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Pronunciation: (DIE-elf)
Galactic Region: Perseus Arm
Galactic Branch: Sikhara Branch
Galactic Sector: N4
Star System: Sol
Planet: Terra
Continent: Aimsir
Nation: Reithe
Related Geography: Dhena Lake, Eorna Plains
Coordinates: 15° S, 3° W

A color map of Deilf

Deilf is situated on the southern end of the agricultural region below the River Laidir, making it the southernmost farming community. In addition to producing a wide variety of staple items, Deilf produces the majority of the country's olives, also exporting them across the planet

Deilf is a popular destination for Reithans looking for escape from the city, its lakeside location and culinary exploration drawing visitors year round. The residents of the city take pride in hospitality, and the city has seasonal festivals which are as much for the visitors as they are for the residents. In winter, the solstice is celebrated with a festival held at the ancient mounds southwest of the city

A paper map of Deilf

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