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Species: Tyroi
Sex: Female
Gender: Cis
Age: 55 years
Weight: 147 lbs
Height: 5' 5”
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Class: Martialist, Seer

Organizations: Captain of the Alban Dream

Having earned the rank of captain several years ago, McKaty mostly leaves ship operations to her first officer, prefering to devote her time and focus to the ship's primary mission, serving as a diplomatic envoy for Tyrus, and occasionally taking on diplomatic mission on behalf of the Pharis Ascendency. Known for her ability to navigate political and tactical landscapes, McKaty brings her intelligence to bear in diplomatic engagements, finding clever and unorthodox solutions

While her reputation for being a tough negotiator preceeds her, in person she is cheerful and unassuming. She is on the taller side as far as Tyroi go. Many who interact with her say they feel like she can see into their very soul. She is also a practiced Seer, with a focus on clairvoyance. She will often credit her Seer training when taking credit for intuitively knowing the future or someone's inner motivation. In truth, this ability comes naturally to many Tyroi, and she has it in spades

She has received several commendations from the governing council on Tyrus, and is widely credited with keeping peace in the upper galactic core despite growing tensions for the past several years

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