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[ki spirit]

Pronunciation: (NAM-oo)
Type: Sura
Element: Water
Domain: Galactic Core
Awakening: 3.3B
Humanoid Forms: Human, Nereid
Animal Totem: Sea Serpent

Namu is an ancient Sura of Water, born after Dhanu the Deva of Water, Sujen, the eldest Sura of water, and Khnue, the second oldest Sura of Water. Namu is the Sura of the seas and the mother of humanoid life alongside Dhanu. She is benevolent and extremely powerful, watching over humanoid life and often brashly confronting and battling with the other Suras in defense of mortals. Namu has considerable healing capabilities which she uses without reserve


Namu's pure elemental form is a truncated icosahedron, though she rarely takes this form. Her humanoid elemental form is slender and shorter, which she uses more often. Her animal form is a large and ferocious sea serpent

Her humanoid forms are decidely less intimidating. She appears as an older human or nereid female. As a human she is tall with medium skin, long blond-white hair, and rose colored eyes, which do not occur naturally in humans. As a nereid she has similar features but her hair is vinelike and her build is also in keeping with nereid physiology. She wears simple, elegant clothing in white, grey and light green colors

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