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wiki:iron labyrinth one shot

The iron labyrinth

This page contains spoilers for the Iron Labyrinth one-shot

The Iron Labyrinth one-shot is a standalone adventure designed to accomodate both experienced players and first-time players, even if they have never played a tabletop role playing game


The characters are applicants on their way to participate in tryouts for the Caireal City Owlcats, a professional team in the Galactic Iron Labyrinth League (GILL). The Iron Labyrinth is a timed challenge in which competitors navigate a metal maze of physical and mental challenges to score points. To prove that they are worthy to join the Owlcats, the characters will traverse the practice arena in the Owlcat clubhouse, without a time limit. If they perform well enough, they wil be accepted as Owlcats cubs. MEOWHOO!

Insert a map of the Iron Labyrinth here

Running time

The module takes an average of four hours to complete

The module is designed to be run with 1-6 players. That said, having fewer players may result in elements the party does not control, making some puzzles difficult or impossible to solve

Game master supplement

In addition to the information here on this page, this supplemental package will give you all the materials you need to print, hand out to your players, or use for your reference while running the game.

How to run this one-shot

Reading this section will prepare you for running the Iron Labryinth one shot. This guide assumes that you generally know how to play elemental d6. If you do not, you don't need to learn everything about the game, but you should be familiar with the following concepts:

Step 1

The first step is to download the supplement above and have it handy while you are reading the rest of this guide. The supplement is intended to supply the game master with reference information to make running the game smoother, as well as providing you with handouts to give the players as appropriate. The first page of the supplement gives you a table of contents and a quick explanation of what each section is for. Read this page and skim over the supplement package before continuing

Step 2

Familiarize yourself with the main content of the Labyrinth. Primarily this consists of the Initial Setup, the Challenges, and the Puzzles

  • For the initial setup, simply read over the Scenario Setup (page 17) in the supplement
  • For the challenges, first review the Arena Map (page 18) and then read the Challenges (page 19-20)
  • For the puzzles, you can familiarize yourself with each puzzle using the links below. Once you are familiar with each, skim over the supplement pages for the puzzles (pages 21-31)

Labyrinth Puzzles

Step 3

Familiarize yourself with the pre-made characters by first reading the character biographies in the supplement (pages 2-4), and then reading over their character sheets (pages 5-16). Learning the character's capabilities ahead of time will save time during the session

There are six premade characters to go along with this module. Having more than six players can work, if an emphasis on avoiding combat is emphasized before the session. You can play this module with as few as one player, though special accomodations will need to be made, and some of the premade characters will fare better than others

Playing the Labyrinth with fewer characters

Step 4

Read over the remaining information in the supplement

  • There is a page with stats for the elementals in case the players get into a combat situation (page 32), and a reference sheet with some basic formulas and references for combat (page 33). This page also has a compact list of each player's abilities for your reference
  • There is also a sheet for the final challenge, which may or may not involve combat depending on how the players behave

Step 5 - run it

You now have all the knowledge you need to run this scenario

  • Before the session, print up the supplement in its entirety
  • Some of the supplement handouts should be cut in half ahead of time
  • Before the session, draw out the map on a battlemat in advance of the session
  • Once everyone arrives, hand out the character biographies and have the players choose their characters. If you would like, you can also read the abstract or include it in the invitation so that the players know what to expect when choosing a character
  • Once characters have been selected, hand out the character sheets to the players and give them a minute to look them over
  • Once ready to begin, read off the setup page to the players (page 17) and then hand off the action to the players

I sincerely hope you have as much fun playing this as I had making it

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