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skill (intelligence)

For the direct restoration of wounds using ki, see Healing


This skill allows a practitioner of medicine to identify what is ailing a player based on the symptoms showing. If the symptoms are readily apparent, this skill may be used as a “Spot check” for a player noticing that another player is suffering, even if the player has not actively attempted to diagnose the patient

AilmentDifficulty or Modifier
Symptoms are easy to spotEasy
Some symptoms are not obvious, or are conflictingModerate
Most symptoms are hidden, or are strongly conflictingHard
Common ailmentAdvantage
Rare ailmentDisadvantage

Cure diseases

If a character suffers from a disease, use the table below. Requires a successful diagnosis

Mild, common ailmentEasy
Uncommon ailmentModerate
Rare ailmentHard
Virulent ailment in late stagesNear Impossible
Disease with no known cureNear Impossible

Neutralize poison

When a character suffers from a poison, the medicine skill is the only way to aid that player. In order to neutralize a poison, your medicine roll must exceed the DC of the poison, with the following modifiers:

ConditionsDC or Modifier
Common poisons or natural and mild toxinsEasy
Uncommon poisons with negative effectsModerate
Lethal poisonsHard
You do not have the antidoteDisadvantage
The poisons entered the blood stream directlyDisadvantage
No antidote existsNear Impossible, Disadvantage

If you succeed at the DC the poison is neutralized, and all negative conditions are removed immediately

Long term care

You care for a patient over a longer period of time, doing whatever is required to aid their recovery. The difficulty check corresponds to the heal check for healing the initial injury or disease. A successful check speeds recovery by 50%

Knowledge anatomy

You have knowledge of the anatomy of humanoids and their inner workings, provided you are familiar with a species or have had time to study them. Answering a question regarding anatomy requires a check correlating to the difficulty of the question (Easy, Moderate, Hard, Near Impossible)

You may use this skill for the anatomy of unfamiliar species, but at disadvantage

Knowledge medicine

You have knowledge of medicinal practices and history. You also have knowledge of the medicinal properties of substances, foods, plants, etc. To determine if you have knowledge about a particular medicinal item requires a check correlating to the difficulty of the question (Easy, Moderate, Hard, Near Impossible)

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