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Pronunciation: (DREH-key)
Homeworld: Drekis
Empire: Drekian Dominion

The Dreki (DREH-key) are a solitary species, living in small families in the wilds of planets across the galaxy, preferring desert planets. Dreki remain with their families until they find a mate and have their first offspring. They will then split off and start a new family, while the parents start a new litter. Dreki dig burrows for their habitation using petramancy, which is their predominant elemental affinity

Physical description

Dreki Fire Adept To many, the Dreki have an intimidating physical appearance. They have a solid physical build that stands as tall as a Carragh. Their four legs and lower torso are covered in a plated carapace, which extends up the spine, connecting to the secondary set of arms. Their four legs each come down to a point, causing them to produce a clittering noise when they walk on hard surfaces. The carapace is bioluminescent, glowing near the edges with a dull light at night which brightens when they are emotionally charged or are in heat. Their upper torso is human in form, but with a second set of arms under the shoulder that are covered in carapace and have pincers. The upper torso is hairless save head hair and facial hair in the male sex. Their facial features tend to be broadly set. They have three naturally occurring holes in each ear, through which they place bones, metal jewelry, or hang small wooden beads. They grow long hair which they bind up in braids and ties also adorned with trinkets. The males tend to keep their beards cut short


While the majority of Dreki avoid all contact with civilized society, there are a few that venture among the stars. They are generally met with fear and suspicion, though less so in major cities where their presence is more common. The general consensus is that if you leave them alone you won't get any trouble from them as the prefer to keep to themselves


Dreki adventurers are extremely rare. It usually takes the loss of one's family, both immediate and extended, for a Dreki to break with their preferred lifestyle. Families will rarely take in another Dreki that is not blood related, and so these Dreki are forced to look elsewhere for a sense of beloning. They find it wherever they can, which is in the questionable company of adventurers, more often than not

Species traits

Hit Point Formula: Res + 3d6
Resourceful: +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence, +1 Resolve
Medium: +1 bonus to grapple maneuvers against smaller targets
Movement Speed: Dreki have a base movement speed of 35 feet
Quadraped: Advantage on defensive actions against trip manuevers and on Balance checks
Self-Reliant: Gain Wilderness Survival as a Skill Focus at level 1, and Darkvision 30 feet
Sting: When attacking with a melee strike using pincers, Dreki inflict a poison which induces the bleeding condition

Physical characteristics

Life Exp.370-390 years
Adulthood40-45 years
DietMeat, Plants, Water
SexesF, M
Eye ColorsBlack, Grey, White, Red, Purple
Hair ColorsBlack, Silver Grey, White
Skin ColorsFlesh tones from very dark to very pale
Carapace ColorBlack, Grey
Bioluminesence ColorRed, Purple, Blue, Green
Height Range (adult)6' 4” - 6' 11”
Weight Range (adult)240-380 lbs
Size CategoryMedium
Base Movement Speed35 ft
Swim Speed15 ft
Burrow Speed (if applicable)30 ft

Randomly generating characteristics

You may wish to randomly generate the physical characteristics of your character. To do so, you may use the following formulas

Age36d6 years
Height1d6 + 76 inches
Weight30d6 + 210 lbs
Gender1d6, evens/odds
Carapace Color1d6, evens grey, odds black

Eye Color: Roll 1d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueEye Color

Hair Color: Roll 1d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueHair Color

Skin Color: Roll 3d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueSkin Color
3-4Very pale skin
5Pale skin
6Pale skin with freckles
7-8Light skin
9Light skin with freckles
10-11Medium skin
12Medium skin with freckles
13-14Dark skin
15Dark skin with freckles
16-18Very dark skin
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