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Pronunciation: Nereid (NER-id)
Pronunciation, Plural: Neridae (NER-ih-day)
Homeworld: None
Empire: None

The Neridae are a species of small humanoids with a strong connection to nature. They often live exclusively in the forests and other natural environments and are revered as spirits of nature by some cultures

Physical description

Nereid Aeromancer Neridae have small, slight builds that are similar to a human, though much smaller. Their hair is comprised of vines and will often bloom with small flowers during the spring or summer months. All three genders have androgynous, delicate features, and can be difficult for other species to distinguish between them. Their heads and eyes are slightly larger than a human's, proportionally.

Heterochromia is common in the eyes and skin. Their irises and pupils are subtly divided into three seperate segments. The curvature of each segment bulges slightly, giving the eyes a slightly more triangular shape. Each segment is often colored differently when the Nereid has Heterochromia. Their ears are slightly pointed at the tips. Their skin ranges from very pale to very dark, but also rarely includes shades of natural greens, lighter blues, and deep reds


The Neridae have good relations with most of the galaxy, despite having relatively little contact. They are typically seen as peaceful creatures, and sightings are generally considered to be a good omen. Some cultures believe that they are spirits of nature, and are careful not to offend them. The Neridae have a reputation for ruthless violence in the face of wanton destruction of the natural environment

The Neridae have a special relationship with the Sylphen, often cohabiting the wild lands of their home planets. Many Sylphen consider the Neridae a sister species


While most of the Neridae are happy to live in the wild lands on their home planets, some are stricken with a wanderlust, and a few geniunely love living in populated areas. Those that do travel among the stars tend to be carefree and exuberant, rarely running into anyone willing to do them direct harm

Species traits

Hit Point Formula: Res + 2d6 + 2
Child of Nature: -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +3 Resolve
Small: +1 size bonus to BDB when you are the target of the attack, 1d6 size bonus to Stealth
Movement Speed: Neridae have a base movement speed of 40 feet
Forest Walker: Gain Wilderness Survival as a Skill Focus, +1 bonus to Perception
Natural Sight: Gain Darkvision 30 feet. Once per day when in a healthy, natural environment, you are able to activate Truesight for 1 minute

Physical characteristics

Life Exp.300-850 years
Adulthood35 years
DietPlants, Water
SexesF, M, N
Eye colorsPale Green, Blue, Grey, Rose, Lavender, Yellow
Hair ColorGreen
Skin ColorPale to dark flesh tones, natural greens, light blues, deep reds
Height Range (adult)3' 9” - 4' 5”
Weight Range (adult)40-90 lbs
Size CategorySmall
Base Movement Speed40 ft
Swim Speed25 ft
Burrow Speed (if applicable)20 ft

A headshot of a female Nereid

Randomly generating characteristics

You may wish to randomly generate the physical characteristics of your character. To do so, you may use the following formulas.

Age30d6 years
Height2d6 + 43 inches
Weight(4d6 x 2) + 35 lbs

Gender Roll 2d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueGender

Eye Color: Roll 3d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueEye Color
3-7Pale Green

Skin Color: Roll 3d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueSkin color
3Very pale skin
4-5Pale skin
6Pale skin with freckles
7Light green skin
8Light skin
9Light skin with freckles
10Light blue skin
11-12Medium skin
13Medium skin with freckles
14Dark skin
15Dark skin with freckles
16-17Very dark skin
18Deep red skin
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