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[ki spirit]

Pronunciation: (KAH-gen)
Type: Sura
Element: Fire
Domain: Nabhi Branch
Awakening: 4.83B
Humanoid Forms: Human, Zeol
Animal Totems: Lion

Kajen is an ancient Sura of Fire, born after Mori the Deva of Fire and is the oldest Sura of Fire. Kajen is the Sura of creativity, beginnings, and ambition. Kajen is the Astral Smith, giving birth to the stars, working closely with Qijen to create planetary systems. Together these two travel the galaxy looking for suitable materials to give birth to new planets, new stars, new worlds


Kajen's pure elemental form is a truncated tetrahedron, and their humanoid elemental form burns with a calm blue fire. When taking the form of an animal, Kajen heavily favors the lion

When taking humanoid form, Kajen mostly takes the form of a Zeol, but occasionally takes human form. As a Zeol, Kajen has a slight build and takes a male or female form based on mood or circumstance. In this form, Kajen has amber eyes, auburn and black fur. Kajen wears no clothing, but has a simple silver nose ring, from which hangs an obsidian keystone

In human form, Kajen has a ruddy complexion, jet black eyes, wild dirty blond hair, a slender build, and androgenous physical features. Kajen wears a close fitting jerkin made of pear green cloth and brown breeches. In human form, Kajen has a silver earring but without the obsidian keystone

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