notice a creature attempting to hide from youOpposed by Stealth

Your visual acuity is your ability to see details at a distance. The measurement 20/20 signifies normal vision, that you are able to see details at 20 feet that a normal human can see at 20 feet. 40/20 would mean that at a distance of 40 feet, you can see the same detail that a normal person sees at 20 feet

Each rank in Perception strengthens your visual acuity by 1 foot (Maximum 20). For example, a player starting with normal vision, who gains 10 ranks in Perception would have 30/20 vision. Players are assumed to start with 20/20 vision unless otherwise noted in their character description

Action: Reactive Spot checks are not part of an action
Try Again: Yes, if the target object has changed, moved, or conditions have improved since the last check

Other senses

You can also detect smells, identify substances by taste, and feel movements in the ground

TaskPerception DC
Detect the smell of smokeEasy
Determine if food is spoiledEasy
Identify the ingredients of food by tasteModerate
Distinguish between two similar herbs by feel, smell, or tasteHard
Sense a burrowing creature underneath youHard
Notice a pickpocketOpposed by Sleight of Hand


If your character is permanently unable to see or to hear, they gain advantage on all perception checks made with their unaffected senses, after only a day or two of disability

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