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Captain Kirach winterwolf


Pronunciation: (KEER-ach)
Home System: Ixxn
Species: Karenu
Gender: Male
Age: 531
Weight: 340 lbs
Height: 6' 3”
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Color: Dark Grey
Hair Color: White
Class: Martialist

Organizations: Captain of the Sunstrider

Standing at 6' 3”, Kirach is a little short for a Karenu. Quiet and calm, Kirach emanates a serenity that belies his adventurous spirit. Kirach wears simple clothing fit for an active adventurer, and carries a wooden staff. One of his tusks is broken, half of it sheared clean off in a run-in with a belligerent Ignel. As captain of the Sunstrider, Kirach has traveled past the center of the galaxy and back, developing a unique perspective on the nature of the galaxy. Through these travels, Kirach has aquired students and companions who wish to learn Kirach's unique principles and their application

Kirach adheres to a natural philosophy of ki manipulation, instead of a more traditional, diciplined approach. Instead of focusing on your chakras or learning the intricacies of their functions, Kirach focuses on goals, strength of spirit, and clarity of mind. He also disregards the notion of Ki Spirits as sentimental nonsense

The Sunstrider is an Outlander class ship of human design, a relic from the golden age of starship racing that once dominated in several species in the Galactic Core. The ship specialized in interplanetary racing, and is now used by adventurers and criminals who want to maintain a certain distance from law enforcement and opportunistic raiders alike

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