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Pronunciation: Nahual (NAH-whal)
Pronunciation, Plural: Nahuali (nah-WHAL-ee)
Homeworld: Uteki
Empire: None

Of all the species in Ardemare, the Nahuali are the most mysterious. Their unique ability to shift between a feline and human form has lead to a deep misunderstanding and distrust of the species, which is mostly unearned. For this reason, the Nahuali seem rare to even the most experienced galactic travelers, as the Nahuali rarely use their feline form in public spaces. Nahuali also tend to live solitary lives, with little connection to their species as a whole. In addition to changing their physical appearance, Nahuali can also jump between two distances using a technique that appears similar to Neamhni abilites, though the ability is instinctual for Nahuali. They call this ability the Spirit Step and it is a well kept Nahuali secret that they even possess the ability at all

Physical description

  • Human Form - In this form, Nahuali have no physiological differences from Humans
  • Nahuali Form - In this form they have fur covered, humanoid shaped bodies with a tail, claws on the hands and feet, a inverted shin, and feline facial features that resemble panthers, tigers, cheetahs, or leopards
  • Feline Form - This form is a quadrepadal form with features identical to whatever cat their Nahuali form takes. This form is inditiguishable from a normal animal of the same type. In this form, using ki is awkward but not impossible

Between forms their weight remains relatively stable. To transform, the Nahuali use their Spirit Step ability. When shifting, clothing or other worn items can be temporarily left in the spirit realm and recovered when shifting back


Nahuali are feared and regarded as thieves, sneaks, and in some cases, assasins. As such the Nahuali generally avoid revealing their identity, even to close companions. Nahuali do not tend to return the grudge, at least not to any specific species, instead regarding all species with fundamental distrust


Almost all Nahuali are solitary creatures. For some this means wandering the forests of a world, for others it is exploring the stars with a small band of allies. It is not uncommon for Nahuali to travel with strangers for years without revealing their identity

Species traits

Hit Point Formula: Res + 3d6
Adaptable: +1 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence
Medium: +1 bonus to grapple maneuvers against smaller targets
Movement Speed: Nahuali have a base movement speed of 30 feet
Spirit Step: As a swift action, Nahuali can step through the void, moving ten feet in any direction without traversing the distance. Upon exiting the void, the Nahuali can assume their human or Nahuali form. This ability can only be used every other round
Feline Instincts: Gain Stealth as a Skill Focus at level 1, +1 bonus to checks made to identify another Nahuali in human their form
Feline Form: (quadrapedal animal form) Gain Advantage on Stealth checks, movement speed increases by 10 feet, and Darkvision 30 feet. Incurs a 3d6 penalty to offensive or defensive formulas that does not apply to melee actions
Nahuali Form: (bipedal humanoid form) When attacking with a melee strike using claws or fangs, deal 3 additional damage. This damage is always lethal

Physical characteristics

Life Exp.90-120 yrs
Adulthood15-20 yrs
DietPlants, Meat, Dairy, Water
SexesF, M
Human Eye Colors (ordered by frequency)Brown, Black, Green, Blue, Grey
Human Hair ColorBlack, Brown, Blond, Red, White
Human Skin ColorFlesh tones from very dark to very pale
Nahuali Eye ColorsBlack, Brown, Green, Blue, Grey, Yellow
Nahuali Fur ColorsBlack, Grey/Brown, Grey/Brown/White, Black/White/Orange, Black/White/Brown
Height Range (adult)5' 2” - 6' 6”
Weight Range (adult)90-250 lbs
Size CategoryMedium
Base Movement Speed30 ft
Swim Speed20 ft
Burrow Speed (if applicable)15 ft

Randomly generating characteristics

You may wish to randomly generate the physical characteristics of your character. To do so, you may use the following formulas

Age3d6 + 15 years
Height3d6 + 60 inches
Weight(5d6 x 6) + 65 lbs
Gender1d6, evens/odds

Human Eye Color: Roll 3d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueHuman Eye Color

Human Hair Color: Roll 2d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueHuman Hair Color

Human Skin Color: Roll 3d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueHuman Skin Color
3-4Very pale skin
5Pale skin
6Pale skin with freckles
7-8Light skin
9Light skin with freckles
10-11Medium skin
12Medium skin with freckles
13-14Dark skin
15Dark skin with freckles
16-18Very dark skin

Nahuali Eye Color: Roll 3d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueNahuali Eye Color

Nahuali Fur Color: Roll 2d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueNahuali Hair Color
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