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[ki spirit]

Pronunciation: (KOH-die)
Type: Sura
Element: Earth
Domain: Galactic Core
Awakening: 4.26B
Humanoid Forms: All forms, most frequently Karenu
Animal Totem: Turtle

Kodhai is an ancient Sura of Earth, born after Iweiru, the Deva of Earth and Qijen, the eldest sura of earth. Kodhai is the Sura of creation, the designer of all sentient mortal species. Kodhai is very fond of all life but takes an especially keen interest in the rational species. This fondness, however, does not necessary translate to direct aid, as Kodhai is careful not to show favoritism to any particular species, and will rarely help a creature engaged in direct conflict

Kohdai has a strong bong with Atea and Idaten, a relationship that humanoids would characterize as romantic


Kodhai's pure elemental form is an elongated octahedron, and has a humanoid elemental form that has no special characteristics. Kodhai appears as humanoids from all species, in all genders, and with extremely variant physical features. Though typically appearing as young adult versions of humanoid species, Kodhai is the only ki spirit known to regularly appear as a child. Also, while most sura's eyes glow in humanoid form, Kodhai is able to completely supress this glow, which is a soft yellow light. Because of this ability, some cultures consider it imperative to be kind to young travelers or strangers, on the off chance that it might be Kodhai. Kodhai is also known to take many animal forms, but is partial to the turtle, one of the very first species


Though Kodhai appears in many forms there is one form taken more often, and that is of the Karenu, which Kodhai uses exclusively when appearing those Karenu that serve Kodhai. These Karenu travel across the galaxy doing tasks both small and large for the sura

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