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wiki:completing character sheet

Character sheet guide

Note: This page is out of date and will be replaced with a video guide

You can find a character sheet which is helpful in tracking your character details. You may wish to track your character details using your own method, but if you don't you can use this guide to help you in filling out the character sheet I have provided, here.

Note: At this time, the character sheet's design is not settled, therefore these instructions will be structured so that any changes will not break this guide. Later, a more comprehensive guide will be provided


Character Information Section

The first section at the top allows you to put in information related to your character's personal details. They are as follows:

  1. Character Name: Your character's name.
  2. Player Name: Your name, in real life.
  3. Level: Your character's level, which is probably “1”.
  4. Class: The class you chose, Aeromancer, Hydromancer, Petramancer, Pyromancer, or Martial.
  5. Height: How tall is your character?
  6. Weight: How much does your character weigh?
  7. Eye Color: What color are your character's eyes?
  8. Hair Color: What color is your character's hair?
  9. Skin Color: What color is your character's skin?
  10. Nationality: Where was your character born?

Select your character's details and enter them into this section.

Character Stats Section

This next section outlines your character's statistics, starting with the STRENGTH box in the upper left corner:

  1. STR (Strength): This is your Strength ability. The first box is your raw score (8-30), the next box is your modifier. To learn how to translate your score into a modifier, see the Abilities page. The third box can be left blank for now, it is intended to be a space for tracking temporary changes to your modifier.
  2. Next, fill out the remaining three abilities DEX, INT, and RES, as you did for STR, above.
  3. Next, skip to the upper right hand to fill out your BAB (Base Attack Bonus) and BDB (Base Defense Bonus). These can be found on your class page in the Class Level Table.
  4. Next, fill out your SPEED, which is based on your species. You can also receive bonuses from your class level table.
  5. You now have the building blocks you need to fill in the formulas for the rest of the Character Stats section. For example, to fill in your FORTITUDE formula, you take your BDB, add your Strength modifier, add 3D6 (three six sided dice), and any miscellaneous bonuses (probably none at this time).
  6. Fill in the formulas for the rest of your saves, your maneuvers, and the rest of your combat statistics: Initiative, Basic Attack, Reflex, Dodge, and Block. Note that “1/2 Character Level is your overall level number divided in half, rounded down. Multiclass levels count towards your total levels.

Primary Talent Section

Here I have included a place to track your primary talent, similar to the second page of the character sheet in which you will track the rest of your talents. This section is intended as a quick reference for your primary binding blast, or if you are martial, it will be your primary attack talent.

  1. Talent Name: Your primary binding, for example: Air Blast, Water Blast, Boulder Shot, Fire Blast, The Way of the Sword, The Way of the Bow, The Way of the Empty Hand.
  2. Range: From your talent description, this is your range, which is a formula that usually takes an ability modifier.
  3. Requires: From your talent description. If your binding requires a free appendage, or an amount of an element, note it here.
  4. Special/Notes: From your talent description, any extra notes or other information you want to note.
  5. Offensive Formula: From your talent description, color in the dice from the formula, then add up the rest of the bonuses and put it in the BONUSES box. Then fill out the generic formula to the right for future reference.
  6. Defensive Formula: Repeat for the defensive formula.

Tricks Section

Here is a section for putting in any Tricks you have acquired, plus any description for specific choices you have made, such as the design for your Mug of Ice.

Skills and Subskills Section

This section deals with your Skill choices. When you create your character, you get skill points and skill focuses. Once you have chosen which skills to apply these points, use the following instruction to fill out each line in the skill table on your character sheet.

  1. Total Score: This is the total sum of your Ability Modifier, Ranks, and Misc Modifier.
  2. Ability Modifier: Each skill has a key ability, which is noted to the left of the table. Use the appropriate modifier and enter it here. Key abilities with the “ANY” tag allow any appropriate modifier, use your highest modifier.
  3. Ranks: This is how many skill points you have invested in this skill. Remember that the maximum points you can invest in a skill is your Character Level + 2.
  4. Misc Modifier: This is any other bonus you get to a skill, most commonly this would be your bonus from Skill Focus.

A skill check is then executed by rolling the appropriate number of dice and adding the Total Score from this formula.

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