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wiki:ian mccready

Captain Ian mcCready


A picture of Ian McCready, a Zeol captain holding a spear and wearing light armor Pronunciation: (EE-an mik-CRAY-dee)
Home Planet: Siur
Species: Zeol
Sex: Male
Gender: Cis
Age: 140
Weight: 290 lbs
Height: 6' 4”
Eye Color: Amber
Fur Color: Golden Brown
Skin Color: N/A
Class: Martialist

Organizations: Captain of the Pride

Captain Ian McCready is a starship captain from the illustrious and historic line of captains in the McCready clan. He has served on the the Pride for just over 105 years. He started out as a young Zeol serving on his father's ship, inheriting the command and serving as its captain for the past 65 years. The Pride's current crew complement is 35 sailors, comprised mostly of zeol from the family clan, but with a few notable crew members from other races that the clan has adopted over the years

There are currently eight other ships in the clan's armada, though the Pride continues to be the flagship. The other ships in the fleet are led by other Zeol from the clan; cousins, nieces, nephews. The fleet focuses on trading and transport contracts, but is too well armed for a simple merchant ship. On account of their reputation, the clan A headshot of Ian McCready is often requisitioned to handle diplomatic and even military missions throughout the galaxy. The Pride is a Destroyer class ship which was salvaged after being lost in a long forgotten battle in the Sol system. It has a regal elegance that lends the ship the presence fitting for a flagship of the McCready clan

The ship is run with a strict eye for peak performance, despite lacking a formal hierarchy or military ranking system. The ship does have a first officer, Leoric Dunne, whose skill as a sailor and a soldier is known throughout the fleet. The crew of the Pride have a strong bond of loyalty to the ship and the captain, many having served with the ship for over 50 years, well above the average for the fleet. A few members of the crew have served even longer than the captain, often referred to as the “Old Guard”

Art by RMilanis

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